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[Paul Selig] The Book of Mastery - [1]

Currently reading Paul’s trilogy and this (The Book of Mastery) is the first of the 3 books that I’m reading after watching quite a few interviews and videos of him, and realizing, that his message, is the same as the download I got a few years ago, and so now I’m reading it in part to see what else is paralleled to what I already “got given to me” and where the message is coming from. I didn’t think that I channelled anything, but I did “receive it” and wrote it (You Are The Master Builder Of Your Own Game, Life Is A Game Of Illusion, The Download Of Knowledge From Source, and about 250 paper journals lol)… and .. “knew it” and then I had the dark night of the soul experience which forced me to stop and question everything – especially myself and all my beliefs – and the resulting ‘blank-slating’ of myself to be where I’m at now, which is a very different person than that giddy-trapped-in-ego-girl that had all those wondrous miraculous experiences. What is fascinating to me, is that as I’m reading this book, they are basically describing my experience and then warning that what happened to me – would happen – (so this would’ve been a handy book to have back then…).. but this book is really in parallel to my experiences so far and good to step back into those principles from this new level of consciousness that I am now – wherever that is on my journey.

You can get the books or learn know more about Paul Selig on his website: https://paulselig.com/ or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Here are some of the notes I’ve taken from The Book of Mastery so far (I’m not finished yet):

The action of the text is to keep you awake – once you are awake, and as you are awake, the consciousness you hold that can perceive, will begin to perceive a world that is very different than the world you have been taught to live in.

“Is this a different world, or are we only seeing the world differently?”
They are the same thing. What you see in higher dimension always exists, has always been here.

  • You all have free will. Everything is gifted to you, but you must choose to attend to it.
  • When something is true, it is always true.
  • You see what you see, and you interpret it based on what you were taught.

Nothing is real. Everything you see before you is a creation of consciousness. The consciousness of all that have come before you in shared agreement about what things you should be. When a shared construct becomes responded to by many and takes form, you will see it as a thing, as a real thing that cannot be changed. You will be bound to them.

How you know yourself in your life is dependent upon several things: who you say you are, what you agree to, and what you have been taught. The violation of the self that you are all contending with now is that you have been taught to believe that you should be frightened of who you truly are.

“I know who I am” as a Divine Being. “I know what I am” in this life that I live, “I know how I serve,” which means how you are expressed in your True Self and highest nature – you lift the world before you to its own realisation of its Divine worth.

The Divine Self has incarnated as and through you. The world before you is malleable. It was created in consciousness. When you can see something in its potential – “it may be so” – you create a possibility, and all that is needed for a mountain to be moved is the possibility that it can be so. When enough of you decide individually and together that the world will change, the world will be changed.

  • She understands that what she sees before her is a manifestation of consciousness and, therefore, can become malleable.

The next time you go to the store, look at the prices and say “Look what they decided to charge for this thing” rather than “This costs so much”. Look how they give it value and compare what has more value than the next. “Who decided this and based on what?” What you value in many ways is dependent on what you were taught.

  • Your true value, cannot be dependent upon anything outside the self.

What we teach for you is true for always. “For always” means because when we say it now, it will still be true a thousand years from now. We teach you what is true.

  • The re-framing of the self as the one who is learning is a requirement now.
  • What you see before you is always a reflection of what you have imagined it to be.
  • Align yourself as the one who chooses.

  • I allow my life to be my teacher.

If you perceive yourself as the victim of a life, you will continue to create from a passive place of self-loathing, or fear, or the requirement for others to tell you your value because you cannot do it for yourself.

Many of you believe that happiness is the goal of life. You have been gifted with a landscape that will give you varied experience to learn through, and if happiness were the goal there would be no need to continue the trek forward.

“But what is the goal then?”
The goal is your own worth manifested as you.

What we are asking you to do is to decide that the life that you live in its current manifestation has been a requirement for your growth so that you can go forward. The Divine Self as you knows your true requirements. The truth of who you are and the vibration of the True Self, as we have said, will support you. The Divine Self is operating as and through you and will call into being what you require to learn through.

You all incarnate for very different reasons.
Paul thinks you are all here to learn because that’s what we have taught thus far, and that is always so. But each life-time also has a map attached to it.
It is a map of things you require to manifest, or encounter yourself through, to bring you to the next station of consciousness.

  • When you are operating in low vibration you must call things to you that are in accord with that frequency. The action of fear, as we have taught you, is to create more fear, and when you are operating in fear and you claim fear, that becomes your teacher until you decide otherwise.

“I am setting the intention to align my field to the vibration of truth,” you are doing so of your own free will.

Here is what happens: The energy field that you hold, and the conscious self that is informed by that, moves into an agreement that you may hold the vibration of truth. And those things that are not in truth, that are operating in fear masquerading as something else, that are operating in knowing of your own worth but not in alignment to its own truth in the highest way, will be brought into an understanding for you. And this is very good news. The truth of who you are, the Divine Self as you, can hold no fear. And you must understand this: that by going into agreement with truth at different levels, you may move the frequency that has obstructed its expression to the surface to be witnessed and released.

  • The ideas that you hold, prescribe your experience of what is to follow.

“I am in alignment to truth”
“I am in alignment to truth in all that I perceive”

Paul asks: “How can we know the truth if haven’t known it yet?”
When you are in your knowing you are in truth and this will always be the case. When you know you are at a true level, your life will teach you and reflect truth in all ways.

  • If there is a truth, it is always an eternal truth.
  • The Infinite Self that is you is present throughout all of your incarnations and has been awaiting its opportunity to bloom.

When you lift your world, you also lift the world for everyone you will ever meet and those you may never meet. Because as we operate in frequency and we lift above the lower manifestations that mankind has known himself through, we create the opportunity for all things to lift, to be greeted in their true worth, in their knowing of who and what they are.

  • As you progress, each step forward, calls to you a new agreement, a new way of being in an encounter.
    As you align to your own divinity, your response is to lift the physical realm to its true nature and that is how the Kingdom will be perceived.

  • You must be who you are.
  • You must all understand that you can only be as you are – and we would like you to underline this – you can only be as you are.

You are responsible for the self in two different ways: the Divine Self as you – and the smaller self in identity who knows who she is through her experiences, her claims on this plane.

Accept the self just as you are and you will begin to understand that there is nothing other than where you are. It is only an illusion that there is a world beyond you.

  • You are infinite and the reality that you hold as the infinite being supersedes all other creations.

The idea of a shared construct of reality simply means that each one of you who exists on this plane is contributing to the manifestations of form that you know yourself through. When we say they are not real, we don’t mean that they don’t exist in physical form, we mean that the physical form that they exist in is a malleable form.

Paul: “I know there is a hallway out there”.
The shared hallways that exists beyond your front door is a creation of many people who require the thoroughfare to go in and out of this building you sit in. “But is it real? It is real at this level of creation, at the level of manifestation and expectation that you exist in, it’s perfectly real, but it is also malleable to identity and to your experience of yourself.

The manifestation of things – “things,” we would say, being things made or brought into form – must be understood by you in order for this teaching to continue. As we see you, we see you in vibration, a field of energy that has taken shape at a lower, dense nature to have an experience in the world that you live in, which is also energy that has been formed and amassed to reflect the requirements of the ones who are here.

  • What is in frequency becomes form.
  • What all things are, are manifestations of the Creator vibrating at different levels.

And as you see yourself in consort with your physical reality you mistakenly assume that that is what you are. In fact, what it is is an expression, a way of being known in form. But it is not the only form you take.

The difference between he and us is that we exist at a level where we accept ourselves perfectly. We make no demands on ourselves to be other than we are and, consequently, we are in love.

Each thing may be true at the level that it exists in.
The physical realm, as a reflection of spirit, exists for you to know yourself through. In a higher way it is still made up of frequency.

Everything is energy, you see, vibrating at different levels. Because you have named things and called them into being, because you are the creators of your world, you must understand that the consequences of your creations are your responsibilities.

In a higher vibration with less density there is even more malleability to be re-create, and what beings to happen on this plane is a rebuilding of society with an intention to know the holiness that truly is existing in all things.

“Holy” means “of the creator”. That energy/frequency is the Creator vibrating at different levels of frequency.
The Creator is in all manifestation.

  • If you damn anything, you are putting it outside of the Creator.

The illusion of separation, is what you operate with on this plane.
It is all energy being constructed by you each individually, collectively, to have this experience here.

  • Murder – the act is not holy, it is a response by a being who has forgotten his holiness but is still holy.

There is a level of frequency with you now that is in union with All That Is, that only knows herself as one with all, with all things. This aspect of you which we call the Divine Self, who we call forward to her true state of realisation, is the encounter with the self as and of the Creator. If you understand what union means, which is “one with,” you can understand that we are not just telling you you are God, which sounds like a fallacy, we are really telling you that you are of God, as is everything else.

“I am holy, as is all, as is all, as is all. I am holy as is all”

The awareness of change is so quick that it is as if you are being moved from one landscape to another, because in fact you are. The landscape that you know in the physical realm that was made in history and shared agreement of what should be there will be understood by you simply as a construct, something that was once said “yes” to.

  • Now what does it mean to know yourself in union? It simply means to be one, and to be one with All That Is.

Here is the big dilemma: Because you know yourself in time as a shared construct, knowing the Eternal Self who does not exist in time, and knowing union, which is not in time, because something that moves you outside of the known.

Paul: “Well, if it’s that impossible, how do we do it?”
You do not do it. It is done through you.
The Divine operates as and through you.

  • As you increase your own vibration, you may align to those things that exist in similar form, and here we call the Kingdom into being.

Union, we say, and the awareness of union, is in the Kingdom. It is the gift of the Kingdom. And as you being to exist there, while you may operate in time because you are physical beings still, you require food and shelter; you also exist in the awareness of the validity of All That Is informing each thing before you.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and has always been at hand. It has always been present. It is another dimensional reality that coexists with the one you live in. There is an aspect of you here that knows herself as heaven now. It is simply a level of vibration that the spiritual form knows itself through.

When the physical self passes away, the true nature of the self is actually reborn, or knows herself again in the other dimensional that she was always in. But that is one field, and there are levels of awareness beyond that. The Kingdom of Heaven may be known now and after you pass and elsewhere as well. It is here, it is here, it is here.

When a group of conscious beings, decide things and go into an agreement, you create a structure. Time is the way you structure your experience as you exist here. This is not the only place you exist in. When you go into a dream, you are actually exiting in a higher dimension, and there is no time in dreams, so you have an awareness of this already. Time is a construct of the physical plane.

You know yourself in time because it’s how you’ve chosen to know yourself and you have given yourself ways of delineating time that support the shared agreement. Time is a construct. It is neither good or bad. It is a shared agreement of how you exist on this plane. The Divine Self as you who exists outside of time actually holds the awareness of all lifetimes you will lead, past, present, future, in your journey forward.

“Do all things exist at once?”
They do. If you think of things as layers, and circles within layers, you have an easier understanding of how time is layered.

  • Mankind must first understand that she is not the body she sits in.

“Why do we live lives in separation?”
You are not separate, you have never been separate, but you have called into manifestation separation through the denial of your own true worth.

  • It was chosen by you, to have the experience of separation so that you may know yourself again as you truly are.
  • Your journey through separation as a species is ending, it is ending, it is ending. The new dawn is here, and has been waiting to come into manifestation.

“Why now?”
This was achieved by you, by the human race, in prior incarnations, before your time, as you know it. The teaching of the Garden, in some ways, is a parable for mankind’s memoir of her own union with the Divine, and the sense of separation that mankind incurred through choice, through negligence, in some ways, of the holiness of all things that became fully manifested in separation to the degree that it has as you see it. As you understand, the human race is at a juncture. You have actually created the means to annihilate yourselves, and you have moved so far in separation that the pendulum swing has begun again. The denial of separation that exists in the Garden is already in your Present Self.

“Is this the time that we all face the devil?”
In fact, you do face the devil, and the devil is only fear. That’s all the devil has ever been. You must face fear, in a certain way, to understand that it is an illusion.

  • The time has come for the resurrection, and the resurrection is and always has been the Christed Self knowing itself as the world it lives in.

Others of you, have come and incarnated at this time to shepherd the way for others. And in your half-awakened state, you have an awareness of what can be, of what can be held, and an awareness of God either as a symbol or a universal force that is a way to access the higher dimensions.

  • You are all in the process of realigning yourselves to your own Divine Nature, and every aspect of you that is in denial of this will be attended to by you in the weeks and months to come.
  • This is not a crash course, but it is a thorough cleansing of the false self and the residue that releases, the dirt that may wash away if you prefer, are only those things that have created shadow, that stops the light that you are from shining in fullness.
  • Allow the needs of your life to be met in the ways that are most perfect for you.


  • The way you place yourself in encounter with other things challenges you, in many ways, to re-decide what it means to be yourself as the one in truth.
  • Everything that has been chosen may be chosen in a new way.
  • Re-investigate the landscape they exist in and understand that everything they see before them they have agreed to in consciousness.
  • There is nothing in your world that you have not said “yes” to.
  • On a level of vibration there can be nothing made that you are not in consort with, individually and collectively.

The manifestations you see before you, those things that have been made firm, or appear to be firm, are creators of the mind brought into achievement in consort with your fellows to make a creation that you may all witness before you.

  • The life you’ve lived in agreement with others has created the landscapes you share yourselves through.

“On this day I choose to liberate myself from the shared landscape that I have invested my life in. And the shared landscape I release myself from is the landscape of limitation, the landscape of fear, and the landscape that tells me that I may not know myself in my true way. As I affirm this, I see my world before me, those things that I have agreed to, consciously and unconsciously, and I realize them for what they are: creations of the mind, creations of the field that may be transformed by my own awakening. And as I witness the world before me, I begin to see the paint peel, the situations uncover, the structure itself beginning to bend as my new world shapes itself to conform to my true nature.
I know who I am, I know what I am, and I know how I serve. I am here, I am here, I am here.”

Now what you have just chosen in your mind, in your being, in your claim of truth is to liberate the self from a collective agreement to know the self through your past creations. And through the exercise that you just chose to agree with, you have given yourself permission to exist in a higher vibrational field. The choice was made for you by the Divine Self.

  • The small self, or the personality self, is very useful still, as an aspect of who and what you are, so that you may know yourself in consort won this plane.
  • The truth of who you are, at your essence, is unchangeable.
  • The landscape that you exist in, in many ways, as your teacher, the life you live as your teacher, shows you what you’ve agreed to thus far.
  • Imagine yourself as agreeing to all of them, giving a nod to all these things.
  • Understand yourself as agreeing with your prior creations.

“On this day I choose to know myself as the Infinite Spirit. On this day I choose to to align myself to my true knowing of my true nature. And as I do this, I align every aspect of my life to align to me as a reflection of this, and the room I sit in, the landscape I see before me, will now become the reflection of who I truly am. And the choices that I will make will be to align this room, this landscape, this life that I exist in into an agreement with my Divine Nature, and ‘with’ means in consort with, in alignment with. And as I choose this, I give deep thanks for the heritage I hold, my dispensation of choice, and my alignment to the Christed Self who may say, ‘Yes, I am here.’ I claim this in authority, as I know my Divine birthright.
I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

The first step for any change is to see what is there and to realize that, for whatever reasons, you were party to its presence in its current form. Whatever tragedy you may be facing, or challenge, or difficulty, you are aligned to it and, consequently, it is in agreement with you as the woman you are, as the man you are, as a conscious being. That does not mean you are a victim to it. That does not mean you have to like it, or to want it, but it does mean you have to agree with it as a creation that you are party to.

Your agreement to say this, that you are in consort with this creation, actually empowers you to learn to attend to it in a higher way.

“I see myself in consort with this thing that I have agreed to know. And as I witness it, I learn through it. And as I release my need to be in consort with it. I give myself permission to rise above it and see it and witness it in a new way. As i choose this, I claim the possibilities that may be inherent in the unlearning of the behaviour, the unattachment to the outcome that I have invested in prior that created or served my alignment to the situation. I am willing to learn what I am required to learn to move me through it and above it so that I may be liberated from this attachment.”

As it is seen in a new way, the relationship you have with it is transformed. And as it is transformed, you disengage from the old way and you call into being that which exists in a higher octave.

So the moment you decide that you are a victim to something, you give it great power, it becomes your god, and you are in servitude to the false god of fear who would try to teach you who he is as the master of your world.

As you disengage from the vibration of fear, what you actually do is claim the Kingdom, because the Kingdom actually exists without fear.

  • To liberate the self from the past creations.

You are all one being, really, experiencing yourself through individuated consciousness. But you rely upon one another in ways you can never know, and you may be in consort with those you may never meet on this plane, but you have great times and great ways of knowing one another in the higher realms. The agreement to incarnate, in many ways, is simply the agreement to come into your knowing as the one in truth, as the one who is worthy of the Kingdom.

  • You are clean, you are free, you are loved, you are known by us in your pure sense of being.


Ask yourself: “If I had one question for who I am in this lifetime, what would it be?”

“What am I, in this body, in this expression, in this life that I live? What am I?”

You are spiritual beings in a physical body encountering all sorts of things in a dense level of vibration that bears no resemblance to what you believe should be there in your memory of unity with the Divine. Because you all come into place with a memory of the unity that you once had, yourself in consort with All That Is, and the re-acclimation to the Divine Self as you, “I am a Divine Being in this body,”.

Now the aspect of you that has been born in a body has come to learn. Like it or not, you have come to learn, and you grow and you evolve through all your experiences. All of them.

They are all part of your path, and if you see his hands, he is calling things to him in high regard. The Divine Self calls into being what she requires, what he requires, to know himself through, and much of life, you see, is an encounter with the unknown. If it was all known, what the hell would you be learning?

  • This system was not put in place by us, but by yourselves.

Seeing others in “need” is your prescription for keeping them in their small self.

“I see the woman before me, may she remember who she is. May I know myself as I truly am so I may remember her as she truly is. I am Word through the one I see before me. I know who you are, I know what you are, I know how you serve.”

This is the key to heal them. Not to blame them.

“I know who you are as a Divine Being”.

  • As we teach the teachers, we understand that the teachers will embody the teaching as the expression of their field. You become the beacon of light.

There is noone born who is not teaching their own frequency.
As you are always in expression, you are always a teacher.
You are always teaching your fellows.
Your very presence becomes the manifestation.

  • The life that you live in offering to service, which means being the True Self in the highest expression, the “What” you are, is present not just for your own well-being, but for the good of all.

“On this night I choose to offer myself to my highest awakening of my ability to serve and in service I know the worth of my fellow man. In service I live, and abide by the light that I know myself as and through, and in service I gift all aspects of myself, all the gifts I have been given, to serve the Kingdom and the awareness of the presence of the manifestation of the Creator in all mankind.
I choose this of my own free will and I say ‘yes’ I say yes to all that may come to me as I align to this.

  • The vibration you hold as a conduit is always claiming.

There is no agreement, when you are born, that you should be separate. You are acclimating to it. It is not a natural state.
The natural state is to be in union.

“Don’t we need to compromise some days?”
Yes, you do. You are all choosing that collectively for the good of the whole.
But you must understand that the compromise we teach you, “We will compromise our individuality to serve the need for somebody else’s expectations of who and what we are supposed to be,” is actually a way to support separation, not inclusion.

  • You must understand that a teaching that is true is always true.
  • When you are not being respected for who you are, that is when you feel encroached. Do you have a right to be respected? Yes.
  • When you are challenged by a situation and you move out of alignment, you at least are learning what is calling you out of alignment, so it’s an opportunity for growth.

You are all radios, playing a broadcast. If you wish to change a broadcast, simply do it and change your mind. Your mind, in many ways, is what calls the broadcast into manifestation. The vibration of the Word, the “I Am Presence” as you, is a frequency, or a current, that may be expressed as and through you.

You have to learn to trust yourself.

Now one of the ways you learn, is by falling and learning how to pick yourself up again. So there’s no need to criticise the child who is learning to walk upon two feet; every effort should be applauded by the parent.

In some ways, the process that you are engaging now is very comparable.

Be, be, be. This is about being.
Affirmations are claims of truth.
As you are claiming your truth in this manner, you call it into manifestation.
But if they are empty in intention, you will not gain the same benefit.

See: The Book of Mastery [Paul Selig] – [2]

See: The Book of Mastery [Paul Selig] – [3]

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