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Notes I’ve taken from The Book of Mastery:
1.) The Book of Mastery [Paul Selig] – [1]
2.) The Book of Mastery [Paul Selig] – [2] 
3.) The Book of Mastery [Paul Selig] – [3] The one you are reading

  • Today, we say to you, the game is over. And this has been the game: “I will meet you in an expectation of how you will meet me. I extend my hand to you in peace; I expect the hand to be received. I offer my heart to you in love; I expect my heart to be received.”
  • Many of you come here to learn who you are through engagements with family. And the imprinting of a family, high and low and in between, is what you encounter as the basic way you have self-identified. “I am the youngest and the cutest,” “I am the one they don’t like,” “I am the saviour of the family,” or “the shameful one.” “I am not good enough because that’s what I was told,” or “I will succeed at all costs because that was the expectation.”

Now as you go forward, as you create a life, you wear all those name tags still. Imagine you are wearing a uniform from every job you ever had, high jobs and low jobs, it matters not, but imagine that your job title was a pin you are wearing all around the world. “I am the shepherd,” “I am the chemist,” “I am the one who knows where the books are in the library,” “I am the one who cleanse the house.”

You would get very confused, eventually, if everybody was looking at you and asking you to clean their house when you are no longer a house-cleaner. But in many ways, the names that you carry from your childhood are doing just that and everybody can see them on an energetic level, even f you don’t think they’re there. “I am the one who never gets it right” is a name tag you wear in self identification. 

Now if you wish to come up the mountain with us, we need to do it without clothing, or the uniform of the old self. You may don something else if you like, whatever you wish, but do not wear the name tags that were sewn onto your blouse, pinned to your lapel, or in your underwear. It’s time to move beyond what you have known as the self who knows herself in relation to others. If you wish to walk with us now, we would like to take you on a little trip to a gallery, perhaps with many pictures hung on the walls. Look around you, please, and imagine that the walls you stand before are decorated with paintings of everyone you have ever met. The gallery would go on forever, you have had so many encounters. Now invite the ones that have no real need to be there, to be witnessed, to move, and let the ones that are there, that are important to be seen, remain. The ones you see before you now are the ones you chose to engage through, thank each one present, if you wish by name, if you wish in an agreement to their own right to be where they are right now hung on the wall. But we wish to acknowledge them and say these words:

“I am free of the names I have carried. I am releasing the need to be known through the names I have used. I am acknowledging my freedom from any agreements I have made with any of you to know myself through the identity I chose in my relationship with you.”

And as you say these words, we want you to begin to walk again down a corridor to another gallery. Everybody in that gallery is whole. Everybody who stands around you, wanders around the room, is a luminous being and knows themselves free of the name tags that they have worn.

You have come to the Gallery of the Whole Being, and the Whole Being no longer self-identifies through matter but through spirit. So the beings you see before you are luminous because they don’t hold form in the ways that you have known. What you are actually seeing now is the True Self of each one you had seen the painting of. They are fellow travellers. They are, as you, on a journey home to their own reclamation of the True Self.


  • The relations you have, in many ways, are perfect expressions of your consciousness. If you surround yourselves with those who are unsupportive, what are you seeking to learn? If you surround yourselves with those who think you are wonderful and flatter you all day long, what are you claiming through this exchange?
  • When you are in your worth, you are vibrating in truth, and in truth you have your encounters. When you shield the self from the truth of who you are and pretend to be someone you are not, you create false expectations of others.
  • You may walk the path collectively, but the lessons come to each individual, as he or she requires them.
  • How you attend to anything is through your consciousness. How you attend to a man lying in the street is an act of consciousness. YOU may walk around him, you may nurse him to health, or you may pick his pocket, depending on who you are. The man is there, but how you perceive the man is vastly changed. It does not mean you ignore the world that you are in. It does mean you ignore the world that you are in. It does mean that you see beyond the prescriptions of fear that you are taught to hold. 
  • When you see with the eyes of the Christ, which is our teaching, you see the truth in all you see before you, not the cosmetic truth, not the convenient truth, not the truth that agrees with your politics or the fashion of the times. You see the truth that is eternal. 
  • The Divine Self as you begins to perceive the truth in all things, and actually impacts the matter she sees.  The master, as we teach it, may transform the physical reality that he or she attends to.
  • When you see the Divine in anything, you lift it to its true nature regardless of what it presents as superficially.
  • Once you reach a quota of awakened souls who hold this light in fullness, the broadcast that may be played by all the radios there are, all the beings who may be in broadcast, may lift this plane to its highest potential. Now what we will tell you is important, and what we will tell you is that no man is left behind, no noone, perhaps, but the small self who fights her way back into the darkness and even she will be called forward when she agrees that the party is happening in the light.
  • As I wear this garment of freedom, that has no state, no country, no race, no gender to know herself through, I am anointed, I am christened in my awareness of my true nature. I am free.
  • Each human being who is born comes with a claim, comes with a knowing that is inborn within them of what they need to learn, what the primary lessons are for the lives they live. What we would like you to know now is that decoding of this for you will be done by you in your expression. 
  • The bondage that you perceive yourself to be in – enslavement to a job, enslavement to a hierarchy that tells you what you are allowed and what you are not – will be attended to as these teachings continue.
  • As you chose this path, you chose an adventure, and adventure is never predictable. If you knew the ending of it, would you even bother going?
  • Trust yourselves and trust what comes. When you trust what comes, you go into an agreement with a future that is trustworthy. When you trust what comes you create the opportunity to traverse a landscape without fear. When you trust what comes, you claim freedom because you are unafraid.
  • “I know who I am” is a claim of truth and, as we have said so far, the Divine Self can hold no fear. Because she holds no fear, she does not require to protect herself from it because that would be an engagement with fear itself. 
  • There is not a man born who does not have a debt to pay from a prior incarnation or from the one that they inhabit, and the Christ that you are, the Divine as you, is in fact, the redeemer. The knowing that who you are in consort with All That Is is the most powerful thing that you will ever know. So when you put someone away in anger and you tie yourselves to them, you do not redeem them, you lock yourself right in there with them in whatever you have claimed their punishment must be.
  • At a certain level, there is an aspect of you that will never change and that is the Divine as you. Everything else is a pelt, an aspect of the material world that you are wearing or in consort with. We don’t have to validate this. This is you when you look in the mirror and see the finite self, the wrinkles on the skin, the sadness in the eyes, the bewildered look, “What have I become?” When you move beyond the shell to what lies beneath it, there is infinite love and infinite power, and we will say this: This power is stronger than any fear you could encounter.
  • We don’t make you saints. This is not about leaving the world; it’s about being fully in the world as the True Self, and in honour, not in fear; in joy, not in anger; and in forgiveness, not punishment.
  • The requirement now, at this stage of the journey, is to list the things that frighten you at this juncture. TO make a simple list of what you have carried thus far that you believe can never be changed, to decide for the self that all things on this list are creations of the small self and realize at this level of alignment they are not required.
  • We will list some things for you: the fear of poverty, the fear of inaction, the fear of death. The things you can’t get past: the unforgiveness of this or that one, the fear of making a move that you know would benefit you, the fear of being love,d the fear of trusting, the fear of allowing someone in. Whatever it may be for you, we would like you to write it down.
  • What you will write will be a list of beliefs that you are holding that you believe, in one way or another, you require; they have served you for some reason, and a reason you may never know. It’s not wrong that they are there, but we will honour you in this way: They cannot come up any higher.
  • The times you live in, that you have all created, incur a feeling of fear for one reason: You have chosen, in all ways,  to participate in systems of control that limit mankind’s destiny. And it is very challenging not to notice these things if you have eyes, and ears, and ways of understanding that you are taught every day that you stand at a juncture of the end of times.
  • We come now with this choice: to show you who you are so you may know and lift your world, finally, from its historical creations of fear. War is nothing but fear, and control, you see, is an act of fear.
  • The light you are illumines the path, and the path itself is called forward to you as you walk it. The days of wondering why you were born have ended. The days of wondering why you were born have ended. The days of crying out for aid have ended. And the days of being a fool in the denial of your own worth and the worth of your fellows are gone as well.
  • The new world that is born as you, in your truth, will support all in their lifting. You are the vibration, the way, and the knowing that you require will be brought to you as you require it.
  • The light that you are is a freedom. It is not bound by time. The consciousness you are has its freedom and is not bound by time.
  • The small cannot wave a flag to this elect being. She knows who she is and she will not be tampered with. The Divine holds all the safeguards to allow herself her rule. 
  • As you recover and reclaim your union, you are led by it.
  • Every day is an opportunity to remember yourselves and to claim victory over the purview of the small self. The Divine as you has chosen to incarnate as you, and it is the Divine Self who must be called on to show you the way. You are here not only for your own benefit, but for all of those you may meet and may never meet, and on and on and on and on. 
  • You must not create opportunities to setup yourself as special, or as unique, or as having been gifted with something from a higher realm. In fact, all men are endowed with this light. You simply came to the forefront to acknowledge the self in her divinity. The Divine Self, who knows who she is, is never singled out for this because the true light that he is is a humble light. It shines in great brightness for the benefit of others, not to shine for himself. 
  • When you are in truth, you are immune to what you would call evil, and what we mean by this is the lower nature that would seek to harm.
  • There is high vibration and low vibration. Everything is born in intent.

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