How to find the truth in a “Web of Lies”

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Mainstream media are mostly reading the ‘same script’, all given to them from the organizations that are conducting this entire thing which you are seeing playing out right in front of your eyes.

I’ll list here various media sources that are reporting “off-script”, but that doesn’t mean they get a free-pass from critical thinking and discernment. Be diligent. Be curious. Be investigative. Question everything. Fact-check the Fact-checkers AND the Truth-seekers.

The most important component of the best critical thinking that is lacking in our society today is humility. It is a simple yet profound notion: If we realize we don’t know everything, we can learn. If we think we know everything, learning is impossible.

  • Fact-checker websites are paid disinformation. They pretend to be funded by donations but are actually funded by the same people who are providing scripts to the news, and are paid upwards of US$40,000 per article to discredit information. They can still be used to check some facts – but you actually still have to ‘fact check the fact-checkers”, as they have a way of manipulating the information to look like they are discrediting the information but in actual fact don’t provide the references or sources to their ‘disinformation’ claims. High alert required. Just look for facts, and then double-check that they are referencing actual credible documents.

  • YouTube is heavily censored, and the alternatives can be the only place to get uncensored truth, but are also filled with propaganda and fakery. So, to find the truth, we need to go off-Youtube, but when we go off-YouTube, we can be in a world of “anything goes”. So critical thinking and discernment required at all times.
    • Odysee – decentralized infrastructure where no single entity controls or hosts the data which prevents a single entity from being able to censor content. (A lot of the larger YouTube channels that are sharing truth have now setup their channels on Odysee).
    • BitChute – commitment to free speech. (This is definitely an anything-goes platform)
    • Rumble – vowed to never censor political discussions or adopt policies that dictate editorial policy and publicly committed to welcoming debate among its users. (My preferred platform for speed)
    • See more free-speech friendly video sharing platforms

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are heavily censored and manipulated on all topics to do with COVID-19 and politics. They removed 15million pieces of content within the first couple of months of COVID and continue to remove anyone that shares any concerns for anything covid-related. Even if you are subscribed to a channel, you may not see their content. It’s unprecedented as they work with government organizations to “prevent misinformation”. This is the very reason you haven’t heard of more than a hundred thousand experts warning you about the corruption. (01) (02) (03)
    • Most of us have transferred over to Telegram as our main connection with others, but there are many and more and more are being created and offered and some of the newer ones will be awesome.
    • Flote – open-source, crypto-enhanced social network – free speech, free trade, individual liberty, privacy, and security. (Fast, Similar to Twitter)
    • Minds – open source, free speech-friendly social network that’s built on a decentralized, open source infrastructure. (Similar to Facebook)
    • MeWe – privacy-focused social network with groups similar to Facebook (in fact, many Facebook groups have a secondary group over at MeWe).
    • CloutHub – focused on social, civic, and political networking, publicly committed to supporting free speech. (Brings people together based on the issues they care about)
    • Gab – open source social network.(Very Similar to Facebook)
    • See more Free Speech Friendly & Privacy-Focused Social Networks

I personally think we should use discernment no matter where we get our information and always research and understand what is being presented and don’t just believe anything at face value – even if the source feels trustworthy, & even if they have proved trustworthy in the past, double-check everything.

Misinformation, opinion, confusion, coercion, theories, and manipulation is unprecedented right now – across the board, no matter where you get your information from. And even the “bad guys” have infiltrated the “good guys” groups so are sharing their disinformation inside the truth groups, posing as “the good guys” – corruption is everywhere but also, everyone is at a different level of consciousness and intelligence and not any one person has “all the answers”, so it’s a matter of discernment, checking for yourself, and learning to tell “good from evil”, learning who to trust all over again, and expanding your knowledge along with everyone else. Hopefully one day it all makes sense, but right now all I can tell you is that EVERYTHING on the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is the absolute OPPOSITE to truth – everything they are censoring is most likely where you will find the truth and everything they are “praising” is most likely a lie – a lot of the “SCIENCE” has been corrupted, the MEDIA is corrupted, and CORRUPTION is embedded into almost every organization in the world, most especially the HEALTH and EDUCATION industries and that the stakes have never been higher than right now and the agenda’s planned and currently being enacted by normal, everyday people “just doing their jobs” and “just following company policy” are terrifying. All of that is scary, but it means we have to start from scratch to learn the truth.

No matter where you get your information or how credible or believable it seems, understand and double-check everything. We need to turn our ‘critical thinking’ on. The problem right now is there has never been millions of corrupt misinformation distributed throughout the internet and to our media outlets at the same time. Even social media accounts are created to dissuade public opinion.

It’s never been more important to be alert to what doesn’t make sense, listen to each other, but verify and “understand”. Check. Don’t just read and share headlines. It’s time to do the boring investigative work on everything being claimed – no matter where you get the information. Many decades of misinformation through universities, the pharmaceutical industry, media and global organizations. Hundreds of thousands of scientists, virologists, doctors, health professionals, politicians, lab assistants are being censored and discredited the second they speak out. Effective treatments are being kept from you. Credible experts are being gagged. Beliefs are messed-up in entire industries due to long-term disinformation by very smart and very rich and very unscrupulous individuals. History is being re-written.

I suggest finding others who have already done the time-consuming, tedious task of doing a lot of the research – and double-check that they have referenced their work using sources that are reliable and start listening to them to get up to speed. A lot of documents have already been written “ready for legal action” that are all referenced and trustworthy. I would start with the lawsuits to find reliable information, and go from there.

Sharpen your critical-thinking skills, learn how they lie and obfuscate and keep us “dumbed down”, acknowledge your own bias and question everything you’ve ever been taught and believed.

Covid Truth Sites

(I should’ve saved them all, but I’ll now remember to add to this post when I come across sites that collate truth)

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