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Experimenting with binaural beats & exploring in Theta-mode, realizing that my role for the past few years has been one of destroying my identity and being an explorer of different beliefs – a “belief explorer”. Virtual Reality makes the most sense to me because it incorporates everything, yet Spirituality & anything Ascension-based also makes “sense” to me because it inspires people to be better, do better, evolve, learn and the ripple-effect out from that if we all had similar beliefs to “do better, be better” that all would benefit if we all wanted the best for each other. I like the “values” behind ascension & all the related religious / spiritual / personal development similarities – I follow those same principles even though I can’t ever know if it’s “truth” – but I like “looking at this better-way” of viewing the world because it actually puts you in a position to “do something” that can cause beneficial changes out to the world.

But those who are devout followers of any of these ideas are “not my people” because I still think there’s “more to the mystery that we can’t understand from our perspective” and so life is a game to me.

When you believe “this” – the consequence is that your “life is like this”, and when you believe something else, you get a different rule-set of consequences.

It could be we are each having a unique journey, here for different possibilities and experiences.
Willing to rip-apart my own identity to try on different beliefs and whether I’ve taken on a new identity of “belief-explorer” as yet another “identity”.

My perceptions change so often. I actually “take on” a new lens to “experience” life through that lens and see what life is like when you have that as a belief, and then I get taken on a new ride when “that” lens no longer suits the situation.

Crop Circles, Demons, & are “other unknowns” messing with this reality? Fears, shadows – why do they exist, where is it coming from? Why does one person having the same experience have a different perception of the scene – why can they live out their worst nightmares whilst everyone around them is having an easy ride with the same set of circumstances? And how I’ve experienced the same phenomenon and only by seeking to look through a better lens & expanding my view did the situation soften, and how does that work, and is there a single “rule-set” we can choose that will “unlock it all” or are we constantly and ever adjusting our lenses to “play the game” & level up.

Original (Longer) Version: My Life as a Belief-Explorer; the Consequences of Diverging Perception

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