[Ra] Because we are all one, we can help each other home, I believe that is why we are here today.

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Guest: James McCarty (Jim) – the scribe of the Law of One channellings

Before there was a creator, there was just Unity; Intelligent Infinity.

At some point, that Intelligent Infinity became aware, and made a decision. A free-will decision to know itself.

The way it decided to know itself, was to create what we call love, or look in the sky and see the stars & the sun: these logos entities or love entities are also known as Intelligent Energy.

So when the creator decided to know itself it Potentiated that Intelligent Infinity; it created this love – that we see as stars and suns in the sky.

Each of those stars and suns has created either a solar system or a galaxy with infinite number of entities to give the creator an infinite number of ways to know itself by every free-will choice that we ever make.

So our path back to unity with the one creator, goes through a successful of densities. 8 densities just like doh ray me fa so la ti and then doh – one octave higher at the end, where the spiritual mass – all these choices we’ve made in our spiritual journeys – to know the creator, to know our self, and to help the creator to know itself coalesce, and once again become this infinity – this intelligent infinity – which then begins again on another octave on the other side.

So this is an Infinite process both before this creation we now exist in, and after this creation.

It is infinite in both directions.

It all begins and ends in mystery.

If we are able to open our hearts widely enough in this illusion to have love be our response to any situation – ANY situation – at least 51% of the time, we can graduate to the fourth density, and then to feel what it is like to open the heart, where you actually love everything and everyone, and it’s as easy as breathing, in fact, it’s exactly like breathing because you don’t do it by choice, you do it because the other person is standing in front of you.

Ra, in the very first session said that they did not see the difference between what we projected as our own personality, and we projected as someone else’s personality. In fact, they use the term ‘other self’, so that you are my other self, I am your other self, everyone on earth is both of our other selves. We are all one, we are truly one, we are one with Ra, we are one with everyone and everything.

We just don’t see that right here, because if we saw that right here in this illusion there’s no reason for us to continue trying to learn what we’ve come to learn, we learn a lot from the fact that it seems like separation is the only available reality. Because of that, we have to struggle fairly hard on a spiritual path to be able to make sense out of how we can be one, how love can be the force that binds us all, and creates everything there is, and by making that effort, we polarize our consciousness in the positive sense, and this allows us to move forward into the fourth density of love and understanding.

There is a call on planet earth that has been going out for hundreds of thousands of years for assistance, because we’ve had a problem on this planet, figuring out how to open our hearts in love, so when this call goes out it is answered by perhaps dreams, inspirations, mental or telepathic contacts with channels, or in our case it was trance contact.

Q.) With the times that we live in now, is this where the Ra material comes into its best?

A.) Well, that’s my opinion. I think that in the times of great need, is the time where this kind of material and many other types of channelled material as well, are of most help because people are crying out for help. The illusion of separation has never been stronger as far as I can tell on this planet. There’s so much division of people against people that whatever type of difference there is, is used as a reason to keep them from coming into your country.

Q.) Do you feel that one of Ra’s messages was that we are not alone in this universe and that by coming from the space that we are not alone, that is a spiritual evolution for us?

A.) The more that we can realize that the more likely we are to be able to realize the spiritual principles that would help us all to love each other, and to graduate into the fourth density. Ra suggested that one of the reasons the UFOs have been used over the years by the Confederation to appear in the skies, then disappear & to have certain types of experiences, is that it presents the concept of mystery and the concept of infinity and when people begin to entertain those concepts in their minds – think about them seriously – then they are on the spiritual path in a conscious way.

Q.) Do you feel that we create our reality?

A.) I do believe that we create our reality in the way we respond to the catalyst that we see around us. Catalyst is what happens to you every day. The experiences you go through on your daily round of activities. Different people have different lessons to learn. So they can look at the same situation that you’re experiencing and have a totally different response to it, so we create our reality in conjunction or in parallel existence with the choices we made before this reality; we have certain lessons to learn, and we do create a reality by how we look at what happens to us.

Because we are all one, we can help each other home, I believe that is why we are here today.

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