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For those that delve outside of the norm, notes from Kerry Cassidy’s latest video:

Cures for whatever sickness you want to call this. (CV) We have people dropping dead in Chile, but they aren’t dropping dead on the streets in the USA. We have doctors in Spain that are having trouble staying alive.

Andreas Kalcker has basically a cure for the world. It’s similar to what Trump is trying to put out there which is an old cure for Malaria. But as Andreas explains, it contains chlorine as one of its main ingredients, but in that case, it has tonic water, which is bad for the heart. This remedy that Andreas is talking about is actually water & chlorine but it’s done in a certain way https://andreaskalcker.com/ (M.M.S.) It is curing doctors in Spain. Take your chances if you want to die from conventional medicine, go ahead, but bottom line is this is quite possibly going to cure the world. Of course that’s not what they want, because it’s dirt-cheap, and it’s extremely simple to make, and it would do away with Big Pharma in 5 minutes.

There are solutions to the problems we have, all you have to do is listen to the people, as opposed to the so-called experts out there. So if our president will get wise, then we will do the same thing, we can get out of this situation we’re in, very quickly.

There are plenty of people talking about how Big Pharma will benefit from vaccinating everyone, getting your DNA at the same time, and shooting you up with what is in essence nano-dust, which will track you and everything you do from then on, for the rest of your life, and also hook you up with 5G and the AI, the planetary AI, the Hive-Mind.

This is in part, a plot that is put forth by the E.T.s that are backing the dark-side. This is a dark-side roll-out. This is not what Trump is doing. What Trump is doing, is going in under the cover of this virus, using it as a operational cover so that they can supposedly arrest the various top-level paedophiles and child traffickers and others who are notorious bad-guys and bad-women if you will. There are two-sides to the story.

So how will we know if Trump, Q-Anon, and the military that is working with Trump whether their plans been foiled or whether they’re the real thing.

1.) If 5G gets rolled-out in the US there is no fail-safe protection for the people against the radiation harmful effects.

(If this happens, then we’ll know if Trump is under-control of some negative group.)

2.) Vaccines become mandatory for travel and in general.

3.) With the roll-out of the new financial system, people find that their money is worth less.

4.) There is no visible dent in child-trafficking and paedophilia.

5.) There is no sign of the arrest or trials for those arrested.

(If none of that goes public).

6.) The censorship going on in alternative media continues, on YouTube is not reigned-in and continues to censor those of us telling the truth.

These are some fail-safe ways of determining if Trump is the real thing.

There’s something very interesting going on in L.A. You could go venture beaches and forests. Highly suspicious. Either there is a sea animal coming out of the sea only in the Malibu, or they just hate us and don’t want us to get the ions from the beaches & trails & parks. Even when you’re hiking with noone around you – you’re still ‘suspect to getting the virus’ supposedly. These rules have nothing to do with the virus, they have nothing to do with social distancing. They don’t want humans to communicate or get close enough to share the truth, or close enough to be able to riot or do anything substantial. So they are enforcing this stupid mindset of 6 feet.

We are spiritual beings having a material experience. Any sickness starts first in the layers above this one. This is the physical layer, this is where it comes last. Even a bio-weapon, put out among us to make you sick, is something that you have to decide in your higher-levels of self, whether to bring in or to move-out of your system. According to Dr Robert Young, there is basically an internal and external environment. In terms of the earthly-level, he’s talking exclusively about that, and I highly recommend his information. He talks about there only being one disease and only one method to heal.

The corona fact, where a cell has a toxic agent in it, it needs to expel the agent, the agent builds up in the system, and the system becomes overwhelmed. And on the outside, we have things like 5G that are escalating the toxic environment that we already have around us that is filled with the Fukushima radiation, leaking power plants, radiation from electronics, you name it – I don’t have to go down the laundry-list of all the things that are toxic in our environment.

Animals are mammals are just like us. So they too can be depleted of oxygen, and this is what is going on in the hospitals.

It’s a big issue with getting oxygen into the lungs and into the bloodstream, and these are the things that are attacked with low-immune system.

I can tell you that there is something else going on. So back to the beaches. You can understand when they won’t allow humans into nature – which is actually the way you get rid of electronic smog and bring more oxygen into your body – they don’t want humans to do that, and it has nothing to do with 6ft away, because you can easily space yourself 6ft away if that’s what you believe.

It’s not possible to actually ‘catch’ this from other humans. You actually have to make the decision to bring it in. We tend to resonate with each other, so if you’re living in the same house, you’re breathing in the same air and hanging out with other people in the same environment, we are basically senders and receivers and people tend to reflect the diseases that those around them have and decide whether or not to actually manifest those sicknesses in themselves.

Ultimately what we really are as humans and our spiritual abilities are going to be more & more known.

The X-Men Movies try and make these things clear but it’s a much bigger story than those movies. I encourage you to try and find your own X-men inside you and bring that out at this very important time. There’s no doubt we’re under high-stress at this time. I understand that the elderly & young with weakened immune system and sitting eating junk food and watching electronics since they were born practically – you can understand there is an epidemic of a weakened immune system of humanity here on planet earth. There is no doubt about that.

Most people don’t even know what Kundalini is, let alone Orgone, or meditating and how to raise your kundalini and open your chakras and join them, which I have done and I can tell you is well worth it.

There is evidence that they were predicting something like 200K dead this week, and they’re way behind, they’ve only got about 4K, so they’re gonna have to work much harder. There are at least 8 strains around the world, so not everyone has the same strain. It’s either mutating or being mutated purposefully and then sprayed. There’s a good possibility that this so-called virus has been sprayed on humanity to jump-start this infection. Again, you can get sprayed and you can decide to take that in or not, or expel it and overcome it. All of these are your decisions and it’s in your power.

Bill Gates / Henry Kissinger. Titans of the New World Order. Completely out of their minds with Glee of the thought of taking over the world and ruling it using an AI. So they’re gonna do that through vaccines, etc. This person “Fauci?” is working as one of the dark-siders. If you don’t believe me, you should listen to what Dr. Shiva is putting out – he’s running for Senate. It’s said that he invented email. There’s so many people putting out good videos with good information. The Vodafone executive they have deleted it everywhere – is very good information – he does appear to be the real thing – he must be in hiding I imagine, he never came out with his own name, it appears that he worked for Vodafone and left around 2014, he’s been away for about 4-5 years and he says that he’s been down in Africa trying to create digital currencies down there.

And that is another thing I want to say. They have these dominoes that they want to have happen, one after the other.

First laying the ground work with COVID-19.
They have to do these dominoes altogether.

One can imagine they are using Project Looking Glass, they’re also using technology to go into the 5th dimension, looking into the future trying to find high-probabilities of what will work and what won’t work, they’re basically looking at a trajectory for their moves. There’s some evidence that Trump, Q-Anon, and team are doing the same thing. In other words, using Pre-Cog, remote-viewers, special computers – D-Wave machines etc. to try to strategically navigate the future, meanwhile being in competition with each other.

It’s going to be very important for Trump to step forward to get rid of Bill & Melinda Gates, and take down this very dark, deep state, that goes into the Secret Space Programme.

The dark, deep state is basically rolling out a global artificially intelligent linked-up through 5G and nano and targeting all of you, and putting you in ships, once they get their vaccine off-the-ground, this is the end-game that they are working on. It’s a hive-mind. This is a grey ET technology. This is where it’s headed and we are in the days of Terminator and Sky Net. It’s Sky Net that’s being launched if you will – even though it’s been in operation for quite some time, this is the part where it is linking up the humans, and of course they have to have some death to go around with that, because they need to get rid of a certain number of the population. This is the lead-up to the real thing. Indications are this is a dress-rehearsal.

This is an Operation. Trump is only going to be able to do certain moves and certain times. There are some steps that he doesn’t take – he’s “one of them”. We’ll know soon enough what Trump and Q-Anon and that group are all about, it’s my hope that JFK Jnr is alive and working Trump. I sincerely hope that’s the case.

Q-Anon says in their text that they plan to come out in July. They also say there’s going to be a disclosure announcement to do with ET in July. So whether that’s going to be false-flag alien invasion, or whether there’s really going to be a disclosure with some intelligence behind it, I don’t know.

There is this idea that there’s a bio-weapon, that it’s come from bats, it started in a lab in America with a Chinese woman who then took it to China and expanded upon it in the Wuhan lab, then somehow there was a battle with the CIA who tried to get it from them, the battle happened in the marketplace, there was supposed to be a vile that was dropped in the battle, then it infected everyone and then somehow it spread. Since I don’t believe in the contagion side of it, I think that what they really did, is spray it. And that’s just a small drama. And perhaps the drama actually happened but that’s not how it actually spread around the world.

There’s a long line of agenda-items such as the fact that we’ve reached a place in terms of population, according to the dark-side, that people don’t have to work because eventually the AIs going to take over most jobs, so they need to figure out how to get people subsidised to basically do nothing or just play-around or experiment or make art or whatever they think people will do which people are endlessly creative, so I’m sure they’re going to be more creative than the dark-side thinks, but nonetheless, they’ve decided that we’re at the end-game here on planet earth, and so they have to roll-out their Armageddon, which is based on the playbook in the bible, and so anything 4 horseman and the Apocalypse will be adhered to by the Illuminati as they roll out their new one-world-order.

One of the indicators this is not the real thing, this is only the first step in a number of steps and the big game is not being played yet. I think things are going to go back to normal relatively quickly according to my dreams. I can say that when I watch Trump, I can tell he’s really pissed off – I’m sure he can’t stand who he’s working with, he’s playing a balancing game, at the same time he’s had to do a deal with the dark-side in order to exist and continue. It’s clear he didn’t create it.

It does look like down the line you can see that, in the early days of Camelot – 15 years ago – gave us a whole laundry list of things they planned, the virus is one of them, they will probably have another virus in December or so in 2021, and continue to try and do viruses – they’ve been trying and never have been successful as they have this time. Watch Dr Robert Young’s interview and his website on what he said about what is a virus and what isn’t.

Our entire world is run by the deep-state.

You are not alone. There are pockets of resistance all over the planet. I’m Kerry Cassidy and if you’re watching this, you are part of the resistance.

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Penny (PennyButler.com)

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