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Common sense notes from Dr John Bergman’s podcast episode entitled “I’m not afraid of the corona virus because I have a plan”:

If for some reason the above doesn’t show an audio player with the podcast, here is a link to the original.


  • Vitamin C 10,000mg/Day
  • Vitamin D3 (2000mg/day Summer, 5000mg/day Winter)
  • Magnesium 400-500mg/day (liquid form)
  • Zinc (20mg/day)
  • Selenium 100mcg/day
  • Lugol’s Iodine daily
  • Activated Charcoal daily

Exercise & Sleep:

  • Daily Exercise with deep breathing (Wim Hoff Method)
  • Resistance training
  • Stretching
  • Rebounding
  • Solid sleep 7.5hrs /day


  • Organic, Plant-based diet
  • Turmeric, Garlic, Black Pepper
  • Soups, Broths, Hot Liquids
  • Emotional Health (NLP) – the way you see the world affects your immune system
  • Chiropractic adjustment weekly
  • Play/fun
  • Daily Prayer

Out of everything I’ve watched, read or listened to on the Corona virus, listening to the podcast above resonated the most with me and what I’ve been researching for years about cellular health.

Ever the researcher but not ever the good student. I definitely need to up my game & make some lifestyle changes in the coming days/weeks.

I am unfortunately in that high-risk bracket who is likely to die if I catch it due to emphysema/copd/asthma & high blood pressure. Additionally of concern is that I am a temp (so I don’t get paid if I can’t go to work – which means if I don’t die, I still lose everything).

This blog post is kind of my motivation to quickly get my butt into gear to elevate my immune system.

What I’m already doing:

  • Fresh juice &/or green smoothie everyday. With the smoothie, I usually add 1/2 avocado, 1 small banana, coconut oil, hemp seeds, acai berry mix, green smoothie mix (which includes moringa & other healthy greens), a couple of dates and about 20-30 cashews). It’s delicious, filling, gives me energy, and starts my day off right where I feel like “at least I’ve started the day with nutrients”. But I could be doing so much better.
  • 2-4 Olive leaf capsules daily which I’m almost out of already and damn they are expensive, so hopefully something else works better because I can’t afford to keep this one up.
  • 2-4 garlic-c-horseradish tablets a day.
  • 1 x Cranberry tablet a day.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar & 1/2 tsp of Vitamin C in 1/2 glass water
  • Disinfected my phone, mouse, and keyboard at work.
  • Regularly putting food-grade hydrogen peroxide in my ears when I come home from work or before bed.
  • 750ml water a day.
  • Reduced my dairy intake. Decreased my latte’s down from many large, to 1-2 small.
  • Limited my exposure to other people. Other than the necessary shopping and work, I’ve stopped going to poker and will choose online instead of the in-person one for a few weeks at least.
  • Sanitize. Have hand-sanitizer at my desk at work, and I am washing my hands more frequently – like when I come into the office & before I leave, when I’ve touched-paperwork, & on breaks, etc.

What I need to start doing:

  • More sun to get more Vitamin D. I may also buy Vitamin D3. (10,000/day)
  • Exercise (I barely move in my lifestyle at the moment in an office job)
  • Couple of brazil nuts to my daily diet to get some natural Selenium
  • I’ve ran out of iodine, so I’ll have to purchase some.
  • Waiting on delivery for these items from eBay:
    1.) He Shou Wu
    2.) Lions Mane Mushroom
    3.) Grapeseed Extract Powder
    (I’m going to combine these into my own custom-capsules.)
  • Try and find where my black seed oil is and if I can’t, need to purchase some, preferably in capsules but cheaper to get it as black cumin in Asian grocery stores.
  • Up my Vitamin C intake drastically.
  • Way more greens, fresh as well as Spirulina & Chlorella
  • I don’t really want to add magnesium to my diet as it hasn’t really been helpful in the past, but I could probably get some benefits from having an Epsom Salt bath once a week? I don’t know.. need to study this one more.
  • Need to at least double or triple my water-intake a day.
  • Wim Hoff breathing – I know this will help cleanse my lungs.
  • Although it would be smart to quit smoking, I just don’t see that happening, so I need to at least consider alternatives like vape, smoking less, or not being such a goddamn chain-smoker.
  • I have activated charcoal but not any in capsules and I really don’t want to add it to smoothies because that will get everything messy and hard-to-clean. May have to invest in some more capsules, because even though I could make my own capsules, that shit is hard to clean!
  • I don’t think I need to supplement zinc so long as I am having hemp seeds & cashews in my smoothies. I could also add pumpkin seeds to my smoothies to up my zinc-level. Yes, that is a plan. I wonder if I could even add the brazil nuts to my smoothies, would make life easier, if I get all the nutrients I need in one dose.
  • I can’t see myself going to a chiropractor, but I definitely need to stretch more. Maybe a yoga routine every morning.
  • Asmol has been restricted so I can’t buy any. This is the only medication I take since giving up doctors a few years ago, because it’s something I can take over-the-counter. I will have to bite-the-bullet & go see a doctor about getting on a asthma preventer; something I’ve been avoiding as anyone who has read my blog in the past knows – I did become quite anti-doctor after I got better when I ‘quit’ taking meds.
  • Although it would be healthier if I could do this daily, I can’t afford it, but I will buy a celery once a week and start my day off with a celery juice.
  • I’ve just placed an order on eBay for the following:
    1.) Triphala
    2.) Reishi
    3.) Vitamin D3
  • I can’t afford the other things I want, but they are in my “save for later” if I get paid next week (Oregano Oil, Turkey Rhubarb Extract, Scullcap Baikal, & Lugol’s Iodine)
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