[QHHT] Each of us are in different stages of our evolution (Alba Weinman)

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Each of us are in different stages of our evolution (and other random notes from Alba Weinman QHHT session videos)

Avoid Everything that causes fear in you.
Come together. Stronger energy.
Stay in the light. Have Faith.
Stay in the love-space.

Let go of fear. There is nothing to fear, even in the face of danger. Fear holds you back.
Remove the fear of ridicule. Release the fear and remove the Karma.

Learn to create your own radiant being. Your own vibrational spin.

Just focus on what you’re doing. You are the center of the flower, and you’ll realize at one point, you’re living the life you’ve always wanted.

I invoke the I AM in me. I call back my power through all space, time and infinitum.

Theta State for healing.

Each of us are in different stages of our evolution. We are all students/members of this spiritual family.
We’re all on a self-empowerment journey and each of us have dynamics that can… (missing notes)


A planet that was given free will to see what we’d do with it.

Consciously avoid negative entanglements.
Collating lifetime positive/benevolent.

Many people are in pain and don’t realize it, they don’t understand the spiritual loneliness that results when we are not in touch with our life purpose. 

Focus on the results you want. Thoughts, Feeling, Actions.

Organic Farming, Intention Communities, Honouring each other, Working with smaller communities that expand.

Everyone is running their own personal reality & its unfolding exactly the way they see it.

The way they manipulate a consensus reality is through media, education, history, control, family, workplaces. If you change the foundation of what you know, to be the ideal reality, to be all you can be. Free yourself from the past, to step into a different reality.

That’s what’s happening at this time in this reality. Lots of those around us are getting sucked into “what they told us” life is, and many of us are becoming conscious creators.. living from a place of awareness that that which we input into our data stream, becomes our reality so being more conscious of what we “put into the jar”.

Let go of the “identity” of the past. We’re not as limited as what we’ve been taught.
The reason magic-schools / mystery / mystic schools work, was the collective-belief in those “group-thinking”.
If you can suspend your belief-system, you can experience / see things… you don’t need mushrooms, etc.. its already there.
Envisioning a portal, step into the portal without holding onto the “past or present of you” and you will experience something.
Getting rid of the inner-critic. Getting people into their heart-space. Inner Critic = learned programme.

When you go into a different state.. other people start to experience it too. You become your environment. We are shifting dimensions and realities all the time. It’s our normal. Its simple.  Whatever Excites you the most, with integrity, is what you should be doing.

Alba Weinman records client QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) and publishes them on youtube. Various sessions take people back to past lifes, co-current lives, as well as speaking with their higher-self and more. This page is just notes I found myself writing while watching various client sessions. Visit Alba’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3xe3Yz-4P__NZ9bSoIudQ


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