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I just found a bunch of Notes that I took when researching the completion process in October last year on YouTube. Although I didn’t write the source at the time, I know that I was watching a lot of videos by Nithyananda, Teal Swan, and Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda at that time (mostly Nithyananda as he had the most videos on it). The video below is one from Nithyananda.

You can’t forge your worldly troubles even though you immerse yourself in the pleasures available to you. You go too far in your self-indulgent celebrations, but in the midst of your contrived revelry a real opportunity for enlightenment erupts. A person of outstanding character might spark some inner flame and anything might happen. The future is uncertain with this line, but with a little thought you can survive even the most complex times.

Inner Image – what you feel about you
Outer Image – what you project as you
Others Image – what image you have of others and life
Others expectation of you

Have best – inner image, outer image, image about others and life, desire to hold yourself to the highest space
Being sincere to all these 4 is authenticity
Anything; if you don’t believe, if you have a doubt, that is self-doubt

Anything you write in your inner-space, will become your reality.
Your body is the pen, ink = consciousness

If you think anything is obstacle for you being sincere in all these 4, that is the in-completion you have. This is the method to diagnose in-completion.

Your cognition binds you or liberates you.

Write down:

1.) Most sincere image what you want for you
2.) Most sincere outer image what you want to project as you
3.) Most sincere image about others and life
4.) Most sincere other’s image.. how you want to hold yourself up to that
Make a clear description, then write down the obstacles for you realizing that… those obstacles are in-completions
Pen down all the in-completions.
Then understand that it’s YOUR cognition – which is changeable.
Actually you have only one root pattern that your cognition can’t be changed. The root of the root-pattern is that your cognition can’t be changed, no completion will work. Understand: Cognition is changeable, transformable and the first cognition you need to have.

KNOW your in-completions

Best outer and inner images of what you want
Best way of holding me up to others expectations

Start thinking in this life, your very thinking is a completion process.

What you feel as you – inner image;
What you project you to others – outer image;
What you think about others and life – others’ image, image about others; and
What others hold you as – others’ expectation.

Being sincere in all these four means what?

Having best inner image;
Having best outer image;
Having best idea about others and life; and
Being very sincere about what others hold you for.

I tell you please listen, spend few minutes to sit and define:

What you want to feel about you, what kind of feeling about you will be the best for you, what you think is best you? Define.
What do you think as best outer image for you, what’s the best way you wanted to project you?
What’s the best image you wanted to have about others and life?
What is the best sincere way you want to take responsibility about what others hold you for?

1.) Most sincere / best image what you want for you
2.) Most sincere / best outer image what you want to project as you
3.) Most sincere / best image about others and life
4.) Most sincere / best other’s image.. how you want to hold yourself up to that

1.) Happy, Content, Confident, Fulfilled, Friendly, Purposeful, Healthy, Sincere, Authentic, Wise, Clean, Kind, Loving, Caring, Authoritative, Leader
2.) Trust-worthy, Honest, Loving, Present, Inspirational, Stable, Humble, Giving, Wise, Clean,

You may have a very strong resistance to some person. The resistance or fear or hatred is so strong that you cannot even think of facing that person and talking to him or her. If that is the case, first sit in front of the mirror and invoke that person’s presence in the mirror. See that person sitting in the mirror. Connect with that person making eye to eye contact with him/her in the mirror. Re-live incidents that happened between you and that person and then talk to the person in the mirror till you experience completion.

3.) Life is beautiful, anyone can choose freedom, free, life is an adventure
4.) ??

I’m not being the example of health while I smoke and eat fast food or have no discipline to stick true to my principles.
The world isn’t free and they don’t believe its possible
World debt. Poverty. Materialism.

What is In-completion?

‘Any action that is unfulfilled as per your expectation, due to either an inner hindrance or outer hindrance, is in-completion’.

Anything from the past that hinders you from participating in life as it happens is in-completion.

In-completion leaves you with an experience of low emotions, low energy and a general feeling of un-fulfillment.

What is Completion?

Completion means living and acting without any hangover of the past incidents, words, actions or memories. Having a hangover does not mean that you will not remember your past at all.

When you are in completion, you will remember past incidents and actions, but they will no longer have the power to cause pain or anger or guilt in you anymore.

Integrity is a beautiful way to ensure that you don’t create in-completion in yourself and others through your words. Whatever decision you make out of this cognition will be right for you.

When you act out of completion, you are empowered to resolve any conflict that happens inside you or outside you.

What Does Completion Do For You?
When you relive painful memories again and again during the process of completion, they lose their power over you.

You regain the ability to live spontaneously and stress-free.

In-completion comes out of the assumption that something larger than you exists out there for you, which can complete you.

Your life is nothing but a journey from in-completion to in-completion.

The idea that something outside you can complete you, can add to you, can fulfill you, immediately reduces you to the level of just matter.

“Everything exists in you. How you see everyone, how you have an idea and opinion about everyone, how you perceive everyone is based on your own reflection. When you understand that, you will catch the truth – everyone is ultimately mirror of you, and if you change, everyone will change. “

We encourage you to seek what you are after- love, wealth, health, joy and healing. Our community encourages all to live more blissfully, harmoniously, sustainably and holistically to reflect a possibility of abundance in all forms.

Completion with other starts with the decision that completion with others needs to happen. First you have to take responsibility for everything around yourself, and decide that completion is necessary.

Completion with others is not saying ‘I am sorry’; it is not apologising.
It is not about being wrong or right. completion comes out of responsibility, not out of powerlessness. Feeling sorry comes from powerlessness. It is about declaring to drop the past and the in-completion. You will see that as soon as you do that, others will also up to completion.

First step is to complete with someone random and invoke in them the person you feel incomplete with. Second step is to invoke the person in the mirror and complete with them. Then, only the third step, is the actual completion with the actual person. Call them, and complete. Take full responsibility and drop the past, and start with the new space of completion.

Completion is not apologizing. I’m deciding to drop hurting pattern in my life. Are any in-completion, misunderstanding, I’m deciding to drop and I’m deciding to give life to it again. Past – you can’t say you are wrong or right. Noone can say you are wrong or right. It is not apologizing. Or Feeling sorry for the past. Deciding.. I’m dropping this in-completion. I will not allow this to happen anymore.

Responsibility, not apologizing.

Understand the difference. Feeling sorry comes from powerlessness, its not completion. When you call, you explain. This is what has been perceived by me, I’m not interested in looking at you are wrong or I am wrong, that will create more & more anger, hatred and suppressed violence. I am only saying one thing. I’m ready to drop the past and it’s powerlessness, in-completion. I am declaring I’m dropping the past and I’m complete. I don’t have in-completion. And I will not create any any more in-completion anymore. Your declaration when it reaches them, you will suddenly see that they will open up and start coming towards completion. But first, you need to be prepared. Preparation for you. Sit with anyone person, first invoke your mother in the person and complete. Then go to another and invoke your father and complete. Then without the person, sit with a mirror and invoke them – loudly talk to them in the mirror and complete. Then call them and start talking to them. If they are dead, the mirror is enough. You don’t need to call them, but if you know you have the ability to reach out to them, you should. Let you be healed – anger vengeance.. etc.. will come out.

Sit with her, explain all the in-completions you have with her, make her understand very clearly that you are responsible for it. You are dropping it. You are not saying sorry. You are saying – yes – I am responsible. I don’t want to get into whose right and whose wrong. Even if you are wrong, I am responsible. I am dropping the past and now I want to start the new space with completion. I’m dropping the past in-completion and I’m starting the new space with completion. Simple intro: I’m going through a meditation programme where I am supposed to complete with myself, and all my relatives, so I am calling you, because you are an important person, part of my life, so when we are complete, I can be complete. Now I am calling you – this this this has happened – now I am realizing who is right and who is wrong is not the thing, I am responsible… so I’m deciding to take the responsibility and bring completion. Other person should not feel that you are weak, they should only feel that you are taking responsibility for it.

Powerlessness means pain, suffering, fear, guilt, anger, inability to help, resentment, so many things.
All of this stuff gets suppressed, and as long as this exists, it will keep repeating.
Every time you get into a similar environment .. etc.. = in-completion patterns… all of the suppressed stuff is still underneath everything.

All suppressed emotions, powerlessness, difficulties, guilt, resentment, during the root incident keeps the in-completion pattern alive. If you re-live that root incident, not remember, go back to that age when that incident – same consciousness, decide to become that, and start reliving the incident. Suddenly you will see all the pain, suffocation. Go through everything once more, but this time – completely. Allow it to melt down and cleanse your nervous system, with this cleansing, with this releasing.

I’m not asking you to reconcile, completion is not reconciliation, or remembering, its re-living. You will never be able to forgive yourself for what has happened. Re-live, and you will will forgive & forget them.

I don’t ask you to forgive – don’t forgive, you will simply forget them.

If you are holding onto the grudge, hatred, fear, unable to forgive others, you are only going to suffer. You drink poison and expect enemy to die. Completion is not reconciliation. Just reliving.

Go back to that same age, that same mentality, as much as you can remember, become that – and try to re-live that incident, how it happened step-by-step, flashback in slow-motion. At least 5 times. You will see so much suffocation, guilt, anger, everything will open up and leave your system. The more and more this powerlessness leaves your system, the more you will be blissful, the more you will become complete.

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