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Change your Message Change your Life

What if you decided to make a new “claim” about yourself?

Life Changes

One Minute Exercise:

Imagine for a moment that you are now “The Wealth Creator”.

Millions of people are now counting on you to create wealth for them – to have all the answers.

Everyday you will post blogs and talk about wealth on podcast interviews and everyday you will create courses and seminars and answer questions from people who need your expertise on wealth creation.

Your core message is .. “I create wealth for people”

Your core message is known to the world – you are now known by your peers as the person that “creates wealth” for people…”

All of your friends, family and people you have met will refer everyone they know to you whenever someone wants to learn about creating wealth.

Ponder it for a moment.

Step into the shoes. Create it in your mind. Close your eyes and really feel it as reality for you.

It doesn’t have to be ‘wealth’ . Just choose something that is NOT currently your expertise but something you wish you were an expert at (a dog trainer, a famous musician, a world traveller, a teacher, a doctor, a public speaker, a person that helps people fly to Mars…). The topic doesn’t matter so much as the “changes” I want you to notice that happen automatically in your mind – instantly – when you do this exercise, and I want you to “feel” those changes & sensations before you read on.

Take a breathe and just feel if that makes any ‘adjustments’ in your own brain re-wiring.

Create that new persona for a moment and just “BE” the expert.

Go through the motions of what a typical day might look like for you, flip through the conversations you would have with others, the things you would do or say if that IS your reality.

  • Do you feel like your brain needs to re-wire itself to become that expert?
  • Do you feel things changing within you?
  • What ideas would you need to come up with or how differently would you need to live your life for this to be a reality for you?
  • How & what would you need to “think” in order to “pull it off”

Something in your brain shifts to automatically seek a “How Can I” mentality when you ARE the expert.

Your brain automatically seeks the answers and adjusts to help you find the answers.

Study the Brain

A passing thought makes me see clarity about our self ‘claims’

I just had a moment of clarity that I wanted to share and remember.

What if a simple one minute exercise like this, could change our lives?

Our confidence, our self-esteem, our direction, our outlook, and our mindset.

Here I was – just a quick ‘passing of a thought’ – pondering whether “guru’s” are being authentic in their messages, and bam! I have this breakthrough self-discovery about how quickly a brain can be re-programmed by “being” in someone else’s mind.

Study the Brain

I was wondering to myself about a couple of the experts that I listen to – curious as to what it would be like to be one of them for just a moment and whether they had to keep up a certain “act” or “persona” to match their celebrity expert status.

I thought about whether they had to stop and think before they typed/spoke or could they just be themselves?

Did they have to stop short before posting that blog post or email reply with their real opinion and thoughts?

You know – it was just one of those passing-thoughts that float into your head sometimes before moving onto some other random thought that grabs your attention. :)

My mind flicked through many guru’s/experts who I see everyday online, posting all these messages, blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. with their advice on this and that, and I was just wondering if they were still “themselves” or just a fake personality – and while thinking that, I put myself in their shoes…

… and all of a sudden… Light-Bulb Moment!

Suddenly I just became aware of how to change anything in life.

It started with realizing how they would’ve started – before they were “known” for this or that.

Realizing they did not start out being this expert in “wealth” or any other “expertise” – it occurred to me that most likely they first decided to create that video, webinar, course, blog/website, podcast, etc. about that particular subject because they had an “interest” in improving themselves in that specific area.

It was their area of “interest”, not necessarily their expertise (yet).

It was just where they wanted to improve themselves, it was the subject that they felt like researching more and becoming better at.

And it was only after others started coming to them for advice in that subject that they ‘became’ the known expert that you know today.

I thought about all the sites I’ve started over the years.

Most of the time they were created because I had a new interest in that area or something I wanted to see myself, and since I was going to be learning lots about it anyway through my own research, that I would just “create a site” to not only keep records & notes for myself, but also to share with others so that the knowledge wasn’t wasted – that maybe I can help someone else while at the same time helping myself.

Right now I get more phone calls and emails for help with WordPress and internet marketing because of my many websites about these subjects and it was because of those emails and phone calls that I created several businesses in the same area.

To the people that hire me, I am the expert – even though I did not start out with the intention of being one.

And I most certainly do not consider myself a “guru”…

… but what would happen if I ‘did’ start considering myself a “guru” – what if I ‘let go’ of the resistance of the connotations of the word “guru” and “became” the guru – what changes would my mind go through, and would I then achieve even greater success?

Magic Wand Mindset

And more excitingly, what about the things I really want to change in my life, could that same ‘magic-wand’ be waved upon anything that I desire?

What if I wanted to live in SE Asia as an entrepreneur creating passive incomes from the internet and helping others do the same – if that is my dream, and my goal why just keep it on my ‘wishlist’ for ‘one-day’ and move slowly towards it while pursuing other things – would it not move much faster and have a greater chance of success, if I could just “become the expert” in that particular desire right now?

If that is the reality I want for myself, I could use this exercise to “be” the expert and my brain would automatically help unravel the mysteries to make it happen.

What I mean is by “stepping-into” the role of an expert on the subject – every waking thought would move me towards it, because I would now be “living” the role of what I “want” to be doing, and because I am the “expert”, I would be doing all I can and all I need to do to be the expert. I would be researching it more, sharing my research more, making connections with the right people, I would “be” the expert on my own dreams – on creating my own reality.

Unless that exercise worked for you, I might sound like a garbled mess with what I am saying, so I really hope that exercise worked for you too, because I don’t want you to miss out on having this life-changing experience.

It was a moment of absolute clarity for me when I felt the “shift” in mindset of what I would need to “think” when I “became” them for just a moment.

“I just didn’t think of it like that” – even though I’m all for reading and believing “You become what you think about” and “thoughts become things” and “You create your own reality”, and even though I already believed you can “become an expert in anything”, etc.

It just never *clicked* so clearly as it did tonight … when I “Put myself in their brain” so-to-speak. I never thought of actually changing my own internal and outward messages to have a complete “change of life” experience.

Everyone close to me knows about my goals, but I hadn’t actually thought about living the experience – being the expert in the experience at the same time as wanting the experience.

Study the Brain


There is a guy, Benny Lewis [] who had no success for years learning languages – he just couldn’t grasp it… UNTIL he just started using it. He now speaks many languages but it wasn’t until he started “thinking” in the language and “immersing himself” in the language – forcing himself to have conversations and “being” someone that “lived” the language everyday (rather than just studying it) that he had a massive life-changing breakthrough in success. He was just “doing it” and now he’s not afraid of any language – he’ll “jump right in” and experience it from the get-go and he now teaches his method, tips and tricks while travelling the world.

Maybe this same process could work on things that you want to remove from your life as well – i.e. If you want to quit smoking – you could change your message to “I am the expert on helping people become free of nicotine-addiction”, if you wanted to cure yourself of cancer your message could be to become the expert in natural cancer cures or to be the expert who collates and compares all the various cancer medical research, etc. Or an expert in healthy living.

What if you decided, knowing that whatever topic you chose, you WILL become an expert at. You WILL become “known” as the ‘go-to guy or girl’ about whatever that topic is. Whatever it is that you want, if you decide to ‘step into’ and ‘change your message’, you can become. You could just start right away.

I don’t know if this is any different than the way you’ve always looked at it, or if it helps give you any different perspective, or even if you felt the same changes in you when you did the exercise – but tonight, I’ve had a life-changing experience because of it.

Smarter Thinking

What MESSAGE do you strongly want to believe about yourself? What REALITY do you really want for yourself? What do you want to do before you die? What message do you want others to believe about you?

You may of done similar exercises like I have before such as:

  • “If money were no object, what would you like to do?” Or
  • “If there were no obstacles, nothing/noone was standing in your way, what would you do”, or
  • “What do you want people to say at your funeral”, etc.

But this realization was different for me tonight.

It’s the same in a way, yes, but it was “different” somewhat because thinking about it like that are exercises I’ve done many, many times, and I’ve got lots of goals and dreams and things I want to achieve, but tonight there was an absolute measurable, life-changing “shift” in mindset as I did the exercise – I could literally feel thoughts re-aligning inside my brain when I put myself in the shoes/mind of the actual “expert” of that ‘wealth creator’ and “lived” and had thoughts “as the guru”.

That moment changed me and I wanted to share it straight away in case it is as life-changing for you as it is for me.

In summary…

Q.) What do you really want?

A.) Become “Known” as the ‘expert’ for it

What life do you really want for yourself? You can choose anything.

Now make that your message to the world – you are now that expert.

Step inside the mind of the new you.

Believe it and make it your message.

Become the expert by living it, by doing it.

Going by the experience I had tonight, and that hopefully you had too – I suspect that your brain will continue to “re-programme” itself to make it possible.

Your mindset will change instantaneously to make it possible. That’s what was so great tonight.

I’m not talking about what you hope would happen, like the “might’s” on your list. If there is something that we truly want to “be/do/have”… a singer, an inspirational speaker, a world-traveller, an athlete, anything.. we can first change our message to the world, step inside it, live it, BE it, and by default, the actions we take from then on and the thoughts we have, will realign and move us faster than ever towards our goals – our lives will change.

I strive to become an expert at anything that I’m really interested in. I just didn’t realize that I could fast-track my results and mindset by not just striving… but by “being” the expert.

So Mr or Mrs ‘Wealth Creator’, what if I called you up right now to ask some advice on creating wealth?

Does your brain automatically shift when you do this exercise?

When we go into the mind of the “wealth creator” expert, we have different thoughts created immediately:

  • You have to think differently if you are going to make it ‘your life’ to help others create wealth.
  • You start to “think” like a wealth creator would think.
  • All your research will be on wealth-creating.
  • The things you do and the things you tell others to do, will be about wealth creating.
  • The thoughts you have, will be on wealth-creating.
  • Your mind seeks and gathers all the knowledge you currently have on wealth-creating and brings it to the surface.

Something to ponder. Could this quick, simple exercise, help change a life’s direction? Or a damaged mindset?

Have you had any similar “mind-changing” experiences by doing any of the exercises above, or by doing any other activities?

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