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Aurelio Mejia from Colombia is a popular hypnotherapist in Spanish speaking countries, that found that all those under his hypnosis share the same message. It’s very interesting and something to ponder. Here is some of the “english” text sourced from his website about the 16 commonalities obtained from his regressions:


  • 1.) We are Spirit with body. The Spirit has no gender. The body is a means of expression and acquisition of experiences. The refinement of the Spirit is the result of its own effort. Failing in one existence to acquire all the moral and intellectual qualities which should lead it to its target, it reaches it through a succession of existences, and on each it advances a little in the way of progress. Each existence goes with a different body: man, woman or alien.


  • 2.) The Earth is not the center of the Universe, nor is the largest planet. On all the planets where there are physiochemical conditions similar to those of Earth, there is the same probability that life has formed same as ours. There are many worlds less developed than the Earth, and there are also others highly developed, which is appropriate to the different levels of advancement of Spirits and where the body forms can be very different, as occurs with Earth microbes, plants, birds, fish, etc. And Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” In hypnotic regressions we have found that we have also lived in other planets (we have been aliens).


  • 3.) Death is the end of a body and the returning of Spirit to the Light, a dimension in which you feel, but do not have a body of matter that we acknowledge. The time in that bard or dimension between two material lives, is variable. When a patient in regression refers to this intermediate state, he could say that he is still close to his loved ones (when there are attachments), that he is in the Light and everything is peace, or that he feels being in the darkness and emptiness (this condition occurs following a suicide).


  • 4.) Heaven and hell do not exist. These are not physical places where the spirits go to enjoy or suffer endlessly. These are simple metaphors to represent psychological states of ecstasy or deep depression, which can be taken as heavenly or hellish, as stated by Pope John Paul II on behalf of the Catholic Church.And now his successor, Benedict XVI, has been saying that such places exist, which shows that the Popes make also mistakes in matters of faith, that they are not infallible and do not have the alleged direct connection with God. And with of such gaffes, he had to resign to give way to Pope Francis of Argentina.


  • 5.) In each physical existence, the Spirit must perform a task in proportion to its level of development. The more rough and laborious that task is, the greater the merit it will obtain once is accomplished. Thus, each existence is a proof that approaches it to the goal. The number of those existences is undetermined.


  • 6.) Forgetting our past lives is something that benefits us. If we would remember what happened during each day that we have lived, probably we would spend our present day bitter or resentful. Through regressions and mediumistic communications, we know that the Spirit reborns somehow related to the same people of social or family environment of a past life, among other things, to reconcile or repair damage that have been caused. If we would recognize those who we had hated or offended, resentments or guilt feelings could be arouse.


  • 7.) The evils that afflict humanity are caused by pride, selfishness and bad passions. Because of men vices, they make each other miserable and some are mutually punishing them. The Spirit who was vain and proud in a previous life, can now have a life of humiliation; the tyrant, one of servitude; the rich that was bad, one of misery; who used his senses or limbs to provoke damage, could now have a life of a blind, dumb, maimed or deformed.


  • 8.) When Spirits incarnate they bring what they acquired in their previous lives. This is the reason why men instinctively show certain skills, good or bad inclinations that seem innate in them. The bad tendencies are remnants of imperfections and signs of past mistakes.


  • 9.) If the Spirit of the child has lived before, why is it that from birth it does not manifest itself as it is? The child needs delicate care that only the tenderness of a mother can lavish, and that tenderness increases with the weakness and the naivety of the child. For a mother it would be very difficult to surrender to the love of his son, if instead of the naive grace of that little angel she would have found under his childish factions a virile character and ideas of an adult, and even more difficult if she had known his past and possibly remembered that they were enemies or had hurt each other.


  • 10.) If the soul (name given to a Spirit in a body) had not lived before, it would have been created simultaneously with the body. Admitting this assumption, it could not have any relation with those souls that preceded it. So, you may ask, how God that we suppose supremely just and good, would have made it responsible for an original sin that it didn’t commit? If we say, however, that the soul at birth, brings with it the germ of the imperfections of its former lives, and it suffers in the present life the consequences of past sins, the original sin takes a logical explanation that everyone can understand and admit, because the soul is responsible only for what it has done.


  • 11.) If the current existence was the only one and it would be expected for it to decide the eternal future of the soul, what would be the fate of children who die at an early age? What would be the fate of the mentally retarded and those without any instruction? Having no consciousness of good and evil, they have no responsibility for their actions. If God created souls to submit them to a miserable existence without compensation, would he be nice and fair? If you admit that in other existence you could fulfill what was not done in a short life (which may be a test for your family) and the crazy, mentally retarded or an idiot is a Spirit fulfilling a task, an expiation or mission in a handicapped body to express its thoughts, you can understand that everything is in conformity with the justice of cause and effect.


  • 12.) The diversity of skills, moral and intellectual, is proof that the soul has already lived. If it had been created simultaneously with current body it would not be in accordance with God’s goodness to make some more advanced than the others. Why, then, savage and civilized men, good and bad, silly and ingenious people? Saying that some have lived and gained more experience or knowledge than others, explains everything.


  • 13.) Desperation is natural in one who believes that all ends with the death of the body, but makes no sense for those who have faith in a future. In your afflictions observe those who are below and not above you. Think of those whose suffering is even greater than yours. Usually, man is the architect of his own unhappiness. If we go back to the source of our misfortunes, we will see that they are, for most people, the outcome of their lack of foresight, pride and greed. And therefore, the outcome of our violation of the laws of nature.


  • 14.) Prayer is recommended by good Spirits and is requested by imperfect Spirits as a means to alleviate their sufferings. You cannot change their karma, but when spirits perceive that we are interested in them, they feel less helpless and unhappiness is mitigated. Prayer increases their courage, excites in them the desire to rise through repentance and reparation, and can keep them away from the idea of evil. In this sense, it can not only alleviate their suffering but also abbreviate it.


  • 15.) Praying is to manifest with our words or thoughts what we are feeling at the time, so be it anger, despair, helplessness, joy, gratitude. Recite, however, is to repeat like parrots the phrases written by others and often without feeling. Pray each one according to his beliefs and the way that sees is more convenient. Whoever prays with faith (with conviction) is stronger against evil temptations, and God (the Universe, Light, etc.) sends the good spirits to help him.The essential thing is not to pray a lot, but to pray well. Some people believe that all the merit is in the size of the prayer or the number of times it is repeated, while closing their eyes to their own defects. Prayer is for them an occupation, a habit, a pastime, not an examination of conscience. Who asks for forgiveness of his faults gets it easier if he changes his behaviour. Good actions are the best prayers, because actions speak louder than words.


  • 16.) We must avoid letting ourselves be dominated by the auto-suggestion, fear or fanaticism, to the point of seeing the manifestation of a Spirit in the sudden crackle of furniture, an appearance in whatever shadow, or a communication from beyond the grave in a simple unconscious association of ideas. Fear does not distinguish between imaginary and real.

Website: http://www.aureliomejia.com/

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kardec1948/


Love this? QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) has the same results. I follow Alba Weinman on YouTube to watch client sessions which blow me away as they also say the same kinds of concepts as Aurelio’s clients do above. Here is a blog post where I took notes from Alba’s sessions: https://pennybutler.com/qhht-notes-evolution/

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