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Lee Carroll / KRYON has been doing regular updates on COVID at this time.

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14 Apr 2020

Live Stream: Virus Truths

Concentrate not on the virus vaccine, but on the immune system.
The planet is in reboot mode right now. There has never been anything to create this kind of unity on the planet from a virus, by the way, which came from nature but didn’t get to you naturally.

4 Apr 2020

Live Stream: Manipulating Fear

Your media information sources are marketing-based media. They are not information-based. Your media indeed should invest itself in giving you hope, as well as truth. There are two sides to the news, not just the drama. This is what will change, and what is next. Humanity will start to become more wise about the manipulation that takes place “on the air.”

If you look at the virus information channels, they’ll give you all the charts of the infected and the deaths. Over and over – the infected and the deaths. For every state or country, the infected and the deaths. I want to ask you, Where is the RECOVERED column? It’s not there, is it? That’s a bias. That is a drama bias. Did they tell you that over 99 percent of those who catch the virus recover completely? Where is that number? Do you also know that those who recover have natural immunity for a few years? Where is that information?

Historians may eventually report that when they do all the accounting for what really happened, that fear killed more people than the virus.

24 Mar 2020

Kryon on Corona 2 – 2020

  • There were those that tried to stop it.
  • This is why you’re here: stay safe, you’re not going to achieve much in sickness.
  • Soothe and comfort those in fear, and show you’re not afraid, use common sense.
  • This is what lightworkers do; you’re a lighthouse.
  • Learning how a media can take lives by frightening them to death.

13 Mar 2020

Kryon on Corona – 2020

  • The virus did not happen naturally.; caused by human-action.
  • The virus is not political, it does what it does naturally, the virus comes from a bat that was studied in the most high-end high-class virology lab in china, Wuhan. Its a derivative of Sars.
  • Follow the virus, there is a secret that will be exposed by whistle-blowers. A hint: a virus is not political, a virus doesn’t lie, if you follow the infection-schedule at the very beginning, you will find besides China there was another country far, far away that was immediately infected, go find it. is there a connection? Is there a follow-the-dots?
  • There is something bigger than you think that was brewing here.
  • Everything to do with a consciousness shift on planet.

Lee Carroll / KRYON has been doing regular updates on COVID at this time.

Website | YouTube channel

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