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Q.) Is this the shift, the moment the guides told you were coming almost since the beginning?

A.) I don’t know, they have been talking about what we’re suddenly encountering since the beginning and certainly that teaching has been escalating in the last few books.

In the first book in 2009/2010, the guides said humanity is at a time of reckoning. And reckoning is a facing oneself and all of ones creations. They say that everything that is created in fear or has been claimed in fear has to be re-known in a higher way.

In the more recent books, there are 7 in print now, the 8th is coming out, they really started escalating this teaching about the ‘collective’ and what the collective is under-going and they’ve been talking about the collective under-going a ‘re-seeing’ of all of our structures – social structures, political structures, economic structures.

In the Book of Truth, which was dictated just before the last president election, they really got into it and I was surprised. What I began to understand that this teaching that I thought was originally about the realization of the individual, was really about the realization of the collective.

I think we’ve all been given an opportunity to come into the present moment and see who we really are and who everybody else really is and what this means.

The guides say you are in accord with everything you see before you. That doesn’t mean that you made it happen. I used to say ‘Well I didn’t make the war in Iraq’, and they said no you didn’t but you’re in accord to it because your consciousness is present with it. It’s part of your world, so if it’s part of your world, your consciousness is informing it.

“There is benefit to a nightmare – you release the things you are frightened of and then convene again with the release in place. The true self who knows who he is, is unafraid, and the alignment to the true self in most ways, requires the individual or culture or species to move through the shadow to reintegrate the truth, that has always been there but been denied. We have said many times, the denial of God, the denial of the Divine, is the only true problem that humanity faces.”

Q.) Is the virus the denial of the divine?

A.) “The virus is a symbol in some ways and a reality in others. How you attend to a symbol will transform your understanding. That also does not mean that you don’t attend to what is real, you don’t see what is there, you don’t heal what can be healed. In other words sing the song of healing for those who require it.”

“Understand that the Divine is the only truth”.

They’ve been saying for some time and its challenging for me because the words come out of my mouth and I’m not the guides and I want to contest and fight them and disagree with them all the time, but they’ve been saying for some time that the denial of the divine is the only real problem we face, and that what you put in darkness calls you to the darkness. And fear in all ways, is the denial of the divine. The action of fear is to claim more fear.

They’ve also said that one of the great fears that we all have and the only one that we’re really attending to in many ways is the fear of death. And who are we, or what are we, if we’re not what we think.

“The true self that you are is unafraid. If you align to the true self that you are, lift to what we call the upper room, which is a higher vibrational state, where fear does not express, you attend to what is before you, you are not ignoring pain, you are not pretending to be in bliss, you are factually who you are, but operating in a higher way. From the higher perspective you sit at, you may lift who you encounter, and what you encounter, to the upper room, where indeed it may be made new.

Now this is applicable in any situation. The truth of who you are, which is the divine self, sees and perceives the divine in all that he encounters. To render something outside of God, this cannot be of God, is to put it in darkness. What you put in darkness, calls you to that level of vibration. That is vibrational accord. To lift something to the upper-room is to re-see it as of God, or to re-know the self as with it at that level.”

Q.) I just want to know how do we not get stuck?

A.) “The answer is very simple. Know who you are. The aspect of you that is stuck, is the aspect that wants certainty. That wants the solution that he wants. That wants the outcome that he says it should be. That is not how this works. Uncertainty at this way, is ripe for possibility, and ripe for reunion. If you got everything you wanted all the time, if you decided everything is what it should be, you would sit very patiently, and get everything you think you should have, and not bother with source. Understanding source, the act of the divine, as present in all things, moves you into union, the storm, the shadow, the challenge, may all be seen as of God, and hence re-known.”

You don’t get to cherry-pick what is of God, they say God is all things, God is birth and death and all things, it’s not just the pretty things with the bows on them, it doesn’t work that way. It’s a very different comprehension of reality, but the guides have been talking about the kingdom for years. They say the kingdom is the realization of the divine that is already present. They say you cannot make anything holy, everything already is. They say there is one source in the universe. One note being played. And that one note is an articulation as all things. And remembrance of that is the re-unification of what we see with their inherent source. They say the kingdom is not something you make-so, it’s something you align-to. They say that everything exists in multiple octaves. I guess dimensions, but they say octaves. They say you can sing any song in any key up until infinity – just because your vocal chords can sing it or your ears can’t hear it – doesn’t mean it can’t be sung. And the upper-room, they say, is the level of vibration above the collective-agreement of separation, and there’s an aspect of us that’s already present there which is the true self, which is who or what we’re aligning to in manifestation, in order, they say, to lift the world. You can’t lift the world to the higher from a low octave; it just can’t be done. You lift yourself, and then you lift what you encounter, by nature of co-resonance.

The guides say that realization is about being, it’s less about what one does, and how one figures everything out.

Q.) Where do we begin to get into this higher resonance, particularly at this time?

A.) “Take a moment to decide something, whoever you are, wherever you be, you have a right to be, and to be where you are, wherever you are, wherever you sit, wherever you make peace with this, ‘I have a right to be’ is the perfect spot, to realize yourself.

Now realization is not what you might think, it’s not about changing who you are, it’s about releasing a false idea that you could be anything other than what you truly are, and the true self that you are, will exist beyond the date of birth, beyond the gender, or ethnicity or religion, is the aspect of self that seeks to come into fruition, it is the Divine self.

The God-within as you, who seeks to encounter the world, and lift it to itself. Now the divine-self as you has a name, you may call it whatever you wish, you may call it ‘I Am’, you may call it the ‘indwelling Christ’, or the ‘Monad’, it really matters not. As long as you encounter it, and offer yourself to it, the aspect of self that says yes I’m willing, is the will you have been gifted with. It must be entwined and offered to the higher, for reconciliation to occur.

Now what is reconciliation you ask? Reconciliation quite simply is reunification with your true nature, at the cost of the idea of who you thought you were. It’s really a very simple process if you understand what we are teaching.

The claim that I know who I am in truth, which is spoken by the true self, not the personality-self, but the divine as you, the one who knows who he is, knows who she is, is making an announcement of being, and then manifestation. I know what I am in truth. Manifest word. The word made flesh. The word we suggest is the active expression of the Divine as all things.

I know what I am in truth, matter of source, they cannot be separate. I know how I serve, how you express fully. These simple claims: I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth, I am free, I am free, I am free. Are energetic attunements, that will align the energetic field and support the body in lifting to a higher-octave. It is claimed in truth.

What is true is always true. You are not conjuring. You are not making yourself holy. You are claiming your inherent divinity. Now the claim, I am free, I am free, I am free. Is the true-self speaking its’ truth. The true self as you, who knows who she is, what he is, how he serves, is not bound by false-fear, by all recrimination, by the collective-agreement to fear, or to agree to be fearful.

The claim I am free is what allows you to lift to the next-octave. From ‘this’ place, you may simply claim the truth of the divine self in expression. I’m in the upper-room and from this vibrational field, you may begin to lift the world.”

The guides have said you can’t lift the evil man to the upper-room, you can’t do it because you have made him evil, and when you make somebody evil you align to them at that level of vibration, and that becomes your reality, so you have to re-see the man as of source in order to translate your experience of him.

They’ve said that this is the first time in a very, very long time which I assume means thousands of years, where humanity has been dealing with a collective event, they say even a world-war, is resolved by the participants of the war, and there are countries that are choosing to operate in this way, this is something beyond that, and that the entirety of humanity is having to experience something together for the first time, and that this can be a time of possibility if we allow it to be.

Q.) How do we serve?

A.) “How one serves is how one expresses in fullness. How one attends to what is before him. How one attends to his neighbours needs, his brother’s needs, his sister’s needs, you must understand who you are, you are all aspects of one source, having individuated experience, but you are not separate, the belief in separation is what will be healed through these times.

If you attend to the lessons that come, and the lessons are coming very fast, what you call a virus is not the first nor will it be the last lesson, of the cost of separation. You have opportunity in every lesson to know who you truly are, and to witness the divine in your brother, to care for those who are sick, to feed those who are hungry, to love those who are not loved. You have every opportunity now.

How you attend to these times and one another, will have lasting effect, it will be for you and for the future of humanity to know itself in a higher way”.

Q.) Any last words from the guides particularly about hope at this time?

A.) “Trust yourselves to learn through this. Trust yourselves to care for one another because you have the capacity for this, even if you do not believe, and trust that it will end in perfect timing, in perfect order, when you have said yes to whom you may be, collectively may be, without this informing your reality. Say yes to yourselves please. You are of God, please know this is always so. Anything to say no would have to be a lie.

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19 Mar 2020

Balance in a Storm: A Channeled Lecture from March 19, 2020

You are not fearful until you agree to fear. Lift to the upper-room from a neutral perspective. Time to claim anew & see world through new eyes. Great opportunity for man to realize itself outside of separation.

Source: https://youtu.be/GqUMeh2dtcw
Website: https://paulselig.com/

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