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Rather than looking for work, I’m biting the bullet and creating an online business. I’m looking for accountability partners and others who want to check-in once a week who are doing similar whilst travelling in their van.

Reconsidering the life of a debt-slave and getting back into the online world to live the life of travel and “take my income with me”.. been working on my new site for 2 days.

Hard to get back into it after so long being disconnected from that world, I’ve enjoyed re-connecting to myself and focusing on other things besides income… but I’m determined to make it match my values & ethics and do it for other “Soul-preneurs” so that it can be something I look forward to – make a difference – provide real value.. help other lives.. instead of being something I dread/stress-over.

Right now I’m still in the “resisting” stage, but hopefully can flow-through to the “passion-excitement” stage when I release these blocks that I have built.. because the alternative (until I pay off my van & past-debts at least) is to keep being a wage-slave and clock-watcher.. having an online business done correctly and from the heart… removes those two variables.. and so if anyone is working on similar with similar values.. and want to partner up for weekly accountability motivation.. let me know :)

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