How To Recognize And Neutralize Implants

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How To Recognize And Neutralize Implants

Louisa discussed her first hand experience with being attacked with physical and etheric implants by extraterrestrials and her journey in neutralizing and even dissolving them.

“Feeling our feelings is an ESSENTIAL part of soul purification, and cannot be bypassed without severe negative repercussions. I know, as this is exactly what happened to me when I experienced a destabilised kundalini awakening three and a half years ago. I was ripped open and hurtled into the mouth of inter-dimensional non-benevolent beings that did not have my best interests at heart. It has been quite a dramatic journey of putting back the pieced ever since, and I am determined to assist others by encouraging authentic, from the base chakra up, grounded, safe awakenings.”

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“People with implants can be implanted with thoughts that are not their own, addictions, sexual perversions, and self destructive behaviors. People have been mind controlled through implants and sent low vibrational energies. Energy vampirism occurs with implants as well as psychotic tendencies which in extreme cases can be diagnosed as schizophrenia. Some implants can move underneath the skin and a crawling sensation is felt. It is estimated that most all humans on the planet suffer from one form of implant or another.”

“The shadow is anything we feel ashamed about, or it can also be seen as our repressed inner child that demands being heard during certain emotional trigger points. The shadow emerges its dark head when we are challenged and it usually causes havoc within our relationships. This darkness if left to take us over will consume every fibre of our being in its tantrum. It demands, and it will blame, scream, cry, manipulate, and generally act in a way that we would severely judge in others. It is always easy to see the shadow in others of course, and once on the path from unconsciousness to consciousness it can be easy to fall into the spiritual ego trap of “I am more evolved, or more spiritual than you” way of thinking. The Ego, that which will either make us smaller or bigger than others, works hand in hand with our shadow.”

“We give everyone else power over us by believing his or her judgments or their rejection of us. A massive inner conflict is created as we want to be authentic and truthful, but we don’t want to disappoint anyone else.”

“When we live in fear of shining who we are, we hide, make ourselves invisible, and we never ever dare challenge ourselves.”

“We will attract relationships into our lives to learn our major soul lessons. For instance, if you have no boundaries, you’ll attract parasitic people into your life, until enough becomes enough and you learn to say no. Once your no gets really strong it will be impossible for parasitic people to parasite off you. You simply won’t attract these types of people into your life.”

“Authentic Self-Realisation is not easy, and it will not take you to premature bliss, or any fake New Age love and light. It will drag you through the darkest of shadow wounding that needs to be healed for you to be authentically and truly free. It is the hardest work you’ll ever do, but the most rewarding too. What can be better than to master yourself in this lifetime?”

1. Clear the fear
2. Embrace shadow wounds
3. Keep the faith
4. Trust Yourself
5. Meditate
6. Take full Responsibility for your actions and reactions to life
(Implants and negative ET’s thrive off 3D victim consciousness.)
7. Clearing the trauma
8. LOVE yourself unconditionally
9. Watch your thoughts by cultivating presence
10. Forgiveness Work
11. Connect with your heart
12. Feel your feelings
13. Express your truth
14. Detoxing candida/parasites from the body, diet and fasting
15. Spend a lot of time in nature alone (barefoot on earth preferable)
16. Make time to play and laugh
17. De-clutter your environment
18. Build Self Esteem
19. Get an energy clearing/healing
20. Speak out loud to your god/goddess self from a place of power and authority
21. Be aware of false light and false light beings
22. Strengthen your boundaries
23. Cultivate kindness and give back by helping others when we can
24. Detox from TV, computers, media
25. Do yoga, chi gong, dance, run or just do something active you love
26. Instead of finding problems focus on solutions.
27. Confront ALL of life
28. Receive regular massage or body work if you can
29. Read the signs of the universe/life
30. Heal the inner child and inner teenager and cleanse out the DNA
31. Face addictions
32. Ending contracts

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