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So my thoughts are drifting again. Back to embracing or at least entertaining the idea of embracing multi-dimensionality again.

The noticeable difference between general IChing/Tarot is when they seemed to be moved by unknown forces and what that is. The lightness I felt when helping someone and talking about how much it helped me. The remembrance of it translating the Tarot – that was a joyful, miraculous evening.

The difference in believing in the beauty and miracle of life as the horrors of the lower dimensions and thoughts. That truly there is a different worldy experience for all – different dimensions of the same reality. And it does feel as though I have quantum jumped into different dimensions or realities multiple times. But I’ve liked the stability and calmness I’ve learned in this current one. Finally letting go of a lot of unresolved negative energy that I was carrying around.

The words from the Ouija just came to mind and I feel the truth – even if I don’t yet understand. The fact that they said I chose this path of darkness to save a life of another and that my heart is still in here somewhere. (01) 

I do wish to know the truth – whatever it is. Maybe I know the truth but don’t yet agree with it?

A thought just came…  
I experienced the new earth / 6D love, 4D unity etc – whatever metaphor you want to use to explain that experience that many of us are having all across the world. And I wanted to come back and help others experience it, but in order to do that, I had to re-enter the lower dimensions to really understand were they were at in order to find a way out for them. But from where I’m at – that sounds egotistical and fantasy-like. An ‘excuse’ for my behaviour and not being able to raise my vibe at will.

I completely turned my back on all the ‘woo-woo’ experiences I was having because I started to 2nd-guess it all, question it all, it all sounded so crazy and I wondered if I was truly going insane and wanted to get stable and sane. Ever the truth-seeker. Never wanting to lead others down the ‘wrong’ path. And the ego in me – always wanting to be ‘right’.

I also wonder whether by choosing to stay behind to help others, whether I missed some important time deadline to do it (my fears manifesting probably but it felt so urgent at one stage a few years ago – until the urgentness passed – like it was really urgent to help everyone, and then suddenly it wasn’t). Did we succeed in creating the new timeline, or did we fail, or was it nothing at all except some inner feeling that was creating this “urgentness” to wake people up, to help them). But then that was the same time shortly afterwards that I fell down hard. Maybe I chose “wrongly” when I chose to turn off guidance. It’s like my whole life has been a blur/psychosis. Ever trying to figure out why I don’t see the world through the same eyes as others, and not just ‘mainstream vs weird’ or individual experiences, but why I really see the world as different than everyone else.

I’ve found a few people who have experienced some of the wonders that I have: 

  • the miraculous spontaneous healing
  • oneness
  • unconditional love
  • hell
  • seeing the corruption / controllers / conspiracy
  • urge to clean diet and life and heal
  • urge to heal the planet
  • urge to help others
  • communicating with that which we don’t know
  • syncronicities 

But where am I, what am I going through now, what next, did I stumble and fall or choose this on purpose?

Why don’t I get downloads/knowings anymore?

I care so little about what happens now. I thought it was just learning to accept what I cannot change, giving everyone free will to choose to live however they want, removal of judgement, getting out of “ego-mode”. But what if I’ve chosen incorrectly? What if there is a better way? What if there is a ‘right’ path?

Or is it totally us experiencing whatever we want to experience for wherever we’re at and whatever we’re here to learn?

Did I choose this to understand lower-dimensional humans? To help them pick a better timeline? Did I choose this at all? Or did my wrong-choices lead me here?

Is everyone in your circle, part of your soul group/family? All helping each other in some way? Is any of this decided/directed/guided by our own oversoul or out of site soul-family/allies?

Is there even such a thing?

And how do we ever know, how can we validate? And do we even need to? Or is the point “just live”.

How do I help anyone until I get clarity myself?

Is it all true? Every reality we choose is another version of truth? And we navigate them all? 

I feel like I can’t speak-up to help anyone because I don’t know what’s true myself. I wish the Ouija would work for me or that I would get some direct-knowings again.

Some part of me feels like when I went “sovereign” for my own sanity, that I interrupted all of my lives.  But somehow I have to believe that I can turn it back on again – with discernment.

And I think about that religious exorcism, how they wanted to turn off “guides and helpers” and I really didn’t agree with that – that sounded extremely fear-based.

But when I did my crystal pendulum healing, how beneficial it was to release so much – although I doubt the pendulum had anything to do with it – more a intention/command – taking the time to actually address that which I wanted to clear within my own being.

This world is awesomely confusing. I know not to share this with people, but I seek to validate my truth. I don’t want to make others crazy and I can only advice based on the experiences I have had, which are kinda crazy.

How do I help anyone until I get clarity myself?

#50 Cosmic Order > #58 Joy

  • Clean the cauldron, start fresh.
  • Make it easy for people to get hold of you.
  • Stay open to receive guidance.
  • Don’t be self-righteous. Stay humble.

Are all realities true? Is every reality we choose, the way we manipulate this experience?

#15 Modesty

  • Have clear conscious about doing the right thing.
  • Evaluate yourself so that you don’t discriminate, humiliate, or offend others.
  • Slow-down to connect with humility.

Can I get direct knowings again? 

[Oracle-card-pull] “Listen to your Intuition”

#58 Joy > #54 Maiden

  • When you’re enjoying yourself, your guard is down.
  • Dangerous forces may be lurking. A little security is advisable.
  • Discerning wisdom knows from the head, heart and gut when something is ‘off’.
  • Be firmly grounded in yourself so you cannot be taken advantage of.

Is there a better way? A ‘right’ path?

#1 Creative forces > #11 Peace

  • Let your intuition guide you. If it feels right, it is.
  • You are in sync with universal forces. Allow yourself the time and space to absorb and honour what is happening for you.
  • Be gracious in sharing with others.
  • Don’t let your aspirations exceed what is realistically possible – stay humble and balanced.

Am I likely to make progress in my Purpose this month?

#59 Dissolving > #35 Progress

  • Find where you belong. Don’t follow the crowd. Dare to be different
  • Work hard to make a unique contribution. 
  • You are the one to bring about the recovery.
  • Your solution is just what is needed. Listen to the simple song in your heart.
  • You have abundance coming to you. Hidden talents are plentiful.
  • Respond intuitively to situations.
  • Believe your counsel is clear & strong, be assertive in making decisions.

Is it my Purpose to authentically share my own journey to a better life?

#61 Inner Truth > #14 Great Possession / Abundance in riches via Humility and Sensitivity

  • Be yourself.
  • Be generous in spirit; its your most appealing quality. 
  • Let others know you care and feel for them.
  • It is in true empathy that you will learn about life.
  • 3.) If you become too dependant, they may become your enemy. People need to feel your strength. You will have to develop the strength of character you had given up previously, and it will take some time to get on your feet.
  • 4.) Be ever-mindful of your human potential and realize that now, more than ever, you must continue the progress you began so long ago. Allow nothing to pull you down.
  • 5.) There is a general truth, a kind of positive vibration, which you symbolize. This quality is rare and appreciated by most people. Leadership based on confidence and determination.

Uplift Humanity Site > Shop/Meetups

#4 Youthful folly > #50 Cosmic Order

  • In pursuing illusions, you may miss the simple and beautiful gifts life has placed before you. Your major task is to build an appropriate and practical vision of your life.

Uplift Humanity Site/Group

#17 Following > #54 Maiden

  • Beware of being a hypocrite.
  • Make your values happen.
  • Successfully live your beliefs.
  • Try to bring out the best in everybody.
  • Believe in the good in each heart.

Soulpreneurs – having my own business, websites and sm kits. What is the outcome?

#1 Creative force > #61 Inner Truth

  • Be sincere and you won’t make mistakes. Correct conduct.
  • Your fear of failure is undermining.
  • Let your intuition guide you.
  • If it feels right, do it. 
  • Leap of faith.

What is the outcome for my peace of mind?

#34 Great power

  • Align intentions to succeed with the certainty that you will.
  • Avoid extremes.
  • Don’t compromise your integrity.
  • Opportunity. Big & Strong.

I think I really need to purify my diet to get “insights” again. 

The new earth is here, when we co-create sustainable living and cultivate a fellowship with earth and its inhabitants. That life is about levelling-up from wherever you’re at, ascending, doing better, creating better.

So is life never-ending shadow work?

I want to feel love/passion for humanity and the earth again and that I don’t really know what’s blocking that except myself.

Either subconsciously or somewhat consciously I’ve got a wall around my heart to protect myself from being hurt. But now that I can notice the red flags and know my boundaries that I don’t feel that I need to have the wall, but perhaps there is something else I haven’t dealt with yet, that it’s necessary or maybe its not and I am safe to open my heart again. I really don’t know.

I’m afraid to share my mission for fear of looking like a loony, even though I feel ‘right’. So what is this fear – is it ego-related?

Or is it that I don’t believe I can do anything, or is it that the IChing has kept me so ‘low’. Is it good to be low? Why do I care about reputation/social identity. Why do we care about that? Is it that important?

The IChing would protect one’s honour, integrity and reputation and choose the path of harmony, never ‘rocking the boat’.

But I’ve already damaged my identity through my awakening. I’ve already humiliated my avatar by this messiah/martyr insights.

But I don’t stand behind my words because I lost trust in what I was getting.

Pointed the finger at myself for everything and treated myself as ‘wrong’ and without certainty.. I can’t “back my own horse/words”.

Did I succeed in cutting all things off when I went sovereign – did that magic actually cut me off… is that even possible?




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