Ouija Board Reading – May 2017 (Q. Why don’t I feel anything?)

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I’d like to know how to open my heart and feel love for everyone/myself again xo Right now I feel like my heart went on vacation and I no longer “feel”... I guess I just want to know if it will ever return or whether I need to get used to this new normal of not feeling anything?

The ability to speak directly to you would again benefit the group greatly. Interaction is a human tool done with words that invoke feelings and move the process in a positive direction.

We’re intrigued by the vibration of the name you have chosen to introduce your question (Journey to a Better Life) – you already understand that this is a journey.

All roads chosen are chosen for a purpose, vibration never lies, only do you lie to yourself – not with malicious intent, but rather so you may explore the darkness for a while.

You know who you are and you know love and unreserved joy and at a time of your choosing, will rise again to this level. It will be then, that the purpose of your self-imposed exile will be known. It will be the time that experience will blossom and you on this doldrum will be the angel someone will need so desperately and you will save a life whether you know it or not.

Embrace this time but let it go when the time comes – amazing journey.

See the Full Video (Around the 27min mark is my question):

Other messages from Ouija Board video:

  • Nothing is as powerful as speaking your intentions to source. Speak directly.
  • S.E.A. – Suspend Expectations Always
  • God, Goddess, Universe, Spirit, all our Guides, and all relations, and all those beings that have our best interest at heart, we welcome you here today as we seek universal truth, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and guidance. We also seek the friendship of those who have our best interests at heart; who love us so unconditionally and those who care so much about us. We are surrounded in white light, we are surrounded in the protective light of love, of joy, of gratitude, of abundance and we bring this energy into the session. Everybody that’s watching this, whether it’s now, later, or in the future, you are still protected and held from this light of this session, of the guides of the spirits that come through. And we always say thank you in advance because we so appreciate the guidance, our friendship, and how we work together, and especially this communication today as we seek the messages for the questions that were asked, and for that we say thankyou again, thankyou.
  • All questions are unique as well as universal. Those asked with purpose and those asked with the idea that we might be proven. To be less than, we are often believed to be (oh?). Questions will serve a purpose. Be like a boat adrift on the ocean and Suspend Expectations Always. S.E.A.
  • We want you to S.E.A. at least for now. You are all correct. You control that which you believe now. To answer that more personally, you may speak with source any way that works for you. The message “always in the lap of source”; speak directly. Speak to Mary, speak to Jesus, but speak. For nothing is quite as powerful as speaking your intentions to source. 
  • Are there universal laws? i.e. Law of Attraction? Answer: Built directly into the soul of a person, some will say they are within your DNA (some people are saying within your soul, some are saying within your dna – science or religion). Source has put many parts of himself. Humanity is not inherently evil. This is learned. Love is universal, not taught. Every society since the start of humanity has a version of your golden rule (law of attraction). This is universal. To speak your intentions into reality – this is universal. To create is a direct reflection of source – and this is universal. We will stop there, however that thing that love founded, are usually universal.
  • Step into your purpose fearlessly. 
  • Do you believe in unicorns? Gargoyles? Does the tooth fairy really exist? Yes to all. There are no myths or fantastical creatures like mermaids. These are all real angels – those who can travel great distances to visit your world and those that can step into your world as easily as turning the pages of a book. S.E.A. S.E.A. Suspend Expectations Always.
  • We ask first why you even believe you have past lives and so believing do you now believe about your most recent incarnation? We do not deal with past-life regression. This does not exist for us. All of your lives are happening now. With difference to time or place or sex or gender, we need more feedback from you to pinpoint that which what you desire. (All your lives are happening simultaneously – it has nothing to do with time). 
  • This is your world and as long as you believe this to be true, you will always reach your goals. However, surrender your world to prophets and guru’s and that goal will slip away. You are in control of your world – stay in charge.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2flsxZojVUA

Published on 12 May 2017
Karen A. Dahlman, host of Creative Visions TV, channels The Guides with her Board Partner, Rodney. In this video The Guides come through and answer subscribers’ questions that were submitted. In this video they teach an empowering acronym you can use, how to speak to Source and what to call it, what is the darkness you may find yourself within, working with universal laws, reading the signs and hearing the messages, past lives and much more…

They are a collective of ethereal, light beings of Source Energy who have never been incarnated in a physical, human form. They come forward to share inspiration and teachings from Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge of the Ages for practical applications within today’s world.

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