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What human society is manipulated to do through human fear, through low vibration emotion of anxiety and hatred, is to withhold the span of frequency that humans are interacting with possibility within the frequency band of the matrix.

And if you’re “IN” there, you are in this world, and you are also OF it.

You’ve got no other point of reference, no other point of attention to actually observe the world that you’re experiencing. You’ve only got what you think you can see. And thus, this is what the matrix is all about.

It’s about isolating our point of attention, in what I call body-consciousness and label-consciousness, and then once isolated from the inside, an inspiration of expanded awareness, you take that isolated point of attention and you programme it from cradle to grave with the perception of reality, the perception of the world, the perception of world-events, and the perception of self that suits your agenda of mass control.

Almost the entirety of humanity, lives its’ life from what I call the postage stamp consensus. This is a tiny, tiny range of possibility. A tiny range of “how things are”, that most people live there lives. Why? Because they come into the world, and it’s a perpetual motion machine, or what I call, the “perceptual motion machine”. You come into the world, immediately your parents who have been through this programming system, start to download that perception to you. Not out of malevolence, but they think this is how things are, so they pass them onto you.

Very soon now, what 3-4 years maximum, you’re at a desk. You’ve got an authority figure representing the postage stamp consensus version of reality. Now this authority figure is telling you when you have to be there, when you have to leave, when you can eat, when you can’t, when you can speak and go to the toilet. And all the way through your formitive years, you are downloading the ‘perception of reality’, that I call the postage stamp.

You then go out at the end of this, having got into enormous debt from paying for your own programming at college & university, then you go out into the world and you go into politics, you go into banking, you go into science, you go into academia, you go into journalism, and you all take with you that “core programming of reality”, the postage stamp consesus, and then all these institutions confirm to each other that the postage stamp is real, the postage stamp is credible, and anyone who steps off the postage stamp is ridiculed and condemned, in a way that is very much akin to prisoners in a cell, and one prisoner tries to escape, and the prisoners stop them getting out.

People then 24/7 of getting their information from mainstream sources, and it’s all from the postage stamp. So from cradle to grave, not only are we in this fake reality, we’re decoding thinking it’s real, but we are being programmed day after day after day from womb to cemetry, to believe in a reality that is about an inch big, and that anyone who is outside of that is mad or bad.

So in the end, the solution is not physical, it’s perception.

What we’re doing is interacting with this reality, this quantum level of reality, where all possibility and probability is waiting to be made manifest, and we are taking from that, quantum possibility-probability – a frequency band of quantum possibility-probability and that relates to our sense of perception, because if you think that you are ‘little-me’, then the frequency you are operating on, and the scale of that frequency is absolutely tiny. But when you re-self-identify and say actually I’m all there is, has been, and will ever can be, having this experience, then you start to operate, not only on a much higher frequency, but a much more expanded level of frequency.

So now you’re interacting with this quantum level of possibility-probability in a much more expansive way, and you’re no longer operating within the frequency band, because that’s what it is, of this matrix. You might still be perceiving it, but you’re not being “deceived” by it, because you’re no longer controlled by its perceptions, because you’re somewhere else now, and instead of when you are in phantom-self ‘little-me’ mode, you’re standing next to something and it’s sort of fuzzy and out-of-focus and a reddish-colour, you’re trying to work it out, you start to step-back as you expand your awareness. Suddenly you’re seeing actually it’s a brick, and actually the brick’s part of the wall, and the wall is part of a house, and part of a street and suddenly as you expand your awareness, by expanding your sense of self, it’s how it’s done – who is the “I”? You’re now at the top of the hill and you can see the panorama, you can see the forest symbollically where before you could only see the twigs. You’re taking the headset off. You’re taking the gloves off, the earphones off, and you’re seeing what is there to be seen, beyond the matrix, which is a frequency band.

But everything we have ever believed, everything we’ve ever thought, everything we think we’ve ever perceived, has been an illusion, a fake, a computer game to enslave our perception and sense of self. Therefore it’s not a surprise that we live in a madhouse, this world is insane. The world is an inversion – everywhere you look – an inversion of what we have been manipulated to do. They’ve been manipulated to believe that complete insanity is sane, and the people who are sane, are insane. It’s an inversion on purpose, that’s systematic, and it must be righted if we’re going to change this.

Because you do not change the road you’re walking down, by continuing to walk down it. You change by changing direction – even more than that – you change by changing perception, and then everything changes.

We can only be manipulated by operating within the frequency band that they manipulate. We look at this world and we see it as physical but the real deal is going on at deeper levels. What we’re looking at as we look at this world is a movie screen – you don’t change a movie screen – it’s a done-deal, you can’t scream at the screen and tell it to change – it’s already happened. We have to change where it’s coming from. That’s where changing our frequency changes everything because we change where we’re coming from. If we collectively could change our perception, we’ll change the reality of which this is just a reflection.

The way to change hijacked-perception, which is creating this hijacked-reality, is to change our perception so that it’s no longer hijacked. It’s difficult sometimes to get this across but we have to change perception to change the movie. And when we change perception, its changing our frequency, it’s changing how we vibrate, its changing what we’re interacting with, and you can literally change perception and dismantle this.

What the world is at the moment is a collective creation of collective human perception. It’s just a feedback loop. Perception leads to experience. Perception-experience. If we change this bit – the perception – the experience changes.

They don’t work so hard to keep us in a low-vibrational state, they don’t work so hard to hijack our perception of self, because it’s a laugh and a bit of fun, they do it because without they can’t control us.

We should not think of ourselves as being human-beings in a physical body being controlled – that’s not who we are – that’s just a rejection that we decode. We are infinite awareness capable of changing anything. And this is where the answers lie. This is where the answers lie. If we try to change the world “in” this world – I mean, they’re laughing at us. Because they know it will never change.

You can’t solve problems from the same level of awareness that created them – Einstein

But that’s what we’re doing and we’re doing it at a much deeper level and if we can re-self-identify our sense of who we are, from little-me, phantom-me, to infinite-me, the transformation in the collective-reality that that will create will change everything. I know it sounds trite and I know it sounds simplistic. It will change everything – because what we would like to change is a manifestation of the collective perceptual state of humanity. And if we can’t change that, this will continue.

The perceptual transformation that has to take place is when Ethel changes her perception from thinking she’s “Ethel on the checkout”, to ‘infinite awareness having an experience called “Ethel on the checkout”‘.

Paraphrased from David Icke’s segments in the Deep Space episode on Gaia called “Breaking Free of the Matrix

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