Each has their own ‘version’ of what they think is right

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A question was asked on Facebook “some people have hurt me many times in many ways. now whenever I see them in real life i have to show them respect or else they say that I’ve no manners plus they will harm me in different ways. I also think that if i don’t show them respect i might misbehave with other good people too. now what should i do? should i ignore them for my peace of my mind and accept the consequences? or should i act like nothing has happened and keep a worrisome and agitated mind forever? please help me everyone.

What this brought up for me was what I learnt about myself in a similar situation:

I had to learn to be humble, be graceful (instead of speaking in angst), be the example of what you believe is right, still live your truth but realize that each has their own ‘version’ of what they think is right…your view is just your view, their view is just their view, neither has the right to ‘force’ their view as the right view.

For me it’s a balance – be yourself but don’t force ‘your’ way – don’t ‘expect’ anyone else to be navigating the same level of the game you are stuck on / learning from, because we’re each on a different level, same game – same movie-scene, but different “collection of experiences til now”.

We’re each experiencing what we came to experience or “we’re at where we’re at” and noone can change us – so we need to accept that others are the same.. that you can’t change them either.. especially with any kind of hostility.

What works for me, is .. to kind of sacrifice my “need to be right out in public” but still live true to who I am, speak my truth, but do it on a level of understanding that we’re each equals in this game, just experiencing a different lesson/level.. and all are levelling-up.

Some people may not be living true to their hearts, but it’s usually because it’s been broken to them at some stage, so I can look at them with compassion…if they are angry/depressed/mean – its because their ‘collection of thoughts/beliefs’ experiences so far have been dark and they have been through the levels experiencing a ‘lack of love, a lack of kindness, that everyone is out to hurt them, noone to trust’, etc.. their ‘collection of experiences’ so far .. is experiencing a lower dimension/vibration and they don’t see what they are experiencing as anything but the truth for them – because it ‘is’ their truth at this time.. and I don’t need them to be anything other than who they are.

If I am ‘triggered’ around them, if I give them the ability to ‘harm’ me, then I know that it’s ‘my trigger’ to work on, my ‘level’ that I’m at.. something that I’m learning about myself – about my ‘old programming, my old self, my childhood, my ‘something’ that I’m levelling-up from’…’my weakness/vulnerabilities showing up, my inner-strength emerging’.. that somewhere in this is a mismatch to my own alignment – that this is an opportunity for me to ‘level-up’ and become more in alignment and balance.

I got peace from accepting … that not everyone has the same level of integrity, and that the only way that I navigate life being ok with that – is .. to be true to who I am, realize I’m ever the student – expanding, levelling-up, to understand what level they’re on – that I’ve been through that experience or ‘collection of negative-thoughts’ they are currently going through and know how hard it is to ‘lift out of it’… and some don’t even know they can – it’s just.. where they are at right now, and so I just hold space for others… I don’t ‘need’ them to change for me to be happy, I don’t need to sacrifice ‘who I am’ or my own level of integrity or my own .. ‘alignment to my soul’ … I just work on myself – whatever I’m learning about this ‘coming together with others who have experienced life differently’. What in myself can I learn from this encounter. I’m ever the student. And if I’m able to ‘be in alignment to who I am’, I may also be able to help them navigate their experience, if that’s how it plays out. Not through force, but by being who I am.. by living true to my own level of integrity, and by ‘working on my own triggers’.

But if they are actually ‘harming’ you… not just because of an old trigger where you are making it bigger than what it is (we do that – we each are experienced in what we are experienced in, and have taken on beliefs that something is ‘very wrong’ and then ‘live in a way where we see that ‘wrongness’ occur and have a physical reaction that is not very fair considering we’re all students here)… but we each have a ‘collection of beliefs’ that may be a complete mismatch to others because of our unique and diverse experiences thus far.. but do not allow others to harm you.. realize where each of you is at, and navigate it from there – sometimes you have to let them go to stay true to your own level of integrity or your own peace of mind, sometimes you have to adjust to harmonize because you are working with them or related to them or married to them or whatever but you can harmonize by understanding them – so you kinda speak your truth on a ‘baby level’ so that you understand their level of pain that they are experiencing..

…but when “YOU” are triggered, its usually your own ego.. we learn from each ‘collection of thoughts/viewpoints/beliefs’.. everyone is different, every moment is new, and we are bumping into each other’s ‘collections’ and learning, sharing, improving ourselves… keep the peace by staying within your own level of integrity, and don’t allow others to force you out of your own level of integrity – trust their soul and trust your own soul.. because if you don’t accept things for the way they are, you live in a ‘resistance’ energy, which is kind of inner-turmoil/despair that is reflected out of you and picked up on others who… vibrate/resonate at the same ‘negative/lower’ energy.. and it’s not pleasant lol.. not at all pleasant or peaceful.. find your self, do your own inner-work to find your own inner-peace and alignment, trust wherever they are at and hold space for their potential – that they are navigating their own levels from their own perceptions and experiences, and realize your own self-worth, that wherever you’re at, keep improving – don’t deny your own potential.

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