[QA] Is religion just a way to discipline / enslave / control us ?

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[QA] Is religion just a way to discipline / enslave / control us ?

Someone asked on Facebook.. paraphrased by me / based on the responses (which were all “no religion is just a way to brainwash us, etc):

Is religion just a way to discipline / enslave / control us ?

There is wisdom in everything.. take what resonates with your soul, discern good advice from the nowness/current of “where you’re at”… we’re all teachers and all students simultaneously helping each other. Wisdom can be found everywhere.

Discard outdated fear-based information, and try on the goodness that is in all things, the wisdom that is all around us that helps us ‘level up’ from wherever we’re at and help others.

I don’t know if we can ‘see the whole picture’ from where we’re at. I believe that either we are ‘existence experiencing & simultaneously creating existence’ or that there is a source behind it.. (open to learn more as more is revealed).

I see wisdom in all religions – in all beings actually.. in all writings, in all conversations.. in all that is… I see how I’m ever defining my own version of reality based on wisdom that resonates with my soul… yet no ‘one’ religion is the source for my thirst for knowledge & truth.

I see how each of them have things that can help people level-up from wherever they are at.. and that we truly don’t know from our perspective… only that we somehow know there is far more to know – that really, the only thing we know is that we’re inside an experience that is vastly limited to the expansiveness of that ‘ever-more’.. that we don’t know because we are in ‘this experience’ right now, this aspect.. one slice of the ‘infinite’ possibilities that is… ‘more than this’.

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