This morning I awoke from a WEIRD dream. Creation was me.

This morning I awoke from a WEIRD dream. Creation was me.

This morning I awoke from a dream.

Creation was me.

Weird dream.

I was realizing that my body didn’t have to be sore from working yesterday, that ‘we sleep’ to restore. But that we don’t actually ‘need’ to restore, we ‘believe’ we need to restore, so we sleep to restore.

All the thoughts that we think, swim around, and ‘create’ a creation to work from / to experience.. it’s a thought.

We can .. we do… we are reprogramming ourselves, and we’re doing it incrementally because it’s more believable.

We could just .. step into a new reality… the only thing preventing this from happening, is our belief.

What else was in that weird dream?

There was a little ‘wise’ and kinda nasty kid.. like a 4yo or 5yo kid that was special but needed guidance.
There was a Chinese or Asian guy, and there was a beautiful mother of this child.

Maria, from work – we were sitting together, and she was telling me.. you should stay here (as in.. wherever the heck we were) and be with that boy, and that the asian guy was there because that was his best-friend’s child. And I remember I cried because.. I felt the compassion that he was there for his best friend’s sake… (as in.. ‘something had happened to his best friend where he was obviously dead’)

Aside from that weird sidenote lol..

I realized that I had created everything. If my neighbours are fighting, I was creating it.
How… I kinda.. realized that we’re ‘creating’ it all. I don’t know.

Maybe it’s metaphoric from the blog post I wrote last night before bed, maybe my braindump didn’t work and my subconscious did something with all that information, so if that was the case, then ‘every choice we make, creates the world we live in, and therefore the neighbours fighting is the result of the world I created’. (no, my neighbours weren’t fighting, this was just a metaphor in the dream I guess, of all that I create in my world, in our world, that is created because of choices we make/dont make)

I also remember being able to restore myself though overnight. That it’s up to us “what we create” when we wake up each day. Is it a blank slate? Probably possible, but most likely we are creating the world we experience because of the rubbish we have already put in there, and so when we ‘wake up’, we are creating our rubbish.

I guess if we want a better life, and restore our body, grow younger and more vital and live a more harmonious and beautiful life, we need a ‘clean out’ of the debris and experiences that make us older and sadder.

I saw how monks were able to ‘stay the same young age’ because they didn’t ‘take on the belief’ that we get younger.
I saw relevancy in how “young” & “healthy” I got when I was juicing and taking care of myself – and from being ‘not really interacting with society’ for years.. so I didn’t have a ‘belief’ in ‘how I was supposed to look at this age’. So I was looking younger – until… I got self-conscience about my age, and within a year.. I started looking a decade older. Not just with the thought of my age, but by also bringing in stress, and depression and darkness into my world.. bad food choices, no exercise, no positivity, etc….

In the dream, I was also ‘contemplating’ quantum parallel worlds. That each thought is my .. creation.. that everything I’m thinking is created on some level and the one that I experience, is the ‘one that I believe I created’.

I sat up in bed, and felt where my arms had scrapes from work, and I kinda knew that I could’ve restored it. That I could’ve … but for some reason.. I knew.. that I had ‘beliefs in me’ that ‘didn’t believe I could’ and only with that belief could I “not” restore my own small ailment on my arm.

I do believe we can heal anything. If we accept we created it. And that we’re doing it. We’re creating it.

Imagine if you are creating it all.

Your birth til now.

That you can take all the experience and wisdom you have gained, and just ‘create’ a new creation to experience.
Maybe that’s what they mean by timelines. Parallel timelines. Quantum jumping.

Or maybe that’s how creation works.

It is ‘created’ upon the ‘thoughts’ that you ‘believe’.

Why we feel like we can’t just ‘jump’ into a better world. We keep thinking it’s ‘outside of ourselves’, and we have all these ‘experiences’ that we’ve created where we’ve created ourselves to be weak, vulnerable, and that the world is dangerous and whatever else we have inside that is not supporting a ‘better world’ for us to create.

We can make ‘incremental’ changes because that’s the only thing we can manage, with all this ‘debris’ and ‘powerlessness’ stuff within our consciousness… that we ‘take to bed each night’ and ‘put on again in the morning’… .that this ‘reset’ time period.. is like a clean slate, but … we have put in a belief that we ‘don’t believe it’.

My mind also went into how I “created Trump” to be president… and how he did. He is a ‘powerful creator’… and we ‘make him a powerful creator’. It’s weird. Even though I don’t like him – he does tend to ‘get his way’.

My thoughts went to hypnosis, affirmations, and prayer.

(That I can’t be hypnotized.. but if I could.. I could ‘create a new world’ for myself)

That I somehow chose this life.

Anyway.. now I have to go to work.. cos I created that lol… so I will ponder over this weird dream tomorrow I Hope!

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