February 2015 Meals [Food Diary]

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Accountability Food Diary


Score average: 33 per day (goal: 30 per day)

For Immune-Boosting Anti-Inflammatory foods and supplements, I aim for a score of +30 per day.. in Feb my scores were:

Total 41 36 31 42 49 40 21 14 37 29 39 35 37 38 18 28 34 38 46 47 43 47 34 33 7 10 39 37 

February is Summer here so it’s pretty easy to score high – more fresh juices, more green smoothies, more water, more sun, more salads, etc. I really need to move to warmer weather where this can be daily-reality for me!

Feb Meal Pics:

Feb Main Meals:

Green Smoothies
Bacon & Egg Muffin
Avocado Sushi
Chicken & Mushroom
Mash & Veggies
Fresh Juices
Egg Tacos
Scrambled Eggs
Frozen Bananas & Berries
Roast Chicken & Veg
Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli
Veg Soup
Quinoa Mini Quiches
McD Wrap
Ham & Cheese Wrap
Veggie Curry Puffs
Chicken Wrap, Chips, Chicken Wings
Rocky Road Slice
Fruit Salad
Lamb Chop, Veg & Salad
Fruit & Nut Bars
Curry Chicken & Noodle
Green Curry Chicken & Salad
Malaysian Stiry Fry
Chicken Satay Stick
Thai Green Curry
Lamb Chop & Pasta
Turkey & Bacon, Mashed Cauli & Veg
Green Curry Chicken & Rice
Banana, Dates
Sweet Potato Korma & Rice
Artichoke Hearts



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