Pro’s & Con’s of moving to Ballarat, Victoria…ramble

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Whinging and Pondering moving to Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
1.) Weather is shit
2.) Paid Parking everywhere is ridiculous // local govt corruption
3.) Everyone knows everyone
4.) Accommodation is cheaper
5.) Petrol is cheaper
6.) Everything you need is closer
7.) Not sure about jobs but I got paid heaps more in Ballarat than Melbourne which is stupid, but tempting
8.) My Dad is here & he’s sick, so I’d be nearby

Ramble about getting a transfer from my current job or just changing jobs completely.

Chatted to that guy all day. People who love talking about the same thing that I do.I like exploring perspectives and that’s my joy.

9.) People that I resonate with to chat to.
10.) 2 of my best friends live here.
11.) Close enough to Melbourne to deal with my stuff every couple of weeks and visit my family/nephews while I’m transitioning to a life of travel.
12.) I know where everything is here.

Ramble about where I went today, for the van.

Ramble about the good thing about having people to talk to about all your crazy, being able to express your ideas to people in person, is that you don’t need to do it on YouTube :)

This place is an adventure of the mind.
Ramble ramble more about whether to move to Ballarat.
Job prospects. I have ideas for an escape plan.
When you have options

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