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I was listening to Q&A today at the end of a podcast… here are the words that Matt Kahn asked the people to repeat after him when they were describing their problems. These words changed me just listening to it – lifted me energetically and I ended up having the Best Day Ever (when today’s todo list was visiting government bureaucratic companies and believe me when I say I was dreading today more than I wanted to – in fact, yesterday was a “doom n gloom day” just trying to prepare for today and thinking about the stress & resistance & “walls” that I would probably have to endure today, and that I probably wouldn’t be able to “speak my truth” – I would have to make-up something so that it would be a less excruciating encounter)…

…but it didn’t turn out that way at all. I listened to this podcast and also started reading some paragraphs from a book from Michael Rhodes, and between both of them I’m sure that is why my energy changed. I felt it.. felt whatever darkness and fear and resistance “leave me” and be replaced with “Love”.

I went into both places from my space of love… as connected to the universe… as connected “to them”…  all cells in my body were resonating love and happiness and contentment, and I spoke my truth – freely, without worrying about not being understood or not “fitting in the norms”….and the interactions I had were amazing – AMAZING!…

…you have no idea how perplexed (and overjoyed) I was that things went the complete opposite of what I expected, and I know it’s because I shifted my energy somehow and things were just drawn to me.. even complete strangers came up to me today.. but more weird was the 2nd appointment actually manifested 2 new people who resonated with me exactly – so much so that both of them came up to me, one of them saying that “I understand you – everything you are saying – is like I’m speaking them”.. and then he introduced me to another associate and said “she’s like you”. Friggin’ so happy and hope I can “tap into” this feeling today whenever I feel the “doom n gloom” that I was feeling yesterday… and that it manifests more people who resonate with the unique view I look at the world. 

I hope these notes have the same kind of impact on you if you read it (or scroll to the end to listen to it yourself), and I hope that by keeping these notes here that I can also refer back to this whenever I find myself falling down & resisting speaking my truth instead of loving-what-is.



In the name of learning to trust my highest guidance. I accept that I am never wrong, and that other people who see life differently…are totally right in their timeline from their perspective. And that none of us need to agree on anything. I don’t need anyone to validate my experience of what I know. What I know is the highest authority of the divine, and it doesn’t need to be understood in order to be put into Action.


Noone is destined or designed to give me what I want. I can engage with others, I can be amused and endured by their innocence. But they’re not necessarily here to give me what I want. Only I’m here to do that.

A partner is someone who I share the fulfillment I have given to myself. Who teaches me deeper ways to love myself. As I love myself more in private, I’ll have more love to offer them in public. That has nothing to do with the idea that they’re here to fulfill me in any way – `cos that’s my job as the love that I am.


I trust that the lack of drive that I feel is not to be used as amunition against myself. But is showing me, that while this moment has been designed to contemplate the options of my next move, it’s also not the moment I’m meant to make a choice. And when I’m meant to make that choice, I trust I will be the first to know and make the choice that its in my highest interest to manifest my highest destiny that I accept has already occurred. So why don’t I just enjoy the ride?


Let’s take a complicated life, and let’s make it simple:

The key to awakening my most authentic voice is not in being so concerned with the choices I make. Or trying to choose the right words to say. But in acknowledging and affirming, only the light of divinity makes these words. Only the light of divinity inhabits this body. Only the light of divinity lives out what it’s created. And in knowing this is so, I hand over all of my power to the light within me. I bring forth the voice of my deepest truth. I relinquish all responsibility and attachment to outcome. And allow the light of divinity within me to speak all words, and make all choices, and to resolve all matters, here and now as I am.


Love your heart. Love is the ultimate unifier. We can change the perception of the energy around us, simply by remembering to love ourselves more.


Whatever I think is coming from my mind, is always coming from the Universe. I don’t need to make that distinction, I just need to acknowledge that I have a desire to go back into the world, bringing forth this new energy and taking action from a more slowed-down and conscious position. And now that I’ve affirmed this, I allow all opportunities to come my way, and allow me to fulfil this in the most conscious way and manifest a life of even abundance that reminds me of how miraculous I am.


Cultivate more faith!

I don’t need to know what’s going on to have faith in a greater plan that I can’t interrupt or do wrong.


About lying to not hurt someone’s feelings: how to tell the truth (say No, etc.) and stay kind & compassionate:

The greatest way to evolve is to be 100% honest. In that moment, you are forgetting that you are the Universe dressed-up as the person and by not wanting to be totally honest with them you are forgetting that they’re the Universe dressed up as the person, as if you have to care-take for them or as if what you would say to them would cause the universe within them to re-orientate or journey in a different judiciary. So literally when we come into these – you know like how people say how sometimes the Universe tests us? And I’ve been tested many times throughout my life, but it’s not a test like a make-it or break-it; pass/fail reward/punishment. but the Universe tests us as a way to remind us how far we’ve come and to show us where we’re at, so we become aware of the curriculum of our growth and what we’re learning. We’re put in these moments of questionable honesty or ethics. And what we’re measuring or seeing in that test is “have I been liberated from the attachment of ego so deep that I will actually tell the person the honest-to-God truth?”, that I will say it with loving tone that honours them as the universe and that whatever they’re experience is; in their own ego experience; brings up in you what then you can love.

So what I would say is that the greatest way to evolve is you have to be 100% honest. I’m going to teach you all something remarkable about communication – this is something I learned. I used to have the exact same problem you did. I used to make-up imaginary reasons for softening the blow, so that I could give someone the answer I wanted, without hurting their feelings. I was afraid to be honest, I was afraid of being rejected. In my experience, I didn’t want people to not like me.

I thought this was fascinating when I learned this: I’ve learned that people don’t respond to what I say, they respond to the tone and manner in which it’s spoken. So if I say “no” in the most loving way, they walk away with the experience of the energy not with what they think about my words.

Again, sometimes you’re going to be in an experience where someone’s had an expectation and they’re gonna be disappointed. Let’s talk about disappointment really quick. Disappointment is when you tell someone something they did not expect; and by giving them something they didn’t expect, you’re giving back the power they gave you.

And so you can’t stop disappointing people – your integrity is “I’m just gonna disappoint people in the most loving way”. That as I give them back the power they gave me, I’m going to speak to them with the love of honouring them as the Universe and I’m gonna embody the person that I am by being true to my ethics and my truth.

So, if a person comes up and says “Hey, I’d like to do your course” “I’m so sorry, I get a no”

Not only do you say it in a direct-loving way, you do not give a reason.
If they ask – then you go.. “I just tune-in to get a yes or no on things, and I’m not getting a Yes on that”
You don’t give a reason. You just say the answer in the most loving way. “I just don’t get a yes on that for whatever reason”

An ego doesn’t remember the first thing you say – it remembers the last thing you say or the thing you say most often.

So if you say “I’ve gotta go” ….
“… but I’ve loved talking with you – you’re a treasure in my life and I adore you”
In that statement, we’ve said “no” once and we’ve said 3 different positive things and we’ve ended with a positive. They are going to walk away with a positive thing because the ego does not remember the first thing you say, it remembers the last or the thing you said most often.


We all know that we deserve love and that we should love ourselves, and we all know we should be honest. But it doesn’t mean we know step-by-step how to manifest and actually bring this to action. So when we take something that we know to be true philosophically – and we learn a step-by-step guide to bring it to life in the most loving way – transformation happens for the well-being of all.


Source: The Helane Lipson Show: Special Guest – Matt Kahn


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