Life is a “Choose your own Adventure” game

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(wow amazingly, I found this image just now in Google after I had finished writing this blog post – see, there are others like me out there somewhere! lol.. )

Life is a “Choose your own Adventure” game

Like a virtual reality. Think of life like “a house of wonder with unlimited, infinite rooms, that as you explore you are also creating more rooms to explore”.

Each ‘house’ has it’s own rule-sets that we are agreeing to when we “enter the house” to explore.

So the “earth” experience is like an earth house. And “human” is one experience we can have in the earth house.

The ‘being human’ in the ‘earth house’ has agreements such as ‘the earth is round”, there is “gravity”, a particular atmosphere, it has 4 seasons, plants, trees, animals, elements such as air, fire, water, earth, we need to breathe – we age, we die, we have free will and we interact with others who have entered the earth house who have the same rule-set, and the same free will.

You can expect to explore all sorts of things from this earth-house – anything is possible, but before you enter, you are agreeing to a particular “scene”. The big house with the atmosphere and the certain perceived limitations… to explore.

The hidden secret to exploring the Earth House

We are explorers, and learning our preferences from our exploration. There is no right/wrong good/bad, there’s just “learning through the infinite diversity of experiences … what we prefer to explore”.

Every interaction, you are sort of “sharing a room” with others who may be exploring the same room, and from their perspectives, their preferences, their choices that they make in that room, you’re both developing your own perspective about that room, and sharing it with others who are also taking on or choosing something that they prefer, their “preference” to how they choose to see the room is based on the exploration journey so far (their “bank” of past-til-now-experiences and how they chose to perceive other rooms and idea-trading with others).

You might like the room, or you might like to explore a different room.

There is no bad, there is just “more choices”, more preferences. Everything is setup to help you learn about your preferences, learn what to create next, what you want to explore next. You’re an explorer.

You’ve chosen to explore these “agreed set of rules” – this is where you have put your consciousness. You’ve put your consciousness right here – where you perceive you are – you’re a “player of this game”.

The earth game / the earth house … has an “agreed set of rules”, so that you all get to experience the same ‘location’ together – the same scenery – the same room, and be able to play with others. You “created” this earth house with others, you are “creating” this earth house with others, and you do that, by “agreeing” to certain principles. A group illusion to have a ‘limited’ experience so that you can create with others or experience this earth experience from however you want to experience it but you have still ‘agreed’ to these rules. (gravity, seasons, etc)

If you are here on earth, then likely you chose to be here, to experience this earth-house and explore the rooms inside. And likely, you have chosen to experience amnesia because it is… “part of the ruleset”.

If you are aware that whilst exploring this realm/house, and that it has unlimited rooms & it is created “on the fly” by thought – by the “group” experience – all beings “in this realm” agreeing to a certain ruleset.

You might get caught up in it. Maybe we’re meant to be just creating better & better things based on learning our preferences and learning about the preferences of the ‘group’ and we’re meant to be creating what we want to experience.

Learning what you “don’t want” is also learning what you “prefer”.

You go in a room with another person, you explore the room together, you share your perception, your experiences, and learn about their perception and experiences. You explore and share your experiences, and what you want to create, and you learn whether you want to create something that benefits both of you – where you both get your preferences, or you learn what you prefer.

You merge/come together and “learn what your preferences are”.

I prefer this, I liked this, I would like to explore this, I share your perspective about that, I have a different view on this. Exchanging your experience and preferences with others.

I Prefer something else, something different.

You learn from that room. When you make a choice to share a room with another (or thousands of others, or millions of others, or billions of others), you learn from the ‘co-shared experiences’ of that which you have created and you learn about your preferences “what matters to you – what you want to explore”.

People share their wisdom to help you navigate certain rooms with less-suffering. Their experience/perspective in this particular room, can help those that resonate have a better experience in that room.

They might know how to swim across that lake, grow crops, get a stronger human-form, or have a particular world-view / nugget of insight that helps you navigate a particularly perceived-difficult room that you are exploring (because you are “learning” all that you don’t know – you are exploring and creating and then experiencing what you have created, and sometimes you have created something that seemingly has no exit points to get through to explore something more preferred”.

What would you prefer? You’re learning you’re preferences, what resonates, what you like, what you dislike.

You have created emotions to help you remember your preferences. If it feels negative, then you are learning that you prefer something else. If it feels positive, you are learning to create “more of this”. You are storing these preferences into your hard drive – like software on a computer. You are installing into your hard-drive, all your preferences and experiences.

This experience was painful. I prefer a different experience. This experience was joyful. I prefer more of this.

If you don’t realize it’s all preferences, and that the emotions are helping remind you that you do/don’t prefer this based on your explorations so far, then you can get stuck in a “don’t want to experience this” loop – not realizing that “as you explore, you create” – that every negative experience is just to remind you what you prefer and to focus on your preferences to create more of what you want to explore.

Getting stuck expecting / wanting ‘something else’. But instead of focusing on intentionally creating that ‘something preferred’, you focus on what you don’t want and keep experiencing it.

Your emotions warn you that this is not what you want (that’s what they are there for.. to show you where you are at.. to show you what you ‘don’t prefer’). Grief, anger, guilt, shame, humiliation, despair, agony, pain.
It’s a guidance system to help you navigate life.

If it feels bad – what do you prefer?
The emotion is there to say “hey, I don’t prefer that – I don’t like that, I prefer to explore something different”. What can I learn from this? What in my vast experience so far needs to be upgraded / re-programmed & re-aligned with the ‘nowness’ of where you’re at?

When you’ve found that you have created a room of fear and despair, you can sometimes end up stuck exploring the discomforts that show you ‘hey, I’ve found something here that I don’t prefer & here’s another thing that I don’t prefer, and another and another and another” and the only way out is to somehow remind yourself that you are experiencing something that you created, and to find the exit point to the next room to explore, you need to “prefer” an exit point to something else to explore.

You are exploring & creating with your beliefs / experiences / intentions / steps / choices / decisions / focus.

Other people are also exploring these rooms with their own free will choices, focus and beliefs. They are also choosing their preferences / thoughts.

They might not like something about you. Triggered by that, you might realize ‘Hmm, I don’t like that about myself either’ – so I might choose to take on their perspective so that I can make a choice to level-up, to use the perception of that other person to make positive changes in my own life. You then decide what you are going to choose to change (if anything). You might choose their option A, or you might have your own preferences to how you choose to experience something you prefer & how you wish to explore it.

If you like that seemingly negative aspect / trait about yourself or feel that you are not done exploring that particular experience yet, you might instead choose to continue to do it the way that you ‘prefer’ (want to experience / explore) and agree to the consequences of any choice you make. Maybe you are getting some benefit out of it.. maybe it’s a soul-level experience… maybe you CHOSE a life of suffering because of what it Awakens in you.. or to help another, etc. at least temporarily until you ‘get what you needed from the experience (levelled-up) and choose to explore a different path’.

You might choose to do a particular thing that another doesn’t like, and if you end up choosing to explore a different room than they do, you are fine with that. Or you might choose that you want to explore more rooms with that person, for how it levels you up, for what they bring out in you – so you might choose to adapt to their perspective or insist that they adapt to yours. The problem with anyone infringing on another’s free will, is that – we have learnt that generally – that doesn’t feel good. If you infringe on their freewill or they infringe on your free will – generally, that will cause arguments, broken hearts, stress, strain, “negative feelings” where you would “prefer” that you could both have your preferences met.

If you can’t agree on exploring the room without infringing on the preferences of another or them infringing on your preferences, then, you learn why you came to this planet. That the diversity and wisdom and preferences of others in this shared-thought-experience, causes conflict – which creates new opportunities and rooms to explore, generally ones that cause a lot of growth and self-realization, sacrifice, pain, confusion, sadness, anger. All experiences that are here to help us learn what we prefer, but we get stuck in these rooms because we think that we ‘prefer’ to explore with them despite having different preferences.

We also learn that ideally, Option D – when we have another who has the same preferences or agrees to allow each other to explore whatever they prefer to explore, that the coming together with others without infringing on another’s free will, feels better and is ‘preferred by both’. When you are among like-minds, you can explore and create and share a preferred reality together.

When you are among those who see things from a different perspective, you learn the value of diversity – you learn wisdom & preferences, you learn what you prefer and get an expanded awareness about the infinite ways you can explore each room.

From different cultures, different ways of preparing food, different methods of doing things, building, exploring, creating, dancing, art, music, feeling, relationships, marriage, war, abundance, self-sufficiency, community, technology, beliefs. More effective ways of navigating the life that you prefer.

They are all sharing how they experience rooms from their explorations and perspectives so far until now.

Those who choose a life of suffering, or who have experienced a lot of suffering from a certain created-room, share that experience with you, and without having to ‘personally explore’ that exact same experience from their perspective, you can still gain the wisdom on how to create a better reality. Their ‘sacrifice’ / their decision to choose a particular experience, helps others make decisions on what they would prefer, and how to navigate a similar room if they come across it.

There is no right or wrong, there is no good or bad, there is just diversity / infinite rooms, infinite ways of exploring and creating, and what you learn about your preferences as you explore.

We are just experiencing these different rooms, that we are also simultaneously creating by having these experiences, by having ideas, by thinking thoughts… and following our preferences (or getting stuck / not following our preferences).

Infinite possibilities.

When we realize there are endless possibilities to explore, we want to go straight to what is possible – the best of us – the most amazing to us that life has to offer, but if you’ve got this agreed set of rules, and you’ve lived so long ‘blind’ to the fact that we are creating all of this, then you can go cross-eyed trying to make-it-happen because your old programming – your bank of experiences so far has already been programmed to reset a certain reality everyday. You need to untangle, reprogram, and defrag the hard drive of your life – anything that is not in alignment to the newness that you want to create – is an obstacle / a code that needs to be reconfigured.

For it to become your reality, you need to first disengage from anything that is an obstacle to that reality, and then try some rooms with the new ideas/thoughts – “try it on”.. “be it”. You could find ways to make the transition to these possibilities more seemingly by “sharing some rooms” with those who already are living these new possibilities. Find others who are on a similar page and explore outside of the agreed set of rules. So not just anyone will do. You have to go into a room with others who are willing to create a shared experience that you all prefer, and then create it with them. We have agreed and setup our hard drive to the reality that we are currently creating from. Most of those rules, were passed down to us by our ancestors, schooling systems, society. We are bound by the rules of our own making, and until you realize you have a choice – you don’t even know that it can be reset and re-wired.


They are all choosing to experience the rooms through a certain “agreed ruleset” – an overlay – a shared hard drive – an agreed set of rules/ideas/beliefs. They still have their unique individual perspectives / relationship with the ‘religion’, but they have chosen to explore the earth-house / and co-create rooms with an agreed set of rules/ideas/beliefs.

They’re choosing to experience a world with a God, or Jesus, or Allah, or Buddah, or angels or spirit guides or whatever. Their group agreement / set of rules that they believe (have put in their software programme / hard drive), they then get to experience the rooms through that shared-lens and learn what they can from that aspect. They can then share their experiences with each other from a different set-point. Just another way of viewing and creating. Co-Creating with a Creator. They are in an agreement about how they are going to ‘play the earth game’. Go to earth “as a team-player game” to learn about being-human on earth – from that ‘shared’ ruleset.

As they enter houses with others that don’t share their ruleset, they learn the diversity of others and may prefer to take a different path to explore a different religion or having no religion, and vice versa. Every experience is valid. Every experience is the “wisdom bank of creation’… every thought, idea, experience, journey, moment… gathered from walking into that room and the perspectives and what was created as a result of perspectives – the benefits – the suffering – all of it is valuable and helps us to create more of what we prefer.

Everyone is experiencing something different & unique based on our perspectives – so yes, the world is a delusion – or an illusion, that is created – based on your preferences.

You get to experience life however you want to experience it. You are choosing to go into this experience with others and learn from it, and then follow your preferences to learn what you learn.

How to Transcend Suffering

Realize that you are actually an explorer of all of this.
You are here to learn how to ‘prefer’, how to make choices that you prefer so that you don’t suffer.
Learning that suffering is just a guidance system – a reminder, a pain to show you want you don’t prefer. An untruth really. Exploring/creating a room that has some part in it, that you would prefer not to create.
That what triggers you is old-programming, something to re-configure that no longer matches your current preferred experience.

A temporary thing.

Not realizing that you have unlimited rooms to explore and create and unlimited preferences, and unlimited perspectives to how you see & create and explore.

Exploring with a partner / relationships / friendships / others.

So you go into a room with another.
You learn about the rooms that they’ve explored so far, how they navigated them, what they liked, didn’t like, what they prefer to create and explore. And you share the same information with them. From this “bringing together of knowledge / experiences”, you are also getting an expanded perspective – wisdom to help you navigate and learn preferences to what you want to create and explore.

You learn the choices and viewpoints they’ve experienced, and try to understand their perspective, to see what helps you level-up your own experience.

If you are in alignment to what you both wish to create, then you may “agree” to explore together – to create something that you both wish to explore / experience. If you are mostly aligned, you can both bring your perspectives and agreements and create something together, and each may add “their sparkle”, their “shine” to what you create together. Like someone putting lights on a christmas tree, and another adding a star, and both are happy with what has been created, because by unifying, they have come together and created a cool room to explore and appreciate together, learning more from each other, from the diverse experiences of both, to create something positive that both can enjoy and that can be shared with others as experiences they may wish to ‘add to their preference-list’ to explore in their way.

Explore rooms together.

It can be harmonious for a while, but as you create and explore, you may find yourself preferring to explore a different room than the one you created together.

You want to try creating something different and they are pulled in a different direction or are still enjoying and wanting to explore the room you’ve already created.

You are infinite thought. You are free to explore.

Some people may choose to explore being controlled, or to control another.

Everywhere you end up, everywhere you are, offers experiences… thoughts.. “exploration”.. preferences.. perspectives..

Different ways of seeing things so that you can just explore the room you are in.

Some people choose to explore multiple rooms at the same time. So they have concepts of past-lifes, reincarnation, parallel realities,

Kinda like ‘watching a movie’ and for the time you are watching the movie, you are exploring another perspective through the story that is being told in the movie. You don’t have to ‘leave the spot you are in’ to explore reality because you are exploring reality.

You are the “thought-behind”, you are the ‘experiencer’ – the ‘creator/student’ of whatever you are experiencing. Even if you were stuck in a hole in the middle of a desert, you can close your eyes and ‘experience’ different ways of looking at life “explore”.

People who do astral projection, lucid dreams, meditation, akashic records, psychics know this.

You can explore what has already been explored – you can explore every type of thought that you ever have – every possibility – every infinite way of looking at life is available to explore. Wherever your mind wants to take you – is your exploration, is your creation, is ‘what you are experiencing’, is what you are exploring.

If you are conscious of that, you can make conscious choices to ‘prefer your way’ to a better experience of things you would like to explore.

But realize wherever you’re at now, you have chosen to explore that – or if you don’t want to believe that – just believe that wherever you’re at is an opportunity to explore your preferences. See if you can “explore” a way to have a more ‘preferred’ experience from whatever you are experiencing or imagining.

I want to explore a life without suffering. So I must’ve chosen to be unconscious to begin with and explore the depths of suffering and what suffering is, so that I could have a bank of ‘all that I don’t prefer’ and then explore ways of ‘transcending suffering’ so that I can help others navigate through their suffering.

Through my own suffering, I explored thousands of ways of transcending suffering – some of which didn’t help, and some which helped me navigate a lot of torture-chambers that I created.

Even this belief “that we create our own reality”, led me to suffering because I didn’t “uncorrupt” my hard drive first. I went straight to “ok then, so what would happen if I believed we were limitless – that we were infinite – that we experience whatever we intend/with belief. I didn’t have a ‘clean hard drive’ first. It was corrupted with a lifetime of beliefs to the contrary – it was full of the ‘agreements’ that I took on as I navigated my life. It was filled with mainstream education, society, rules-sets, government intervention, and hard-wired patterns of behaviour and misinterpretations of my emotional guidance system. It was filled with despair, pain, trauma, and ‘less-than’, ‘limited’ beliefs. Without shadow-work, you cannot just ‘take on this belief that we create our own reality’. You can take on the ‘idea’, and it’s potential, but you still have to format the hard drive or run it through a virus-scanner and remove the trojans that you have taken on through life. You still have an agreement to certain rules that you have integrated and entangled into a software program within you (your ego/identity/’automatic’ way you view the world). Else, and take this from someone who has been running many experiments from a corrupt-hard drive.. you end up creating more pain and confusion because you are trying to run incompatible software programmes at the same time.

Knowing your preferences isn’t enough for the corrupt hard drive. You have to remove the choices you made that you thought were ‘right’ that are still running on auto-pilot… everything you have believed – every belief you have taken on as your truth, every habit, every perspective, every ‘way you have chosen to believe what happened to you’… every thing that is in direct conflict with this truth.. needs to be dealt with and re-wired to work with the new software.

Some people do get a ‘reset’. They are able to wake up in a new day, in a new room, and step into their preferences. Spontaneous healing. Miracles. Awakenings. Sudden “new insight” that is more powerful than their old software. Most however, have lots of shit in there that needs defragging or re-wiring. Most of us have to “do the work” – re-visit our experiences and challenge the beliefs we took on as truth, revisit our traumas, revisit and “get the lesson” (get the preference), revisit it as an ‘explorer of all possible perspective’, revisit it from an empowering place that seeks wisdom, insight, preferences. Revisit from a place of innocence, of adventure, of expanded awareness of higher-consciousness.

Revisit your traumas, your “big stories”, and adjust the story from one of woe, to one of ‘hero’s journey’ / student and creator. You explore the earlier beliefs – ones that were place in there by society and others – and uncorrupt the bullshit, and gain wisdom and preferences. See all as coming together – diversity explorers.

Knowing that every experience – you were exploring. You were exploring possibilities. First-hand, you learnt that when you create/experience this – it created that and you liked this but would prefer that. A trauma that is still embedded in us, is staying there until we get the lesson (the preferred outcome) from it. What happened vs what might of been a better choice, and what would’ve happened if you turned left instead of right, and what would’ve happened if it had turned out the way that you wanted/expected, and how can you experience that without imposing on another’s free will?

Re-Explore who we are from that knowledge that we are infinite creators.

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