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oh my god.. this guy is “ME”! Except better able to explain things :)

What do you think we’re doing here?

I don’t know, but this is as far as I’ve got so far. I have devoted my whole life to what is it all about? What’s going on here? This is a very strange place.

People say one thing, and do the exact opposite – my preacher did that, he would do a preach about love and then rage at us for fidgeting during his sermon.

My theory is this:

We’re here to experience every single thing there is to experience. And the way that I look at it (just as a framework) is – I’ve come from another planet – and so have you (but it might not be a planet, but we’ll say a planet, but we’ll say a planet). We’ve come here to experience everything it’s possible to experience in the PHYSICAL.

Full interview (brilliant):

Now people I’ve met who are not from this planet (walk-ins), say: “When we’re not in a body, we have absolutely no idea what it’s like to be in a body, and for most people who have decided to come here, it’s a tremendous shock because when you’re not in a body, you have no idea what is the ‘physical‘. That’s why channelers – beautiful people like Bashar – even with his incredible wisdom, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be ‘us’ – this is unique.

And the ET that I met, who’d taken over a body with permission was saying: “I had no idea. When I entered this body I didn’t know I had to move it, I didn’t know about pain and discomfort, I didn’t know about mental torment. I didn’t know any of these things, and I had to work to clear my cellular memory to be clear-enough”.

So we’re in a credible dimension – it’s so beautiful here, it’s wonderful here and we have all these sensations. There is theories about ETs that they’re just curious because they don’t have what we have. One theory is that advanced beings don’t have individual personal experience – it’s “one”, and we almost only have individual experience – very few people realize we’re one. So one thing we could be here for is to realize that there is a separateness as well as a oneness, to complete something, and what I’ve looked at having every possible experience there is to have here – everyone – I haven’t killed anybody, I’ve nearly been killed several times. (Interrupted by interviewer saying that he thinks we are also here to “feel” everything).

I feel that you need to have a certain amount of experience before you can start to empathise – you need a certain amount of experiences and that’s why I say over & over – an Eckhart Tolle says “there is only now”. There is only now – I feel that ‘now’ is giving us exactly what we need, we’ve created ‘now’ – it’s given us what we need. Look for the depth in every single moment – what’s it bringing to you?

Now, it may not be comfortable, you may not want it on some level – don’t dismiss it, don’t escape it – “BE” with what is happening.

How? For me the how is “experience what is happening – actually experience it”. Don’t put a cup down automatically – put the cup, feel the cup, hear the cup, feel yourself letting go – “do what you’re doing”.If you’re going to say something – “SAY what you’re SAYING” say every. single. syllable.

The space between the words – there’s ETERNITY in between the words. You don’t say the words – it comes through – and you give it sound. And you and the throughness are one. Say what you’re saying. Don’t use cliche’s (don’t say “like”, “you know” – don’t be a robot). Say what you’re saying. And feel what you’re feeling. And one more thing and this is is the major one – Be AWARE of your thought because every single thought has a frequency and that frequency goes both ways – have a negative thought and your energy goes down, your damaging yourself physically and also you are contributing to the negativity on the planet. You can’t stop negative thoughts – we were brought up with negative thoughts “don’t do that”.. what you can do is “RECOGNIZE IT”.. “oh negative thought!” don’t support it, don’t fix it, don’t change it, just… let it be, and you’ll go into this space – the space in-between.

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