Vibratory Layers – Choose your Outfit from the Infinite Wardrobe

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Vibratory Layers - Choose your Outfit from the Infinite Wardrobe

Monday 12th Oct Morning Pages – Choose your Outfit from the Infinite Wardrobe


Vibratory Layers.
Like choosing clothes.
You pick which layers of vibration you experience.
Everyday, every moment of every day.
You are generating and ‘trying on’, and experiencing all different vibrations.
Focus / Choose / Think about which layers you want to experience.
Pick a wardrobe that has the layers of vibration you want to wear more often.
Fill it up with the layers that you want to experience, so that the items that you no longer wish to feel, have no place in your wardrobe.
You can still choose to experience different frequencies whenever you like, at any moment, you can design your own layers.
Good, better, best, ultimate – which layers do you want to apply to your vibrations today?
Today, now – you can try on what you want to experience, pick & choose the layers of vibrations from your wardrobe of infiniteness.
What layers of vibrations do you want to experience today and experience more of in your daily reality?
Having trouble with that?
What do you “think” it would feel like to experience that particular layer? That’s all you need to do… imagine “what it might feel like” and you are getting closer to it, you are getting there, you can work with it from right there.
What layers would you love for others to experience? What layers would you happily share and would love to say “this one feels realllllllllly good.. try this one! – feel this one!”?
What do you want to add, experience more of, experience less of? Choose which layers to try on, by deciding which types of thoughts feel better than others and ‘being’ that, living that, creating that.
Choose your own unique Outfit from the Infinite Wardrobe of your own reality.


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