[Paul Selig] Who you are is who you say you are.

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Q.) So when it comes to the idea of love being the frequency – how do you help people understand that? So often what we claim is love, is nothing more than a facade for some sort of fear.

A.) They say choice. What you choose to vibrate as is your choice. The frequency of love is a high frequency. It calls to it those things which are of light vibration. If you wish that, you may have it. You have the choice at any moment, to regard yourself as worthy of this. As you claim your worth, you call to it – that which is in accord. It’s really that simple.

Q.) It states in the book ‘not to love the self is an act of selfishness”, and I found that to be so powerful because so often in our society we’re taught that loving the self is selfish, but in fact, by not loving ourselves we are actually being selfish, how does that impact some of the choices that we’re making in our life?

A.) Who are we to deny our worth? The guides say again & again “you’re worth what you say you are”. You say you’re worth 5 bucks, you’re going to get 5 bucks. If you say you’re worthy of love and I don’t mean that that means you’re going to get the person you want, because you think that they should do something, but when you know you’re true worth, you call to you that which is in accord. So who are we to say we’re not worthy of this?
It actually creates seperation and shuts us off from our own ability to lift our vibration. So if you think you’re crap and you’re living your life as if that is your reality, that’s what you’re going to call to you, and you really don’t need to.

Q.) In the channelled text, there is a quote surrounding beliefs and we know that beliefs lead to so much fear and limit us so much. What more can your guides share about this?

A.) It boils down to ‘what do you want to ascribe your authority to’. Anything you give your authority over to essentially you are in a dynamic with. Thats me talking, that’s not them talking.

What you are asking is ‘Can we claim our own divine authority?’ They say “Absolutely”, but you must know it. To pretend won’t get you anywhere. Do you understand the difference? When you know who you are in a true way, you manifest that, and you move into accord with it.

Just saying some words and playing with your power will create other problems. Until you know you’re own worth; “I know who I am”, “I know what I am”, “I know how I serve”, you are playing games.

Q.) For anyone that’s listening, that’s saying “Well, how do I do it, how do I lift my vibration?” What would you share?

A.) They’re saying “Who you are is who you say you are”.
You are the choice you make. You have been told you are not allowed to lift your frequency to lift your frequency to a level we say you can. When you do this, you align to your new know-it. You’re new knowing calls to you the experiences you require to create the promise that we are offering you.
Your choices are being made in your new worth. Your new worth is the price of consciousness.

Q.) What do you mean I am an energy being? What energy are we talking about?

A.) They’re saying: How you vibrate is up to you. Everything has an emanation. What you move into accord with in vibration, becomes your worth.

Q.) The awakening, whether individually or collectively IS happening on our planet as we speak. It’s a shift in consciousness. Can you or your guides share more about the positiveness of this time? To empower people further on why this is actually an amazing time when more people are waking up and stepping up, etc.

A.) What they’re saying is it’s possible now. One of the things they say is that this is a time of reckoning. Facing it’s own creation. What has been created in fear has to be un-created.
I hear there’s great hope but you have choices. The human race has choice. The more of you who waken to your own divinity, support others in doing the same. It all works with co-resonance. As you lift your own vibration, you then call that to you. You assist all others in escalating their own. That is our work. That is how we teach through you. When you call forward as your own expression, I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve, will support you, the same in knowing who you are.

Q.) What would you like to leave the audience with in terms of how can people on a practical level expand their consciousness further?

A.) Know who you are. Realize you’re an aspect of the creator embodied in form. As you know this, it becomes your worth. You call to you those things that are in accord with it. This is how your world is reflected to you. As you know your worth, you must witness the worth in your fellows. Noone can be the light and keep the brother in darkness, so it cannot be so. You are all this thing you say you are. Noone is special. You are all worthy of love and knowing who you are. Thank you for your blessings.

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