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Here’s a technique you might not of heard of to help end Procrastination…
For the things you are procrastinating about.. ask yourself:

Why do I want to do this?

ie. Why do I want to make this phone call? Why?

Answer: Well, because…

  • I want to engage with people on a meaningful basis.
  • I want to rendezvous with people who are ready for what I have to offer.
  • I want to be a catalyst to help them fulfil their dreams in some way.
  • I like the money that comes to me as a result of it.
  • I know that that it’s the beginning step of something really wonderful that comes later.
  • without some way of making this connection, nothing really happens, I’m looking for more ease in this process.
  • I would like there to be a natural process of bringing this about. I would like to just bump into people who are looking for what I have.
  • I would like the universe to line more things up, but for now, this is a viable way of going about that.

Having this conversation might cause some of your resistance to subside and a feeling of “empowerment” to come.

Practice this and you will find you’ll get your own momentum and you’ll find yourself not needing to put things on your lists (things that I want to do, things that I have to do.. etc.) to make yourself do it.

Transcribed & Paraphrased from the following video:

[youtube id=”yCrFXpJyOUY” width=”600″ height=”400″]



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