[Paul Selig] Freedom from Fear.

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Some of you decide prior to incarnation that this will be the lifetime where you transmit a frequency that does not hold the vibration of fear. You acclimate to fear at birth, you become accustomed to it. It becomes a part of the air that you breathe and your expectations from encounters and in the acquiescence to fear and in your agreement to it, the landscape that you perceive yourself through encompasses fear, and the expectation that it will always be there.

Here we come tonight to tell you something different because you have known something, because you have agreed to it prior, does not mean it will exist for an eternity. The purview of fear is to mask other things. Fear seeks to hide what it covers and once you unmask fear and see what lies beneath it, your agreement changes.

Now to be in agreement to fear is to look around you and say “I am afraid – I see this thing – those people perhaps – I see the situation and I agree that my safety is dependent upon its outcome” and the perception that fearing this situation will guarantee you safety is one of the ways that fear seeks to claim you, in a complicit way, with its requirements for a world.

The moment you realize – and we say the very moment – that to be in fear is to be in agreement to something that seeks to control you, you have a way out or a way above the transmission that you’ve been attending to.

What you see before you in any world of any vibration is an out-picturing of consciousness and the ramifications of fear upon what you see claims things as fearful.

In this class we intend to take you beyond fear to a new way of seeing and consequently claiming a world that does not agree to fear. Then you will become complicit to something very different.

Peace we would suggest as what you will find when you stop residing in a landscape where you are told you are not safe or what your safety is, is predicated upon other people doing as you would have them do.

Each of you comes to us with the petition “May I be free”, “May I know myself as free”, “May I claim freedom” not only from the known but from the shell that I have perceived as that is claiming me at the cost of the true self that I know is here.

We seek your liberation for you and with you in some ways as we sing your song for you – “you are free” “you are free” “you are free”, and at the level of agreement that we come to you in, you are unafraid because we don’t agree to you in fear.

We understand that you have been complicit to all of the creations on this plane unknowingly in many ways and claiming the very things into manifestation that you should say or might say you would never want claim. But you have done this and you have done this for the ages.

So the mission of fear to decide for you and tell you where you should be or how you should behave has made itself known as a predominant energy in this field.

The lifting above it need not be so difficult if you understand that all is an illusion. Now you don’t like that word. “I know my fear – tell that to me when I am frightened – and I will show you what is not an illusion”.

Your response to any encounter is decided by you in any number of ways.

The history you call to you: culturally, the personal history you bring, your expectations of outcome, and your design for the encounter as it seeks to meet it’s needs in the way you would prescribe.

So if you are having a fearful response, you are claiming fear (in agreement to an outcome that you expect could come or will come) and manifesting in accord to an outcome as fear would have you do it.

You may lose a house, you may lose a child, you may lose an occupation, you may lose faith. But your well-being we have to say, cannot be contingent upon an outcome.

If you understand that your true self, the divine as what you are, is always with you, you have an attachment, an agreement that will support you through any encounter, the design of fear which is to claim you in its vibration, will not be met by the true self, who exists at a level of accord above fear.

This is as simple as it gets.

When you are invited to fear, you have to ask yourself, who is afraid? What aspect of self is in this agreement, to be in accord to fear?

And then if you realize the divine self as what you are, in form and field and claim the identity of the true self, in it’s embodiment: “I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth. I am free, I am free, I am free”, you have propelled yourself above the vibration of fear and they act in accord in your knowing. Underline that word. If you are in your knowing, you are unafraid. The perception you have is that you are thinking, you are knowing, and this has never been the case. The true self knows, the small self thinks, and the small self assumes outcome based upon prediction, born in narrative, or the data of history.

“My child is doing this, he will become this kind of a man, based upon the evidence that I have accrued. I see what will become of my child”

The true self does not operate this way. It does not disregard that, its usually very helpful, but the true self realizes potential, and claims what is always true.

In the face of other things, and we would suggest in the face of the evidence, that fear would seek to supply you with when you should be afraid, what a ridiculous thing to say, one should never be afraid. One may experience fear, but it is never an obligation, nor is it the only way to learn.

You may learn to fear, you may have any encounter, in manifestation on this planet, and if you wish to learn through fear, it will always be there for you, and become your teacher. But there are higher ways to learn, and easier ways as well.

If you are willing, what we would like to do, is support you each in a revelation in a revealing of truth, that the use of fear to direct you, is no longer a requirement for this incarnation.

That the use of fear to protect you, is no longer a reason to align to, that the being in fear, claims you in fear, and will collude with fear itself, to manifest its world around you.

If you unmask fear, if you witness beyond it, you will always see the light. If you understand that the action of fear, is to claim more of the same, you have to ask, what fear is seeking you to diminish. And we would say it is always lying. Fear is a liar. And your realization of this, will support you in seeing the light that it is seeking to hide.

What would happen to any of you if for one hour, just one hour, there was not one fearful thought. Not one fearful idea. Nothing to call you into agreement with the vastness of it. Every encounter with fear is an invitation to more, and the moment you deny that invitation, you claim the potential for a realignment, that will support you in the awareness that there is no reason, no design in fear, other than to claim more of itself.

Now Paul is sitting here, counting all the times he has taken actions in fear and seeing where he was right.
“I was right to be afraid”
“I was right to stay away”

If Paul can understand how he has been ruled by fear, just as you all have, through unconscious agreement, you would agree to never be frightened again.

“What will they think of me” is the voice of fear.
“What will become of me” is the voice of fear.
“What will they do to me” is the voice of fear.

How many of you agree to these things everyday without questioning them. This is the voice of fear seeking to make itself known as your protector.

“If I do this or that, they will think well of me.”
“If I do this or that, they will not harm me.”
“If we do this or that, we will all be protected from those people that we are so frightened of.”

The collective agreement to be in fear is what you claim in war, and when a country is in fear, you can expect a war to be its out-picturing. Because what is war but an idealization of fear seeking to justify its action, which is to act in separation and to deny the divine that is present in all things.

If you decide that you can be free of fear, that you will no longer welcome it as your authority, as your protector, as your teacher, and if you are willing to say “I may learn in another way”, you will realize it, because you will not be acting in fear that seeks to preclude that choice.

“Can this happen?” he asks, “I would like to believe this, I would like to be free of fear, I am willing to be, show me how it is done”.

It is done through agreement. You must all understand this.

First you must agree to the potential of it: “I can be free of fear“.  The potential is the first step. 

Then the alignment to freedom from fear – the manifestation of it, the potential in the vision – as something that can be aligned to it.

And then the claim: “I am free, I am free of fear, I am free from its devices, I am free from its lies, and its need to replicate itself.”

First the potential in agreement, then the vibrational accord to it (it exists, so it can be claimed). And then the claim itself, which comes in the form of an alignment to the true self, who does not agree to fear.

We are not ridding the personality-self of its fear of spiders, or snakes, or past deaths, we are reclaiming the true self, as what you are, so that there is no agreement to fear. Do you understand the difference?

Imagine you have a board with a knot in it. You can pierce the board and have the knot removed, or you can claim the board in its perfection, without removing the knot itself. The knot will become part and parcel of the board, and no longer seen differentiated from it. This is not surgery. This is re-acclimation in a higher way to the what that you are who is not in accord to fear.

So Paul has a question:
“But if we’re claiming these things, aren’t we claiming them as the small self? Isn’t it the small self that is saying I can agree to be without fear?”
In some ways yes, because you have will, the alignment must be made in will. The choice to prayer is still a choice. The choice to rise from your bed each morning, is still a choice. At the will that you hold, braided with the true self or the divine will, is who claims the world without fear…
… but you must agree.

“Why must we agree?” he says. “Can’t it just happen?”

We will tell you why it cannot.

You are actually accountable to all of your creations. Everything you see, you are participatory to. It is not happening ‘at’ you, it is happening in accord ‘to’ you, and to negate your accountability to your own creations, would be to deny you the responsibility that you have incurred.

When you realize who and what you are, you make a world new. You claim very differently. But we cannot lift you out of your creations without your agreement to attend to the world that you have claimed in fear.

Imagine this:
“I will be without fear except for my ex-husband.”
“I will be without fear, except for poverty.”
“I will be without fear, except for the fear of death.”

These are the claims that the small self has to agree to release in its alignment in higher accord. Because any of those things that you are investing in fear, will be in agreement to you, at the cost at what else may be claimed for you.

Unless you are willing to release the fear of the ex-husband, or the fear of poverty, or the fear of death itself, you will not rise above them.

“This is too much to ask” he says. “How will we ever do this?” “Can this really happen?”

We will tell you one thing. There is an aspect of you present now – of all of you right now – who is unafraid. Who has never known fear, cannot agree to it. This is the true self – and the divine as what you are. This has long been our teaching. In the claims we offer you, you align to this aspect, and realize it as the manifest-self, and as you do this, you cannot agree to fear because it does not exist.

You are not pretending to be not frightened of death, or that man you once married, you know what the truth is, you know who you are, and at this level of choice, you do not agree to fear, because to do so would negate the truth of your being.

Can you imagine, that you could forgive the whole world but one human being? Unless that one human being is in fact forgiven, noone is forgiven. Do you understand this? Because the treason against the true self, is held by one, or a thousand, it matters not.

Finally we have to say, that any fear that you would hide and protect and covert, and seek to keep silent, as oppose to releasing it from the light to the light will not be line, not be known by the light until you have agreed to it.

The being that you are, has this capacity, the road is not so hard. You make it hard because you want what you have. You agree to fear all day long.

“What if they judge me?”
“What if I am not right?”
“What if they are not right?”
 …“and I will decide for them who they should be.”

This is the voice of fear and it will mask itself in any way you can imagine.

If you to decide today that you are willing. We will take you where we wish to take you. Which is to the octave that you may know of as peace. But the requirement is a great one.

Are you willing to release your deed to use fear as a protector? Are you willing to stop agreeing to the requirements of fear to tell you what you should do, who you should hate, and what you should believe? If you are willing, we will meet you wherever you are, underline those words. WHEREVER YOU ARE. To an agreement to the truth of your being and to freedom, which is your divine birthright.

“Well what does it look like? This is all too good. What will we become in this fearless way?”

We will tell you exactly what you become. You become who you are – without fear. It’s that simple.

You see the television at night, and you are unafraid. You see mans inhumanity against man, and you are unafraid. You will still be propelled to act, but by certainty and not by fear. Fear seeks to divide. It seeks to control. It seeks to be right at the cost of another being wrong. The true self as what you are, does not operate this way. She has moved beyond it.

This is the introduction to this class. This is not in the text. This is for the students present and those who would hear these words. From now on, we will begin with the text, in our class this weekend.

For those who are gathered here, we wish to attune you to the vibration of the word, because many of you are here for the first time, this is the attunement to the energy of the creator in action. Will you say this after us:

“I am word through my body” Word I am word.
“I am word through my vibration” Word I am word.
“I am word through my knowing of myself as word” Word I am word.
“I know who I am in truth”
“I know what I am in truth”
“I know how I serve in truth”
“I am free, I am free, I am free”.

The vibration you hold has been amended through this attunement. The language we operate is encoded in vibration. The alignment you now hold, claims a different broadcast, through the announcement of the true self. “I know who I am” spoken by the true self, not by the small-self who does not know. The song we sing with you, is a song of love, and the alignment to the truth that is your heritage in the higher alignment of your soul’s agreement to be made manifest in form. This is your schoolroom. This world you exist in. This life you are choosing to be in. But the offering we gift to you, the true self as what must now be known and agreed to ‘collectively’ to lift your world beyond the name of fear, that would seek to control you, we will say this to each of you now and then we will resume with the teaching through your questions.

We will say these words only. We have come on your behalf in an agreement to see you lifted beyond the creations that you have agreed to as a small-self, collectively and individually both, for the manifestation of the kingdom on this plane. The kingdom is the presence of the divine in all creation. And as we say always, it is here, it is here, it is here. But may only be known by the one who knows who she is.

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