Everything is just offering another perspective to explore

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Everything is just offering another perspective to explore

Morning pages: 6th December, 2018

I watched 2 x seminars from the Monroe Institute. Even though I was tired from my camp-out and napped through them so didn’t pay close-attention to all of what was said, the subject of “exploring consciousness as an individual journey” was loud and clear and highly validating to my life and the lens from which I see reality.

That each individual’s journey is to explore consciousness.

When I write it, it doesn’t seem very profound, but this has been my life-long journey of self-exploration and the exploration of “why others believe or act as they do”, and who are we, what are we, why are we here, where next, how to improve-upon, etc. I’ve always been questioning everything and asking “why” and trying to figure life out, as well as questioning societal, cultural, religious, educational, and spiritual indoctrination.

There’s something quite comforting for me, that there is actually an institute out there exploring consciousness – doing what I love and live for – and how critical they see it, just as I do. Validating my truth; validating my lifelong journey thus far.

Usually I’m pretty accepting of where others are at, it’s a natural ‘part and parcel’ of this particular journey to try and understand the perspective they see life through and come to some inner-peace within myself of wherever they’re at is perfectly valid for them, however it’s also frustrating that I haven’t found too many others in my life to explore with, that it’s “their way or the highway” and that they get upset or get angry if you don’t see the world the same way.

It’s part of it though – part of life – no two people have had the exact same life-experiences, nor made the exact same choices or chosen the same perspective to look at their unique experiences through, so it’s ever difficult to connect with people if they aren’t exploring beyond their indoctrinated belief-systems, because it limits the expanded conversations you could explore if they were a little more open-minded to seeing the expanded-wisdom or viewpoints that every interaction offers.

When I was out at Mt Franklin, I remembered that I used to go there to escape the world. Escape my life. Escape my woes. It was during my biggest awakening that I used to head off in my campervan to try and “make sense” of all the stuff I was going through. To get away from my toxic workplace, my toxic home situation, the loudness, chaos, wrongness and the helplessness, and there was some freedom experienced in taking off from “all of the troubles in the world” to go into the peace of nature, as well as the added benefit of learning survival skills – helping me to learn that “no matter what, I am not helpless”. There were many benefits to taking the van and heading off into nature, not just one thing and it was a type of deep exploration work, and a “taking a moment away from the chaos” to recompose.

Everything is just offering another perspective to explore Everything is just offering another perspective to explore

But when I went out there this time, it was different. I woke up yesterday and went out on the balcony, and as I was writing in my journal, and truly appreciating the beautiful, peaceful, summer day, I had a thought to take off camping again – just to enjoy and appreciate the day, to take advantage of the fact that I do have a wonderful campervan and that this is how I can spend a few days any time I wanted.

Within the hour, I had setup, packed up, and was on the road to Mt Franklin again, like I’d done a hundred times before a few years ago. But this time, what was I escaping from? My life is completely different now than it was then. I’m more grounded and there is less “chaos” in my life. I am “free to be me” all the time in my apartment, and everything is setup for my own living-style, and I already have peace of mind when I’m at home. So this time, when I took off camping, when I got there I didn’t have the same sense of freedom – likely because I already have sanctuary in my apartment.

So after I setup, collected wood for night-time, set out a picnic blanket and had lunch, rested, tried to meditate, took a couple of pics of my setup, attempted to finish the book that I’ve been reading, watched the leaves on the trees, the birds & bugs, and chatted to a fellow camper, I was done and ready to come home to my sanctuary.

Everything is just offering another perspective to exploreEverything is just offering another perspective to explore

This time, because I already have peace – camping would’ve been better “with others”. Whereas during my crazy, it was my escape, my time-out, my sanctuary. It was interesting to note that after I had done everything I needed to do, it was thinking of coming home that was more desirable than staying out in nature. Very surprising to me as this was a wonderful place to ‘escape to’ and such an important place for me a few years ago.

After I settled in at Mt Franklin and put the intention out for peace, clarity & re-connecting with nature, I felt doubt and not so much like I didn’t belong there, but more that my sanctuary was what I had just left behind. :)

Everything is just offering another perspective to explore Everything is just offering another perspective to explore

I started to remember why I used to go there and the cross-eyed mind I had when I was trying to figure out the “truth” of reality after my experiences, as well as how disconnected and misunderstood I felt from others.

Now that I’m home again, in my journal this morning, I noted once again that the Tarot, I Ching, Ouija, Conversations with people, Books, Videos, audio, media, education, etc are just offering another perspective to explore.

We can expand our consciousness with increased possibilities, opportunities, ideas, thoughts and perspectives.

The more expansive your perspectives on endless subjects, the less closed-minded you are and the more understanding you have of the way other’s view (or potentially-view) situations, and the less upset you feel or confused you feel about how things play out, because you have more of an expanded understanding of the various perspectives people take. You basically take less things personally or “right or wrong” and accept that they are exploring life that way and as a result, that’s why they see life that way, and you are exploring it this way and as a result, you are experiencing life this way and it’s less about “right & wrongness” and more about appreciating each person’s journey and contribution to the endless ways to experience life.

The danger – or rather, the “anger” or grief or negative ‘unwelcome’ thoughts and experiences come from the inability to let go of a particular belief-system that you hold as “right”, or that you have decided is “wrong”. 

If you can’t let go of your idea of what is right, and if other’s don’t conform to what you believe to be right, you get an internal, unpleasant response.

If we are here to expand our consciousness, then each experience we have is an opportunity to explore another perspective; to gain expansion.

I have expanded and grown so much since I first went to Mt Franklin, and I am still an ever-expanding, ever-exploring multi-dimensional being. I think our growth continues eternally, it never stops, consciousness is always expanding.

Everyone you meet has had different experiences, have been indoctrinated by their surroundings, and have taken on different beliefs; as have you, as have I. They all have different viewpoints to offer. Some resonate with your current beliefs and experiences, and some expand your consciousness (because now you have more perspectives to choose from). Some perspectives feel better or higher or wiser or broader than the way you were looking at a situation and it helps you in someway to learn of another ‘edge’ or idea to look through, and some feel crazy or wrong or limited in it’s view. You always have the preference to decide which idea to draw upon, as to how to shape your own reality, your own view on life. You are the decider of what you choose to believe and how you look at the world.

You get data / information from everywhere, everything, and everyone. And you are expanded from all of it. If you seek to understand various perspectives, you will know more about how they see the world and can offer broadened ideas or perspectives that might help them if they are troubled, or you might choose to disregard or invalidate their perspective & they may do the same to you. However, if you explore their perspective, you have in some way expanded your own consciousness.

Understanding another’s viewpoint expands your awareness of the infinite possibilities this reality has on offer and gives you more choices, possibilities, and opportunities of which to navigate your own circumstances.

If someone is only ever offering negative, limited ideas, if they are only choosing to see the world through a negative lens, you may choose to not associate with them if every-time you are around them, you feel like your boundaries are being invaded because it’s “their way or nothing at all”. You’re not here to “fix them” or change their minds about their beliefs. You evolve, grow, expand, no matter where you are or who you interact with, but if it’s harmful or toxic to stay around people with indoctrinated beliefs, sometimes the most expansive thing you can do for your own evolution of consciousness is to move on, and allow them to have their own experience, and you to have yours.

The world we experience is limited to our beliefs and perspectives of it. The reality you experience is infinite in perspectives, viewpoints, limitations, opportunities, ideas, thoughts, contraction and expansion.

The world can be a beautiful, enlightening adventure… or it can be a cruel, dark, jail-cell.

The world can be friendly or hostile and everything in-between.

If you limit your beliefs to what society has indoctrinated, then you have limited your view of the world to only one tiny angle/lens. Your time here can be spent exploring any number of infinite perspectives from your adventures and circumstances. Your free will to choose which lens to look through determines your next-choice-points and where and how you experience your life here.

Question your own beliefs and where they came from. Question everything. Explore different angles and perceptions. Discover who you are, explore this reality from many angles. See what experience you want to create and how your life plays out from your perception of it.

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Penny (PennyButler.com)

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