[Cassiopaea] Ouija Readings 2020

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[Cassiopaea] Ouija Readings 2020

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21 Mar 2020 Ouija Session

Q.) Has this whole situation/reaction/measures in so many countries been planned? In other words, I think they are asking was it all planned in advance?
A.) No, but plans along similar lines were activated to take advantage of opportunity.

Q.) The most obvious effect of these measures that they’re putting in place is a kind of pseudo-totalitarian lock down essentially. Can we assume that that was one of the agendas: to impose those lock downs on people?
A.) Yes, total control. But it was not necessarily envisioned as lock down in this way.

Q.) How was it envisioned initially?
A.) Control. But a special factor entered. We are aware of your earlier discussions and questions, so perhaps we can explain:

The virus did not appear first in China. There were experiments at Fort Detrick regarding the creation of a vaccine that would make humans more controllable. This vaccine had unexpected effects and in some cases did the opposite of what was intended. The strain escaped into a population and further mutated. Indeed it was carried to China by US soldiers. China soon knew the type and origin and launched a massive campaign to control the situation. This was seen by Western powers as a good model to follow with additional add-on factors. In the meantime further mutations have occurred, some engineered via STO forces by virtue of the virus taking hold in certain persons whose spiritual force was able to direct the progression. At this point, there are two major strains. The elite need to stop the spread of that which they “created”.

Q.) So they need to stop that which they have created because in some cases, it does the opposite of what they wanted it to do?
A.) Yes and this is the interesting factor: The virus can change DNA making individuals more susceptible to cosmic information of the STO variety. It can also enhance and activate long suppressed codons of a beneficial nature. So you can see why they are so desperate to halt the spread.

Q.) The reason they’re telling everyone it’s deadly and imposing the lock down is to stop the spread of the virus because it has kind of positive effects. And they are attaching other agendas to it, including financial melt-down, money controls, and so forth. But that means this virus has been out there in the world for awhile now… How long has it been circulating?
A.) More than two years.

Q.) But it took awhile to mutate and do other things. Did some people here have the virus?
A.) Nearly all of you!

Q.) Why is it that it is so deadly amongst old people? I mean, Ark almost didn’t survive. My lungs still haven’t cleared up completely. So, why is it so deadly to older people?
A.) For those who choose to leave, it is not so “deadly”.

Q.) So you’re saying that it’s a facilitator for groups of people who want to leave the planet now? “Deadly” is in the eye of the beholder.
A.) Yes

Q.) But they are inflating the numbers of people who are dying because of it?
A.) Yes

Q.) But they don’t really know how many people have it.
A.) Exactly!

Q.) So the question is: They are now working rapidly on a new vaccine that’s supposed to counteract the screwup that they made. And they want to impose this new vaccine on everybody?
A.) Yes

Q.) Okay, I had a thought. Is it possible that this virus can infect some people and make them worse, as in make them bad people?
A.) Yes

Q.) Why is that?
A). It depends on the inner makeup.

Q.) So it really depends on what’s inside the person as to what transpires after they’ve experienced the virus. Is that it?
A.) Yes

Q.) So, the virus may enhance connections to Cosmic Information, but it depends on who you are, how that works out. That reminds me of the answer, given a long time ago: “It’s not where you are, but who you are and what you see.” I guess this thing is going to enhance “seeing” for some people? Next question from our list:

At this final stage that we are now, should we stand up to things that we don’t agree with, jeopardizing ourselves and our love ones well-being, or should just give up fighting for this world and concentrate on this “internal light” only? In other words: does it make sense to risk …(put here whatever horrible you can think about) just for the sake of rebellion in a world that is over anyway? Or should we rather tune into and maintain frequency of a pendulum that lights our light, making choices that are less painful in this last drama of our realm?

A.) The second option is the better one. But one can continue to share truth in a careful way.

Q.) Is it likely that there is going to be at some point a REAL plague or pandemic?
A.) Yes

Q.) In the next 2 months?
A.) No

Q.) In the next 2 years?
A.) Yes

4 July 2020 Ouija Session

Q.) Is that turmoil going to affect us directly here?
A.) Very little as you are. But do not let your guard down. Strategic enclosure to the max.

Q.) In what way? Don’t kick the hornet’s nest.
A.) Yes

Q.) Do things calmly, serenely, or just walk away. Be very gentle, because crazy forces are acting through people.
A.) Reduce agitation. It is mostly useless at this point.

15 August 2020 Ouija Session

Q.) Okay. Is the Russian Covid-19 vaccine safe as they say?
A.) Safe enough. Safer than what Gates is planning.

Q.) Is it effective against corona or corona-type viruses?
A.) Not much will be as it constantly mutates.

Q.) Is there going to be a 2nd wave with more lockdowns?
A.) They will create the illusion.

Q.) Now one thing that’s really been bugging me is this thing about masks. For years, they put all this money and effort into creating facial recognition software. They put cameras everywhere. Now all of a sudden they’re putting masks on everybody which makes facial recognition software just completely obsolete – after all that money and time and effort! So, what’s the real deal with the masks?
A.) Facial recognition was never the full plan as it can be easily thwarted. It was used to accustom populace to tracking and surveillance. The ultimate surveillance is chipping. The fake pandemic justifies the vaccine with chip and wider tracking mandate. The mask is similar to antismoking. It induces obedience and allows identification of dissidence. Masks have the additional advantage of inducing brain damage and lowering of intelligence and general health.

Q.) Is the brain damage from low oxygen causing the death of neurons?
A.) Yes

Q.) So, are they planning to surreptitiously chip people with the vaccine without telling them?
A.) Yes

Q.) What are the odds of Trump winning the US election?
A.) Good.

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