[Karen A Dahlman] Ouija Readings 2020

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[Karen A Dahlman] Ouija Readings 2020

I love these Ouija readings from Karen Dahlman about the 2020 catalyst including the messages “pre” the virus that seemed to hint at something upcoming for us to experience:

12 Aug 2019

Stand above the coming tide

Those that wish to remove Source from the top of the mind and replace Source with absolute control of your lives are angry and have been caught and their scheme to take control of your freedoms has been interfered with and they are in a mode that they are not used to. So they are making mistakes and losing ground and followers. See this as Source recognizing the evil that they bring with them and those that can stop their momentum and eventually end their movement all together.

This is a world wide problem, not just isolated to your country, although, it is centered around bringing to a halt the divine message of freedom and individuality. For when the country founded by Source principles falls, all goes with it. Stand fast with those that lead for the benefit of you as an individual and fear those who would ask you to give into what they refer to as “the common good” for this excludes the individual and puts in charge a despot.

Find higher ground than the sheep that graze in the meadow.

21 Dec 2019

Be the one.

Be that which changes first your world, then the world as a whole.
For those that attempt to force change through violence would better serve the entire planet if they used their time to discover remedies to the problems for which they say they are against and are willing to club others over the head to reach their ends.

13 Mar 2020


Playing for the pleasure of the sleeping sheep. Playing like the piper and the children will follow. The pressure is always there. They will never give up the fight to rob you of your individuality. Stay strong. Hear the truth beyond the perfect lies. Lies will always come in the form of tragedy, not truth. It may also be bundled within the package of false promises that are not possible. Find the truth in promises that first vibrate with you and then becomes promises kept.

Do not fear. This is a normal sickness that like all sickness will have a greater adverse reaction towards the weak and the elderly. Know that which will help you stay strong in your bodies–health maintenance. To say more just adds to the nonsense. So, fear not. All will be okay.

21 Mar 2020

Panic is the vibration that is most prevalent.

What needs to be is an overall calm. What is happening is a way to make the population more malleable. A sense of calm must prevail no matter the circumstance.

Vibration changes with every moment in time. So, what is before you is a sickness that will end, but this is nothing different than has happened many times in your history often used as a cover for those things that others are doing good or bad, but a blanket to hide unpleasantness. You may or may not ever know what this blanket covers, but it is surely a cover. Be calm.

End the panic in your mind and calm others for if this is a true emergency or not, those with the calmest minds will fair the best. If people panic then they have little hope. With the calm comes clear thought and actions.

The experts, those that you would expect to panic, are not. So, the doctors are not fearful. So, you should be also. It may be that the bad people just fade away and no longer have a voice in your society or government, but are isolated forever instead of being arrested. This is common when a population is so controlled; they are easily panicked.

As with all things good and bad, this will end and all will be back to normal. When?..is merely a guess. Please understand that all things happen as they happen. All you can control is you.

Question: By calming our fears of survival and our minds and by projecting this calmness out into the world, will we be able to change the outcome of “the sickness” and get the world back on track?
Answer: Absolutely

Question: So, we can change and heal the injustices within our world and everything else that is under the “blanket,” while retaining our freedoms through our own “calm thinking” grass root movement?
Answer: How was your system changed for the better four years ago when all signs pointed to a continuation of the decline in your society?
Stay vigilant. There is a dark side of all things real and imagined. Seek always the light.

21 May 2020

What happens when the sheep are awakened?

Sheep are quick to recognize the difference between the dog tasked with their protection and the wolf that is tasked with its destruction.

30 Aug 2020

How You Will Know Them!

You will know them first by their philosophy: Does it challenge your higher self or does it require obedience to the greater good.

Next, by their words: Are they abundant and varied? Do they create thought provoking conversation or a demand for a demand for a strict and limited selection that does not leave room to criticize or question.

Last, you will know them by their actions: Are they giving space to create and wonder or do they offer death and destruction for lack of obedience.
As always, it is your choice. Choose wisely.

(I asked): Who are “they?”
Answer: They are those who pose themselves in a leadership role.

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