Nature’s Detox – Natural volcanic minerals – one of the few negatively-charged micronized-minerals found in nature (positive charged ions are attracted to it, then trapped & eliminated from body). Absorbs/binds with toxins, mycotoxins, toxic metabolites, free radicals and heavy metals (cadmium, nickel, arsenic, mercury & lead). Boost immune system. Eliminates fungal infections. Increase resistance to UV rays & other harmful external factors. Balance body’s pH. Antioxidant (absorbs/traps excess free radicals). Increases urinary excretion. Strengthens heart muscle. Stabilizes blood sugar level. Lessons burden on Liver & Kidneys. Improve digestive function. All traces of Zeolite are eliminated out of the body within 8 hours.

Dosage: 1 tsp daily (mixed with liquid like water or juice) for at least a month to detox, with recommended maintenance doses as required.

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