Stand against Corruption – Be true to your Soul (Standing Rock)

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Video ramble:
1.) Remembering better days with Ex-Partner
2.) Fluoride making us susceptible to whatever we’re exposed to
3.) Comment about “dumb-americans videos” that go viral (the ones where they make fun of people about celebrity knowledge vs important topics)
4.) Long ramble about Standing Rock being more than about just protecting water – it’s standing up for your soul – for what’s right – it’s no longer conforming to that which is wrong. If you have money, you can even buy the souls of an army.

Wealthy people write their own laws, play by their own rules, and buy/control whoever they want to get what they want to serve their own agendas regardless of whether it’s good for the planet or what harm it could do to anyone “less wealthy” as them, as if lack of wealth makes anyone “less human” or less worthy of having a voice, or having a healthy life. 

Original (Longer) Version: Standing Rock as a Movement/Revolution

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