[QA] How do I reverse Karma?

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[QA] How do I reverse Karma?

Asked by someone on Facebook: How to reverse Karma?

My Answer:
Look up completion work.. completion process.. shadow work… anything like that will take you where you want to go…

It’s about “forgiving the unforgivable, completing the incomplete, about staying true to your word, and letting things go.. not holding on..”

Learning about what you are ‘holding onto’, what you can’t forgive, your own guilt, shame, humiliation, and those you feel any angst towards.

It’s also about the little things.. that are still swimming around in our subconscious.. like.. “I’ll help you fix that fence one day”.. and a decade has passed.. it’s about.. acknowledging all these “unfulfilled promises that you haven’t kept.. old debts etc”.

Repairing yourself, forgiving yourself, forgiving others.. “completing” things.. so that you’re not carrying it around in this incarnation and, if reincarnation exists.. you don’t have it swimming around in you for the next life.. it’s about self-realization “now” – doing better “now” – in this life.. clearing your conscience, purifying yourself.

Realizing “your part in the play” and not making the same mistakes.

Learn the results of your actions, seek to understand the situation from all perspectives, from their perspective and where they were at and how they were seeing things, and from all of yours and your own ego’s.

Make a sincere amends, or learn how to do it better next time… as in.. don’t keep repeating mistakes that harm.

Being a better person ‘now’. Improving yourself. Ever learning from your experiences and completing along-the-way, forgiving along-the-way, and being the one that resolves the karma along-the-way.

Being the change.

Allowing others to be where they are at, and you to learn from your own experience. And resolving the unresolved from “your side”, in your own ‘being’. It’s about not holding onto grudges or negative energy or hostility or pain towards anything – allowing things to be as they are and resolving that which is ‘unresolved’ within your own being.

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