[Q’uo] Law Of One – How do you know when your heart is open?

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[Q'uo] Law Of One - How do you know when your heart is open?

Q.) Is there some sort of inner knowing that one is actually doing it and their heart is open?

A.) Q’uo: You see, where you put your energy, where you put your mind, is vitally central to your experience. If you begin with an act of faith and say, “I think life is this way and I’m going to live as if it were this way,” then you cast yourself into the midair of faith having no proof of anything but the simple feeling, the knowing, that all truly is well and that the universe does make sense. It is not meaningless, and you are not alone. You are loved, you are needed, you are full of purpose, and you simply need to let go of any preconceived notions as to how that works and simply engage in life to the best of your ability, as a conscious seeker that understands the power of choice, the power of desire, the power of intention. The universe will begin to perceive you as joining the dance. You will begin to get synchronicities back. You will see repeating numbers. You will see your totem animal. You will see the signs that what you were thinking is important and that what you were thinking just now is especially important, so ponder it.

The universe will begin to help you. You will feel that feedback. And the more you lean into that, the more you will receive it, so that eventually, when someone says, “Well, why do you believe the way you do?” you have almost no ability to explain. Because you are an old, experienced hand at working with the Game of Life now. You understand about choices. You understand about love. You understand about the hall of mirrors in which all things speak to you—people, situations and things—and you are comfortable at last in this game, and enthusiastic to play it.

It is not that you have become one who controls your life. It is that you have become one who enjoys the surprises of life and who knows that even in the darkest hour, there is light and love aplenty for one whose mind is stayed upon the truth of love. -Q’uo -The Law Of One

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