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I’m going to do a couple of posts on what Q’uo and Ra channellings have said in relation to the “elite” to broaden my perspective for other possible reasons the world is becoming more dystopic. This post is from January 2023 asking Q’uo if there is anything we can do about those pushing for digital id’s, tracking, eating bugs, and “owning nothing” and what is the influence behind it.

January 14, 2023

Questioner: G

Yes, Q’uo, I first want to thank you for all the wisdom you’ve given to me and my friends through your communications. My question, I think, fits in well with the previous question. It has to do with the influence of the Orion group.

In the Ra contact, 7.14, an example was given of the Orion group’s influence on Adolf Hitler. Ra said the intention was to unify by choosing an elite from the social memory complex known as the German people, and then enslaving those who are not in the elite.

Many people, including myself, see a similar process taking place at the present time. Those who would be in the elite, such as the one called [names] and others tell those who are not in the elite to “own nothing and be happy.” They want to have us eat bugs and track our movements with digital IDs.

To what extent is this the work of the Orion group? And I might add, to what extent is this the work of the Orion group, or does this have to do with what you discussed earlier about the transition from Mars to Earth and the bellicosity that had to be worked on at that time. Is it of that also?

Whatever the cause is, what can we, the students of love and light and service to others, do to stop it or reduce it? Thank you.

Q’uo (Austin channelling)

We are Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We find that, in responding to this query, there is some untangling and detachment that we must do before we may speak to the essence of the query. We, the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, in our interactions with your planet and through groups such as this who receive our thoughts and transmit them vocally, cannot speak with confidence and in honor of free will to specifics about [living] individuals and their actions upon your planet. This would allow our words to influence groups such as this and those who read our words to form opinions that we find would be inappropriate for our guidance of groups such as this.

However, we may speak more generally to the essence of your query having to do with what you have described as a perception of an increase of these energies that you have identified as being similar to those influences of the Orion group upon the individual known as Adolf, and the rise of a particular form of authoritarianism that came through this individual and his leadership.

Indeed, the Orion group, just as us of the Confederation, have a desire to exert influence over your planet, and this desire continues to the present day. And the unique energies present upon your planet during this time of transition from third density to fourth density allow for quite a potent and unique opportunity for both of these groups to interact with your planet.

The advent of fourth-density energies creates a certain transparency within the self that we find has become difficult for your populations to grapple with, shall we say, in a direct sense. And thus, this has generated much catalyst both in personal ways and in interpersonal ways and particularly upon a global, political-social scale.

We find that touching upon the specific dynamics present within this would be impossible for us, for we cannot describe or even perceive the very specifics of these distortions as they play out. However, we can perceive that these energies offer an opportunity and a potential for greater polarization, and this opportunity becomes a sort of invitation for influence from outer sources such as the Orion group and us of the Confederation.

We encourage you, as you examine these energies that you perceive playing out on a cultural and social-political scale, to reflect first internally upon what is being perceived.

Our ever-present message that we wish to base our entire sharing with you upon is that all is one; that there is nothing that happens that is not of the Creator upon your planet, upon any planet, or within any iota of the creation. The implication of this statement is that what happens, in what you perceive as the external world of your perception lives present within you, and the energies that you perceive as being of negative nature are of the Creator as well. The potential for the energies exist within each individual, whether they have chosen the positive path, the negative path, or are attempting to choose one or the other as they shift within the sinkhole of indifference.

It is essential that this internalization take place for each positive seeker, for the best attempt one can make to address such dynamics as they play out upon your planet must be based within love and acceptance, and this love and acceptance can only be found if one recognizes the unity between the self and the other-self that one perceives as operating in these nefarious ways.

We suggest that this is a preliminary or prerequisite practice to attempting to address such dynamics on an external level. For to look first outside without working on the self will encourage distortion within the self, and risks the separation of the self with other-self instead of the unification of self with other-self. This would exacerbate the energies, as you perceive them, and create less opportunity for an external, harmonious resolution to what we understand seem to be troubling developments within your society.

Further, we encouraged that as one views particular individuals or, shall we say, targets as being responsible for and encouraging these more authoritarian elitist energies that are growing upon your planet, to consider that their unique distortions may or may not allow for the Orion group to have direct influence over them. There are energies present within your culture that may explain the behavior, the desire to mold society in a certain way that may not be, as you were described, negative, but perhaps can be perceived that way.

This is an important distinction, as it is true that the Orion group exerts influence over individuals, particularly those who wield power within your society and who have desires for a more service-to-self oriented philosophy to prevail on your planet. However, these individuals typically, in our perception, operate in ways that they are not easily perceived and would not allow themselves to become the targets of such perceptions, for it is a much more wise move [for] a legitimately and powerful service-to-self entity to shield themselves from such criticism and such perception.

This brings us to a final point we may make in our suggestions on how to relate to such energies of you have described, and that is to release an attachment to any, shall we say, sure knowledge or confidence in exactly what is happening upon your planet, and instead surrender to the light and love of the One Infinite Creator. If you allow this light and love to move through you and dedicate yourself to sharing it with your world, you will be moved in such a way as to influence and to exist within your culture in a way that will indeed reverberate from the lowest levels to the highest levels of your social and political hierarchies, so that the advancement of such elitist and authoritarian energies may be quelled, or shall we say, lose its energy and momentum upon meeting the energy that you are offering to your society.

This may indeed move you, at certain points, to act in ways to seemingly combat such advancement, but we encourage you to always question your perceptions and question whether or not you are truly perceiving other-selves with clear eyes offered by the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Or if within any other-self you’re perceiving, there is a reflection that is being asked to be addressed within yourself. And continually, day by day, moment by moment, attempt to address these reflections and utilize them for the opportunities that they represent, as catalyst that may bring you closer and closer to the One Infinite Creator through an open heart and an open mind.

Is there a follow up to this particular query, my brother?

Questioner: G

Thank you for that amazing answer, Q’uo. I do have a follow up. There often seems that the love and the light that I attempt to generate for myself and those around me seems inadequate to the task, to what seems to be strife, what seems to be suffering. But when I get together in a group of people, such as this, or in our study group or where we live, that seems much stronger. That energy seems much stronger.

Would a group, such as ours, working in the manner of a social memory complex, provide more powerful generation of love and light that would help to clear perceptions and reduce the suffering that we see around us and lift us into fourth density?


We are Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. And we thank you for the conscientiousness and the love contained within such a question. We may answer simply in the affirmative, that yes, to operate in such a group coming together with the pure intention of seeking the love of the Creator and attempting to share that love with the rest of your world, together as a group, creates a certain charge that is exponentially greater than, what we may say, is the sum of the individuals. For as those of Ra have said, that those who seek together may far more surely find.

This is indeed an essential aspect of spiritual seeking within your density and upon your planet, for there is an intentionality behind the, shall we say, metaphysics and the mathematics behind this. As the charge generated and the potential generated by groups, such as you describe, is greater than the individuals, this encourages individuals such as you and your other selves to work together in their attempt to seek and indeed attempt to serve your planet.

And this dynamic contains a secondary benefit that may not on the surface seem like a benefit, but it is indeed an opportunity that presents itself in what can be described as interpersonal disharmony. We find that in seeking together as a group, the light generated may become difficult for the individuals within the group to deal with and create opportunities for the group to exercise love in a setting of safety and of intention that is not typically present within your society. And so, we encourage anyone who meets in a group, that when such disharmony arises, that it be seen as an opportunity for the group to exercise the principles and the practice that the group has gathered to share.

We thank you again for these conscientious questions. At this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Kathy. We are Q’uo.

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