Meet Home-R – My new “Home – Ahh”… on Wheels!

IN Van Dwelling
Finally arriving home - after 4 hours of driving at 0km (and 6 hours driving all up including getting there!)

Just a quick update on a life-milestone moment.. too busy trying to get it ready to spend hours on a blog post.. so a “picture to represent a 1000 words” it has to be :)

Bye Bye Money, Hello “Home-R”.

  1. Enjoying about 1 minute of holding the cash before saying goodbye to the last of it to buy the van.
  2. Finally arriving home – after 6 hours of driving to pickup van (4 hours at 0km due to an accident on the highway, and a slight diversion on another highway when I almost ran out of petrol)
  3. Meet Home-R.. in other words.. we’re finally happy to be “Home” after our first adventure.. and the D’oh from almost running out of petrol, being stuck in a traffic jam caused by accidents, and then being stuck again the other way with peak-hr traffic. Good ol’ Homer. “home… aaah” lol – I’m so lame x
  4. My nephews have decided to move in.
  5. Yep, they’re staying.. they love it. it’s hard to find 2 people who are more excited about the van than I am .. but I’ve found them :)
  6. Another gift from the mechanic.. a water tank and a tap. He also got me an inverter and hooked up the 2nd battery to power the lights and a powerboard in the back – which gets charged by the main battery when I’m driving. Sweeeeet. I love the people I bought my van from.. I am so lucky to have found them.. the best.. I couldn’t hold myself back from giving him a great big hug as I left.. (and I don’t do that.. like.. 3 hugs this year for everyone I think lol.. ) Have to be pretty damn special to get a spontaneous hug from me x


For those who want to see the rest of the rig.. “Pre-Purchase” photos are here.. and I’ll be doing an update with what I’ve changed since purchasing .. in a few weeks probably.


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