Campfires are sacred

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On way to night around the campfire with people who don’t know each other. Pondering what to expect with the diversity of personalities.

My “survivalist/historian” friend.
My “spiritualist/conspiracy” friend.
And others that I don’t know.
And each not having met each other before.

Always when new people come together to discuss life, you’re getting these different perspectives and you’re also helping shape each other’s beliefs.

Should be a combination of serious/fun and intellectual.
Always interesting to gather together with like-minds and different aspects of how people look at this world. There’s so many differences of opinion on how people make sense of this game of life.

How do they answer those questions: Who are we? What is our purpose? IS there a purpose? What is their perspective on “being human”? What can I learn from them, what can I share with them? What “newness” is created from these different aspects of ourselves coming together and sharing our experiences on how we navigate life?

Campfires are sacred. When you’re around the campfire with people, it’s a “letting go of the life they had that day” and a sharing of who they are at that moment around the campfire. There’s something different, magical and special about being around a campfire with others.

And below is the first half of the above video which is unlisted and more for my own records.. cos it’s more of a whinge-session about life… a bit of a boring ramble.

  • Nervous about driving my van to campfire cos it’s not really working very well. Ramble about that for about 4 minutes.
  • 3:55 Life has been a game of balancing emotions. Bitching about last week, no money, working all day and then getting a parking fine for the same amount. Driving through roadworks.
  • 8:51 Weekly meeting up to work on the Lightworkers project. Not much progress, but on the right path. This is the closest thing for me to make a meaningful difference in the world and attracting the same like-minds who see the world in a way of “how can we improve life”.
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