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  • Higher-dimensional beings / aspects of self + extraterrestrial aspects of self

Fear / Negative Entities / Energy

  • If it’s a lower-frequency non-physical being then there are some definite red-flags to look out for. They might come in initially and give you awesome information, and then eventually its going to be a manipulation, willing to give your ego a lift of praise, like “You’re the chosen one”, “You’re the Savior”, that sort of thing. 
  • They will give you something that will actually work first … or be true. Then they’ll start telling you that you have to do certain things.
  • If you do have an experience with a lower-frequency being, it’s important to just keep telling them to go to the light and send them love, you don’t want to get into a fear-based relationship in any aspect of life obviously.
  • And they don’t have any real power over us. They are just “available”.
  • They’re there, but we don’t have to tune-into them and we don’t have to make ourselves available to them either.


The best protection that you could ever have is to hold a high-frequency.

  • If you feel that you’re in a lower-frequency then you have to process it, feel it; not resist it, not be afraid of it. Allow whatever you’re experiencing to be. Dive deeply into it knowing you can always come out and then it moves through you.
  • It’s only when you resist or judge it, that it becomes attached to you.
  • Then you’ll be able to reach that neutral-state and then from that neutral-state, it’s very easy to get into a high-frequency, because it’s our natural state to be in a higher-frequency state.
  • Breathing, focusing on your heart, putting yourself in a place or sanctuary you have or go outside and sit under a tree; things that naturally bring you into that higher-frequency state. Then “That’s” your protection.
  • Fear = builds walls around you
  • Positive = community, coming together
  • Raise vibes = Align with the energy you feel you want to experience. Music, bath, candles, incense, oils.
  • State your intention to what you really want to experience.
  • People help others who need help.
  • We are choosing an optimal timeline.
  • Life Purpose / Mission: You are here to discover what you want to do. What lights you up “now”. What brings you joy “now” – not for the next 50 years.
  • 3d Thinking = Find a job til retirement.
  • You are all affecting the human collective consciousness whether you realize it or not.
  • Only do what brings you joy. If you are not doing it in joy, then what is the message that you’re sending to the collective consciousness of humanity?
  • Are you really saying that you’re all martyr’s, that you’re all here to sacrifice yourselves for the greater good, or are you here to show other people that you can live in joy and bring joy to others. Raise their vibrations – that’s what humanity really needs.
  • Humanity needs help in understanding first of all what vibration is, how to feel it, how to access it, how to send it out as a signal, and then, what you do, will carry that vibration, so it doesn’t matter what you do once you’re holding that higher-vibration. It will be grounding higher-frequency energy onto mother earth, sending it out, on a grid, across the surface of this lovely planet and it will be accessible to all other human beings.
  • Do what we want to do, what brings you joy.
  • Allow yourself to be silly – why not? Who is stopping you?


Some will not ascend to 5D, but it will be a choice, not a judgement.

  • It’s not a good = ascend, bad = not scenario.
  • You always needed someone to play the role as ‘the bad guy’ in order for you to have the experiences that you wanted to have.
  • So – they’re just ‘pretending’ to be bad, just acting, which is the harder path. The path with more negative emotions, feeling more separated and alone. 
  • It’s not about deserving, it’s about what that particular soul journey has decided would be an optimal journey.
  • They can choose 5D or even 3D on another planet.
  • The earth is shifting.


Ascension Symptoms

  • Surrender to it.
  • “Doing the work” over a long period of time, often looks like chronic illness, or it looks like you have been “tired for decades” because doing the work requires you to go within more and if you had the enthusiasm for life, then you’d be more likely out there “doing”, rather than going within yourself, and finding what is at the core of all of this.
  • So what is at the core for many of you who are depressed is the lifetimes that you spent at Atlantis and Lemuria, especially when you saw your entire world come to an end, and as you are on the brink of shifting in a way that Lemuria and Atlantis could not, you are bringing back some of these memories and emotions that need to be processed and cleared.
  • Processing = Allowing, diving-into, Feeling, Embracing and then Letting-Go of the judgments and the fears around the process so that you can come to a place where you can create the type of shift that you want to have.



  • It will always come when it serves you best to have that experience.
  • Everything you want is coming to you but you don’t need to check your watch, instead, go and enjoy the world as it is, and enjoying your life as best you can, and then time flies, and then you find yourself having experiences that you didn’t even know you wanted to have, but you were trying to create then, so they come faster.
  • So the important thing is to enjoy the experience. Enjoy the journey.


New Earth Leaders

  • See it as a journey of love and joy, rather than something you ‘have to do’, or something that ‘needs’ to occur in order for the wrath of humanity to reach their ascension.
  • In other words, you want to see it more as an experience you ‘get’ to have, than of something you ‘have’ to do.
  • Welcome in the energies and see yourself as always being of service in every moment of every day & that is going to take a lot of the pressure off.

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