Harry Potter Philosophy notes

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Harry Potter Philosophy notes

Watched a video on youtube the other night and surprisingly ended up watching the whole lot and taking some notes :) The video was called “Harry Potter Movies Explained the Details You Never Knew DOCUMENTARY”

Here are my notes:

  • Dumbledore: Brings together light/dark, held & reconciled all the polarities within.
  • Samurai – used to speak of freshening the mind with the thought of death, so that they could think in the light of ‘they might be dead that day’. What is the most important thing they can do? What is the best way they can live? “In that context”.
  • All decisions are made in the face of our own inevitable deaths.
  • Voldemort = flees death, will do anything to avoid his death – kill & harm others = ultimate evil. Divides his soul with multiple parts to avoid death.
  • How do “WE” flee death? We buy stuff. We buy stuff as though we would stay here. The modern consumer = buying things in a denial of our own deaths, of our own mortality.
  • None of us know for sure that our souls are immortal. We may believe this, but we can’t know for sure. So whatever we do spiritually has to have an impact on this physical reality. The good that you do lives on. Doing something that lasts beyond us. Instead of buying a cup of coffee, we could bring our own and use that money to save a life.
  • The choice to live a righteous life, and do the right thing.
  • Synchronicity = doors open for us where we didn’t think there were doors. Happens when we’re following our true will. The will of our own truest self or the will of the divine within us. It’s not ‘what we fancy’. 
  • Harry manifests “the room of Requirement”. If we follow our instincts of our truest heart, we find the room of requirement.
  • Imagination = Subtle Spirit

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