Removing Negative Entities

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Removing Negative Entities

Whether it’s real, imagined, your own fears/paranoia, a psychotic disorder, PTSD, a mental illness, repetitive-negative-thoughts, negative-polarized, or old-programming being shed, once you have put any kind of “outside force” (demons, negative entities, evil, narc, spirits, ghosts, reptilians, darkness) into your world, it turns your life upside down. You can’t navigate work, social situations, family, relationships, even your own one-on-one time with self, without these negative influences being “part of your reality”.. or at least part of your perception on reality, and so people’s very helpful advice of “it’s not real, don’t believe it” doesn’t really work, because you have ‘made it part of your perspective’ on the very real reality that you are experiencing.

The truth is.. that any thoughts you have.. they are all just ideas.. your thoughts are that which you ‘perceive’ your world. Your thoughts are your experience of reality. So if you have brought in a negative thought or idea, it definitely becomes a ‘lens’ at which you view your world. You see it, feel it, and think about it, you manifest it, and you ‘live it’. Even if it’s “real”, you have to change your own thought-process to deal, and even if it’s “not real”, you have to change your thought-process to deal. No matter what your beliefs are.. “they are real”, or your “own fears/programming”, you have to purify your thoughts and environment.

By not acknowledging that you have this underlying “question” about whether evil exists or not, then you live in denial of your own thought-process that is going there. You actually become crazier by not acknowledging that this is a possibility that your sub-conscious is dealing with. A potential lens that you are living. Maybe you can deny it and that works for you – maybe that worked for me a little bit and forced me to deal with ‘past traumas’ and to ‘see myself as crazy’ for a bit so that I could deal with everything that was coming up in a more logical “mainstream-friendly” way, but that possibility that evil exists and that negative entities were all around us, living in us, manipulating us and feeding off us and all of that, was also in my thought-process – even though I tried to suppress them as nonsense so that I could try and get some kind of ‘way to deal’, and even though I didn’t want to believe it because who could I talk about this stuff to? I had to go mainstream because I was going insane with these thoughts.

People see darkness / evil in those who are suffering a great amount of pain from life not ‘going as expected’, and they put themselves through a lot of suffering and attract more negative to them. I see ‘demons’ in those who are fine during the day – but once they get drunk, they are like a demon who can’t even remember the next day “the person they became on alcohol”, it’s like they are being blank-slated everyday – never becoming aware that they turn ‘to the darkside’ each time they drink. I saw demons in the anguish/stress/pain that people projected. I saw a tortured soul – that behind that tortured soul was actually an innocent soul who is tormented by this ‘external force’ that they weren’t acknowledging so were thinking that all their negative thoughts were actually them and that they really did feel this hatred/despair/pain.

The first thing to do is acknowledge that this has been brought into your reality. Accept it. If that thought is in your reality, now you are living life with demons or whatever in your thought-process. Seeing evil in others, wondering if their ‘evil’ is reaching us, hurting us, etc. You can’t deal with something that you are suppressing or not acknowledging. It’s like an underlying fear that we don’t speak about and then it’s manifesting as fear or disease or weakness within us. Accept the possibility of both – that it could be real and it might not be real, but you’re going to work on yourself regardless of whatever the truth is that we can’t prove either way (both have merit).

I know everyone has their own version of their own experiences, but I can only share mine. I was seeing myself as someone ‘helping another’ and I merged with a guy with a darker soul (lives completely out of alignment to my own sense of integrity and what a human could do to another human), and I honestly felt like instead of being able to “show him a brighter world” which was my intention to bring him out of the dark (I wanted everyone to have a bottle of my happiness, joy and liberation)… he ended up pulling me into his hell. That’s exactly how it felt. I went from light & bright to dark & heavy within a few days of contact. Happy to miserable/stressed/confused/traumatised. From believing in myself & confident to completely doubting all my beliefs and path. I also felt like I went from “5th dimensional or 6th dimensional love vibration “unconditional love and seeing the beauty in the whole cosmic dance of life” – a realization that we were all one, aspects of the same source.. to … whatever dimension “hell” is located. Seriously. I couldn’t understand and I didn’t believe in demons or hell or anything like that. I knew – from my own work on myself all my life, from overcoming my own suffering, that somehow I had taken a misstep but I was.. engulfed with every dark thought, emotion, agonizing pain within. Once demons became a ‘possibility’ brought up by 2 friends I confided with at the time – after a period of denial, I started feeling like these beings were ‘all over me’, crawling and tearing away at my soul… and yet, I had never experienced this before so it was rollercoaster of denial and fear, so confused.. and because it had never been in my reality before, I didn’t know what had happened. I was overcome with fear. And I still had to go to work because I perceived ‘not going to work’ as worse, that I would get through this.. that I would somehow ‘find the key’ and get ‘back to my happy, loving self’, that ‘any day now’ the cloud of darkness would lift and I would be back inspiring and helping the world. It was a rollercoaster of some kind of psychosis. I didn’t know what was real, but I didn’t trust that where my mind was going was real, but it was feeling as if it was real.. and gah!

“Hell is a human condition that is totally devoid of love.”

After I considered demons as a possibility. I was going to work seeing demons on people and trying to secretly and covertly ‘heal’ them in my spare-time and doing all sorts of research to try and help them with releasing their suffering so that the demons would leave them. I also thought that I had been ‘taken over’ by the same entities that they were dealing with – whilst trying to help them – that they started to attack and live on me. I went from happy to dark, and I couldn’t make sense of anything – how did this happen? how do I get out? where’s the exit? How do I undo this? It really felt like I had stepped into a hell dimension – same world, same people, but nothing good about me was able to be brought to surface – it was guilt, shame, humiliation, anger, sadness, pain, agony, like walking through thick-mud, even the cat had 2 heads! I had visions, dreams, and people I could usually ‘feel the light in’… friends who were once great companions were now ‘not to be trusted’ because they were crazy and believed in dark entities and I didn’t want to believe that. I shouldn’t of even been driving around while I was going through this – I shouldn’t of been trying to do “normal”, it was like… something was in/taking over me, that it was making me do things that were outside of what I would ever do, and then I would ‘come out of a trance’ 20 mins after driving away from one of them, and go “woah, what the fuck was that?” Like the darkness had left, and ‘clarity’ came back and I was like.. huh? what happened? It was suffering like I had never experienced before and because of this ‘evil’ thought – I couldn’t talk about it properly with anyone because I knew how crazy it sounded & I was living in fear & wanted to figure it out by myself because there had to be some kind of logical explanation.

Prior to that, I also thought I had to “save people”. This was around mid-2014 where I had a sense of urgency that I needed to “save the world” and I didn’t have much time.. not that I thought that I was here to “save the world alone”.. but I had a deep sense of urgency that I had to “do something” .. get more wisdom.. raise my vibes, get unified with a tribe of like-minds, and together we had to … save the world.. but part of this “dark night of the soul” stuff that I went through as a result of “merging with darkness”… that “hero/saviour complex” or whatever it was that I felt deep within me for most of my life but especially more intense after I had some awakening experience.. is no more. More withdrawn, more going within, still keen on unifying with others and making a difference – but it’s more like a “this resonates with me more than any other pathway.. but I’m not sure what I’m here for” kinda feeling. None of the same ‘urgency’ that we are “running out of time’ I had before.. it was such a “mission” before and then I was ‘defeated’. Was it some part of my own ego-death ‘thinking I was here to save people’.. or “proving to others” about my value or something.. (the opposite of feeling worthlessness)? I have multiple ways of looking at what happened, and explored every possible aspect while I was trying to ‘find an exit’.

I think it’s important to mention that state of mind that I was in before I fell down, because it explains a little why it was so hard to get back up again – all my ‘unworthiness’ came back.. I was nothing, less than nothing. From someone who thought we could all do-better, be-better, that we are all creating this and we can see what’s wrong with the world and we can make it better… to the complete opposite, in a matter of weeks. Positive-polarized to Negative-polarized and it was like “BAM” instant, not a creeping up but a complete change of character almost overnight from light-to-dark.

Because I didn’t trust what I was going through… I have scattered memories now in ‘hindsight’ of the hell that I lived as I tried to figure out if it was really evil or whether it was just something within me. I could only go public on the mainstream stuff & ‘talk around the problem’ and was very careful about trying ‘not to sound too crazy’ even though my mind was unable to decipher what was real anymore. Google was my research-buddy, books, and youtube, and anything that I could find that might explain any of it. Why/how could this happen and was it evil or within me? I had the belief that everything comes from within, so I knew the answer I was seeking was within somewhere.. but I also had that thought… what if I am being manipulated by dark forces? Nothing about this ‘is me’… it’s like my alter-ego or something. “Not me”.. that’s what I kept thinking. This isn’t me, this isn’t me, this isn’t me.. why am I feeling this way, what happened, why? I can’t understand, I don’t understand this.. why is everything so different, so dark.. I was so happy.. why is this happening?

It doesn’t matter if they are ‘physical manifestations’ or ‘things you sense’ or ‘imaginary’. If you have a belief that there is evil in your life, you have to deal with that reality. Putting it in the ‘crazy bin’ doesn’t help you if you are experiencing absolute changes in character in yourself, a hell-fire experience as you go about your day, and that nothing makes sense to you. If you are in denial – as I was – you can’t even start to ‘deal with it’.

This came about while I was helping a friend, we were suddenly attracted to each other and ended up getting intimate. This was the point of no return – the catalyst to the dark night – but I didn’t see it as wrong at the time, at all. I was completely happy and free and surrendering to this awesome connection. He hard darkness in him, traumas, stress, big skeletons in his closet that I won’t mention because I still keep other people’s secrets, but I was coming from a ‘lighter’ and loving and accepting place, so that just made it more ‘meant to be’. Everyone is in your life for a reason etc .. who else can help him or understand this stuff except me, yada yada yada. All of it was soul-level stuff as far as I was concerned.

But then came the betrayal of trust, the deceit, lies, and along with it fears, humiliation, suffocation, confusion. Dealing with my beliefs of “love unconditionally”, and this person in front of me who I trusted.

I had to deal with “does evil really exist.. is he possessed by a demon… am I?” Why would someone so kind and caring – so gentle and loving… “do” that to me? or think that way about others? Or be into such sick things? I’d never believed in evil before or thought that way before.. when I started researching.. I was like.. fuck – this is the same thing – shit shit… . and had to deal with everything that brought up.. (living a reality where demons exist and are in him and are now attacking me too).

The process to removing all the negative entities from me, took over 2 years.

I tried rituals, clearings, energy work, healings, sage & other similar rituals, meditations, ‘being logical’, working on my past traumas. The self-hatred and loathing became much worse.. not because of these things but because I still didn’t acknowledge that this was possible. It was like.. I had somehow brought evil to me and I still didn’t believe in evil. But even by doing these things.. I was making the ‘evil’ more powerful because I was making the ‘belief in them’ as being more powerful than me. I was giving them that power over me by living in fear of them.

“Evil, in all its aspects, is nothing more than a driving force for the development of a better situation.”

The only way that I’ve found to make evil go away is to make it smaller, less powerful, & transmuting it into love. Either “downgrading them” or “friending them – turning them into ‘helpers'”

The most effective is “admitting” that I may not of worked on all my past fears, traumas, old childhood wounds, etc. And that I had “holes” that they could attack. If I have no holes, then they can’t hurt me. That once my environment turned negative, that I was a ‘breeding ground’ for these things. Call it vibration or frequency or dimension or whatever – when you are “vibing low”; everything matches that vibe, and I was living in the fear-realm and witnessing the power of the mind & how this reality works on the worst scale possible.

Instead of seeing them as powerful enough to manipulate me, I had to see them as “friends” or helpers. That all negative thoughts or negative influences or negative entities – whatever the truth is, that they are part of this cosmic duality game of life. That they wouldn’t exist unless they were part of creation. That they had a role to play in this game too, and that it’s up to us to see their purpose in how they help us level-up.

If you see them as helpers, you can recognize how they help us. They force us to wakeup, they show us how to find inner-strength, they reveal our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, ‘things we haven’t worked on’ – things we need to upgrade / level-up / strengthen / love. They reveal our deepest secrets and hidden shame. They bring to the surface ‘all our old negative programming’ – everything we have suppressed. All the ‘wrongness of us’ and unworthiness. All that we perceive as ‘bad’ or ‘fearful’ – everything ‘undealt with’ that is still running our lives on autopilot. All our moments of shame, humiliation, grief, guilt, ‘less-than’ thoughts. And it shocks us awake. To changing our lives.

It’s either all part of the grand-scheme of things.. like.. some part of this cosmic-hero’s-journey. Part of the earth-school experience or however you want to see it (moving to 4d, 5d, new earth, part of our soul’s plan, upgrading humanity, or it just is what it is). It’s either “part of creation’s plan” or it’s not, but either way… life is never the same once they are in your field, and the only way back is to walk through it and work on your ‘stuff’. You don’t walk out of this the same person who went in. You have to work on your weaknesses, fears, vulnerabilities. You have to ‘complete’ that which is ‘incomplete’. You have to repair your wounds. Your old programming needs to be re-coded and upgraded.

If you see this as a negative dark experience, which is everything I saw it as.. then you will walk through hell. But after I started to believe they were part of this, and helping me…it started to become a different type of experience but I was definitely not a willing-participant in this journey.

If you see it as a positive – that they are here to help you find your inner strength, show you your weaknesses, and help you discover all parts of you that you need to work on, all your “old stuff” that needs to be “upgraded”, then you find yourself more on an adventure… a journey that has massive growth potential. Perspective is everything.

If you change your perception from fear/suffering to “willingly wanting to ‘do the work”, you will have a better experience.

I decided to see them as “helpers”… forcing me to find my inner strength.. showing me my weaknesses and vulnerabilities..that they are all part of this game of life, only brought to the surface through negative influences of my own making / past victim stories that I haven’t turned into victor-stories, and “old programming” that is no longer serving me. I eventually chose to see this whole experience from the perspective of innocence, but not soon enough – I put myself through years of self-tormenting & fear. I wish I had the strength to see it from a different perspective at the time, but I had lost my faith in my ‘positive thinking’ at that time (I made ‘everything about me wrong because everything about me, had led me into this hell), and chose instead to dwell in hell hoping to get ‘normal’ like ‘everyone else’.

If they are actually ‘real’, then you seeing them as ‘helpers’ will re-empower you and lessen the massive degree of power you are giving-away to them. But if you start seeing them as helping you, then you will feel more empowered and grateful, which puts you in a higher vibration and helps you deal with the day-to-day poking-and-prodding they do when they are forcing all your past-stuff to the surface. The other possibility is that they are ‘you’ – that we manifest this on a soul-level or whatever level… that we conjure this evil to help us grow in this experience, that ‘we’ are all the experiences that ‘happen’ to us, that ‘we’ are the controllers/creators of the game/experience and choose to ‘step into the avatar’ unconsciously to learn from it.

Each negative thought that is being brought to the surface, can now be cleared, transmuted, loved, and learned-from.

You realize that you – with your collection of past memories, experiences, beliefs, and view on the world’ have never lived this moment before. You are always doing the best you can from the information you have. You are always making what you think is the ‘right choice’. And sometimes, when you make a choice, shit happens. What we are supposed to do in that situation is learn from it, and ‘try a different choice next time’. This is how we gain wisdom & experience. We try things out, we see what comes of it and how we like it, and sometimes we learn that some outcomes are not what we want, so we now know what we prefer and can work towards a better way next time. Every moment is a lesson in preferences and choice-points. We are always levelling-up from where we were a moment ago… every choice is wisdom-gathering, every outcome gives us growth/knowledge/lessons/insight.

So exactly what would I recommend to others who are going through this?

  • Take back your power by working on your own self-esteem issues, past traumas, & negative-thinking.
  • Downgrade or Friend the fear/negative influences. See creation as perfect – that anything that comes up is here to help you. Part of why we are here is to level-up/evolve… these ‘demons’ or negative influences are helpers – showing you your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, highlighting where you are living out of your own integrity/values, and where you need to level-up, love, forgive, find inner-strength, or where you have out-dated software running a programme that is no longer relevant in your newness of you. And perhaps even chosen/conjured-up by you – on a soul-level, to help you level-up.
  • Work on past wounds (when did you last feel this, what memory could be triggering an auto-programme that brings up all this fear…. and try and look at it through your levelled-up way of viewing the world.. you’ve grown in wisdom since then.. time to upgrade the programming to align with who you are now).
  • Use the powerful placebo (the mysterious yet provable quantum way this world works) to your advantage.. whatever tool resonates with you, or create one… some people imagine protection or call in angels or whatever.. others use pendulums, or prayer/self-hypnosis/affirmations, or any kind of ‘affirming-intention’ that is of a loving or comforting vibration.
  • Physically get clean and physically de-clutter. Clear your space, literally and physically.  (Everything in your view is something you are bringing into each new day into your being, so any negative thought about yourself and your area (environment/body) that may bring up self-shame or self-judgement needs to be cleaned-up so that it’s not adding to the pool/collection of thoughts you could be drawing from at any given moment)
  • Listening to music that makes you feel good & doing things that make you feel good – anything that helps raise your vibe or that is adding to the collection/pool of positive thoughts to draw from… Sending out love/gratitude/blessings raises your vibe. “Being” in a love-based state instead of a fear-based state changes the environment of your “being”. You need to basically ‘change the environment that you’re mind is swimming in.. de-tox/purify so that you’re not a good match to the lower frequencies’.
  • Step up from wherever you are at. “Acceptance” is a higher frequency than fear. When you live in fear, you live in resistance and you don’t see an exit door.
  • Gratitude for any little thing is a ‘step-up’ in vibration from everything – actually it may be the strongest, most powerful feeling on the planet. There is so much power in ‘blessing’, as something to do with the way this quantum world works – blessing something … not even religiously (they were just onto it.. it’s the same as positive thinking or being thankful).. it’s putting “good intentions” in your world/in your being. It sends out … a message/thought/vibe that is a mismatch to the terror/victim/worry/fearful/resistance. It’s like.. it “pulls in” a better reality somehow. It trains your sub-conscious mind to “automatically seek the good”
  • Forgiveness and seeing everyone as innocent is also part of it. Seeing everyone as doing what they did based on the experience and knowledge they had at the time that they thought best. Running their own programming, seeing reality through their own lens. Some people have been hurt so bad in their lives that they hurt others because that’s their reality / the way they deal with their own mess. Everyone makes mistakes, some people make huge mistakes that impact and wound & hurt us immensely, but they were still doing what they thought was best – and everyone is ‘upgraded’ from the experience – or at least ‘you’ can get upgraded from the experience. Remembering that everyone is at where they are at – as a child we didn’t know everything that we know now – we learnt through experience. Carrying around anger, anguish or hate only hurts you – it becomes part of “your” being – you are the one that is being punished by it. 
  • Faith – Have some kind of belief in a higher-power or a cosmic-dance or a higher-self or your own soul. I believe we are source-experiencing-source. We are each individual aspects of the one who are experiencing self through infinite multi-dimensional experiences from a divine ‘will’. And I’m ever open to changing my mind as I learn more. That this is a game that gets uncovered with each step, as you level-up. You may be having a different experience and that’s ok – wherever you are at is where you are at, and wherever I am at is where I’m at, there is no race to be anywhere, we are experiencing from wherever we’re at .. there’s infinite corridors to explore in this game and we’re each a part of it, experiencing ‘our part’ of it. Don’t believe that you are doing this alone – believe that we’re all in this together, we’re all part of it. 
  • Go within – grace / humility is a balanced and centred way of being that is not affected by outside influences. It is the state of acceptance/faith and being with what is. It’s about not worrying about that which you cannot do anything about – if you can do something about it – do it, but fear and worry doesn’t help unless you are using it as a tool to ‘help’ you ‘not’ live in fear. It’s like.. recognizing an imbalance or that some part of you is not in alignment to you. And figuring out the best way to get centred. I used to chase the high’s and avoid the low’s. Always thinking there was something wrong with me or others if we weren’t “happy”. But now I have found that being balanced and ‘at ease’ is a more wonderful state of being, it’s peaceful and it makes life much easier to navigate. You can still have the highs and still recognize the lows, but there’s this.. ‘observer’ part of us that is always at ease with what is. Meditation takes time if you haven’t done it before but now I meditate everyday, sometimes for hours a day, and it is a different experience each time. And it helps you be ‘more in-tune’ with you, and with the world, and with ‘whatever else is sharing this experience with us’. The mystery.


I did lots of work on myself over the past few years, I was really traumatized by this whole experience. The negative-entity part believe it or not was just a tiny part of it. I was experimenting with my mind, I was delving into all kinds of conspiracies, I was starting to believe in the new earth and law of one stuff / ascension, etc. I was creating my own reality and experimenting with that, I had also witnessed many miracles and synchronicities that had me down various rabbit holes trying to get it back or learn what it was (oneness experience, download experience, dying, miraculous healing, wanderers, walk-ins, chain-of-events, visions, dreams, super-powers)… you name it. I was in a constant state of “not of this normal agreed reality”. So my experience may be different than yours, so take whatever advice here resonates with you and your own corridor of the mind that you are exploring. I either went crazy, had some kind of psychosis/PTSD, maybe a trigger from my past-shit, or it’s all “something to do with this cosmic game” in some way. I really don’t know because I have had so many thousands of ideas about what it could be over the years and a lot of them still make sense to me “at the same time” which only seems possible if we are navigating multiple dimensions at once. But in my “human” form, the one with the ego and the “wanting to protect my social reputation” – that particular skin-covered thought-box, is always seeking normal ‘human psychological’ solutions for this. Aside from the human stuff, here are some things that actually also had benefits to me at the time, that might help someone else, perhaps:


  • I was always anti-angel.. but I was desperate one night and tried invoking the 4 archangels, and surprisingly had an immediate relief that I couldn’t explain. I just read the words out from a wiki page that I had found that night, but I just found a blog post while trying to find it, that might be even more effective if you want to see if it works for you: Invoking the Four Archangels
  • I did Cameron Day’s “Sovereignity” mp3s
  • Tom Campbell (physicist that believes life is a virtual reality) and Dr Bruce Lipton (biologist that discovered link between mind & matter) and Dr Emoto (researched how human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water) helped me get my head around some of the things that were happening.
  • Accepting and not ‘blaming’ was the hardest thing to get through. The agony of non-acceptance is a hell realm.
  • Purifying myself – seeing through the eyes of my ‘higher self’ instead of acting upon that which was happening helped keep me in line and was a long process but eventually I came to see that “I” was living out of integrity to my own values/beliefs/sense of what’s ‘right’ for me. I was living out of alignment to my soul & giving my power away to others because of my own ‘issues’.
  • Expressing myself was important. Lots of writing and talking. Being able to express and then examine what was going on in my head and being able to then level-up from that. Like, truth to myself – realizing what was in my head, being more of an investigator.
  • Never been one for believing in crystals either but some of them I might actually believe in now in hindsight:
    1.) Black tourmaline and black obsidian – putting at my feet and intentionally asking that toxins/negative and all that which is not for my highest good be drawn out of me (and absorbed by the crystals)
    2.) Quartz crystal – I actually believe they can be programmed, maybe it’s another placebo/mind-game or something, but when I programmed one of them, it started to do things. So using a quartz crystal and programming it for good might be an option for others too. I use it for healing myself and others now, on a pendulum chain. I use it as a tool for ‘clearing/deleting and removing agreements’ and things like that. I believe we can do it with just our minds, but the pendulum is like an extra ‘permission slip’ that gives it a boost because of my ‘belief’ in it and for the instant feedback.
  • I don’t have the ability to visualize/imagine like others, so I can’t really do the whole “imagine white light” and shields or cutting cords, and things like that, but I do believe in intention. I believe focused-intention and prayer, that is of love/good intentions (not “fear-based”), really does help one step-up. So however you want to take that and use that. Like “sending back with love” “transmuting with love”, “thanking and dispersing”. Always in a positive-frame/intention.
  • It’s hard to feel negative when you’re experiencing joy. So create a list of things that help you step-up. Friends you can call, fave music, fave movies, walking, drinking water or juice, taking a shower, anything that you can put on that list that will help you ‘step-up’ when you take what feels like a mis-step will help you raise your vibes to the next, and everything is a catalyst.
  • Nutrition and sleep – don’t forget the basics. These things can definitely bring our body out of balance. I woke up this morning at 1:11 exactly with the thought of “when we sleep, we return home – to source”. Sleep is where we get extra insight, balance, restoration, connection and repair. (So try not to go to bed intoxicated or rushed/stressed where you end up in the “thinking-state-of-sleep” because then you are blocked from that ‘extra’ part of infinite awareness/intelligence that you otherwise have access to). And nutrition is another way to remove self-shaming/judgement, when you are ‘taking care’ of your body, you are sending a more kind and caring vibration out from your being. A gratitude sensation – an “appreciation for being able to have this experience”. Seeing this earth-game as a gift for your soul.
  • Quiet contemplation – I had to stay away from people and stress and busy-ness/loudness/distractions as much as possible. This world is chaos but there are so many ways we can find time-out for reflection and centring. All my work breaks are spent away from the water-cooler, away from others – sitting in the sun, meditating, listening to music or podcasts, or doing healing work or tarot/exploring my shadow and all aspects and contemplating perspectives.
  • Tao Te Ching – I cannot underestimate how much this helped me but I don’t know how to teach someone to do this. If it calls to you, I guess it’s meant for you, and if not – it’s not. For me, the IChing was the “ONLY” thing I could trust during this time because it was the only thing offering benevolent advice. Everyone else wanted me to do vengeance or let it go and I couldn’t do either of these things – my mind was not my own. The IChing resonated with my soul – it spoke to me and the wisdom contained was always of a higher-place than where I was.  I see the same in others who follow religions or spirituality or personal development books. Whatever is helping you to level-up (expand your wisdom/perspective/faith-trust).
  • Nature / Personal Space – camping helped but it was more because I was “away from everyone”, but my mind was still so cross-eyed when I was camping that I didn’t get the same benefits others do (grounding, feeling connected to gaia, or whatever it is others get from this). Sitting by a lake was particularly mesmerising to me at the time. Find your “man-cave” or “quiet-place” or “time-out” in whatever way you can conjure that makes sense to your life.
  • Help others – whenever you are of the mindset “what can I do from right here, right now to help humanity”, no matter how small, it raises my vibe and has a ripple-effect out to the rest of humanity.
  • All my blog posts & videos have tools/methods/thought-processes that I went through in my journey.

Here is a nearly-identical post that I wrote 5 days ago that might have some more answers.

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    Hey I have a negative entity too.. He claims to be an enlightened master… He tortures me and gives nightmares and depression.. He also won’t let me smoke, which is something I really enjoy.. He has a very high intellect and is very powerful. I’ve tried a lot of things but can’t get rid of him. What do I do?

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