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Notes from Wes Penre’s site

Once a person has come to the insight that All is One and it becomes very real to the person, amazing things start happening. It is a 180° life changer. Nothing can shake this insight, because it’s such a basic truth. This person automatically realizes that Unconditional Love is the most basic thing in the Universe; creation is based on love and light. You begin to feel compassion for everybody; even those who you previously thought didn’t deserve it. You come to the insight that if you despise or exclude somebody from compassion and love, you exclude a part of yourself from the same emotions to the same degree.

Unconditional Love does not mean that you agree with what everybody is saying and doing. Sometimes it can be the opposite of that; you notice how somebody is walking astray in life. Then, having the wisdom that you have, you can see that this person is in a learning process of some sort, and is heading in a direction that is counter survival. You know it’s their path and they need to learn, but you also know you can give a few pieces of advice to guide them on the way. This advice can be contrary to this person’s current beliefs and make him/her upset and even start yelling at you, but you know in your heart that in spite of that, you create a seed in that person, and this seed can grow ever so subconsciously in them, to be looked at some time in the future. You may never receive gratitude from some of the people you help, but it doesn’t bother you. It’s the knowledge that you seeded something positive in that person that makes you happy. This is unconditional love. (01)

This is a major part of the Initiation Process; being able to keep the frequency. This is not as easy as it sounds. We all may get into this state of exhilaration on occasion, where we feel powerful and in love with everybody and everything around us. It’s a wonderful feeling and a very high frequency. The trick is to keep this frequency (or a frequency close to it) most of the time when the world around us operates on a much lower frequency band. This is very hard work and learned step by step, little by little, until we can even it out on this high level. It is very possible, and I am able to do it most of the time. I have my moments when my frequency drops, but I am always able to raise myself quite quickly again and be where I want to be. If I can do it, anybody can, because I am not special in that way! Only difference between me and someone who can’t do it is how much work we put into it. It’s all about managing energy in spite of constant distractions and interference.

Whatever you decide to do this lifetime; if you’re here, you are here to contribute to the raise of consciousness on this planet, whether you’re aware of it or not. The energies are such that all contribute in their own way, and it’s the number of souls being here now that matters.

Those who have decided not to develop spiritually will choose other paths, or exit, but they still assist those who have. My job is to wake up those who did decide to evolve, but are so caught up in life that they more or less have forgotten, or were led astray. Maybe something I say will trigger those who are still not totally awake, or are slightly off task.

Many seem to think that now that they know about Service to Others (STO) and Service to Self (STS) they have to be available for everybody at all times and sacrifice themselves in the effort. The more they sacrifice themselves, the closer to 51% they are. As soon as they hear about someone who needs some kind of help, they need to be there for them after have dropped everything they’re doing. Then another person needs help right after, and then another one. When they’re done, the first person, who notices that the “STO” took care of the problem from beginning to end thought this was convenient and asks for help again. After a while, the STO is so overwhelmed with helping people that there is little time for anything else.

This, of course, is not right. How could someone go to such extreme? The answer is, as usual, fear; fear not to be a 51-percenter. Good people, who have spiritual knowledge, want to be better people every day, so even in the above extreme, it’s understandable.

Service-to-Self (STS)# is when a person, or group, has decided, consciously, or subconsciously over time, to enrich their own well-being or power on dispense of others. They always ask themselves or others, “what is in it for me?” When they “help” they do so with this in mind to get something back that they really want. They are willing to give (but as little as possible) only if they get something back. Otherwise, they are not interested. If the reward is not big enough, it’s not worth the effort, so to speak.

Service-to-Others (STO)#: Most of us want to do good. We feel good when we are able to help others. When we are STO, we use our more of our heart chakra (the Energetic Heart) than our Ego. STO means that we are willing to assist others without expecting anything back.

Most people in today’s modern society are more STS than they are STO. It’s nothing wrong either way, but to raise our frequency, we need to be more positively oriented. We do this, of course, by helping others when appropriate, but there is one primary thing we need to do, which is more important than anything else if we want to evolve, and here is where the big misunderstanding lies: we need to raise our own frequency by working on our own spiritual and individual growth! People have had this misconception that if you do that, it’s STS. Hence, many are burning themselves out helping others with everyday things, and it takes all of their time.

It is not STS to work on yourself; it’s actually the ultimate STO. By raising our own frequency, we become candles in the dark; lighthouses on the shore. Others see the light and will follow. This is the “quiet movement” which will set humankind free. That’s why it’s so important not to interfere with someone else’s progress and learning lessons. (02)

You are not here to “force” others to do things the same way you do them because it works for you. We are here to graduate from the 3rd Density, which requires personal work and a clear connection with our Inner Selves. We do so by learning how the Multiverse works on a metaphysical level and to some degree on a quantum and subquantum level. We are here to realize that we all are ONE and therefore everything is connected, and what you do to others, you do to yourself. We are here to open up our chakras, and at this point in time, the heart chakra in particular, and the “Third Eye” as well. However, the Heart Energy is what will connect us with the Multiverse.

Always feel gratitude for what you have. Find something in your current life to feel grateful for and express it. Thank the Prime Creator, thank your Oversoul and your Spirit Guides for all their assistance, and acknowledge yourself for your progress. If you think of it this way, you will find more and more things to feel grateful for and you will grow. It’s not about fearing whether we’re “good enough” to ascend to another reality, it’s about overcoming fear itself. (03)

Service (to others) is not going out and martyring yourself and saying, “I’m going to save you.” Service is doing the work yourself and living in such a way that everyone you touch is affected by your journey. The Pleiadians. (04)

It’s perfectly okay not to answer your phone or ignore the door bell when you feel you don’t want to interact. You are the one who is setting limits and tell people what you are available for and not. Your Inner Work is always the most important, and something we need to prioritize. Everything else, in these times, is secondary. Each one of us came to Earth at this time to do a task, and that time is now, today. Even if everything you are here to do is to just be here and contribute to the overall energy of the planet, that is very well and extremely helpful. (05)

Many of you, who like me are on a spiritual path, may have noticed how your way of thinking is constantly changing. You have started to think about things that you previously didn’t even believe existed, and now they are more real than your old thoughts. This means that we are changing our belief systems by looking outside the box. It’s not that we are changing the world, but we are changing which world we occupy. This is possible, because the world is not solid (although it appears to be), but constructed of energy, and reality takes form from the thoughts that we think amongst those who participate on the spiritual path. (06)

Connecting to the Multiverse is a matter of opening up our own chakras and minds to endless possibilities. Once we understand that we are all ONE with the Creator, and there is no separation; when we truly understand this the rest comes quite naturally. We don’t even think in terms of if we’re “good enough” or not. We just know we are all in this together and what you experience, on some level I experience as well, and vice versa. Once this is realized, we are no longer thinking in terms of “good” and “evil”. Everything is experience, and if we encounter something we don’t like, we know it’s there to show us and teach us something. And we also stop blaming others for the situations we’re in. We know beyond any doubt that we are a major part in what we are experiencing, and as long as energy is moving freely and easily, we’re good to go, and we learn something. (07)


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