You must first get out of that hole to show others how.

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Is our path just exploring different perceptions of reality? 

Your role is to explore that path and any choices/roads/opportunities/potentials/consequences that your path takes you, and mine is the same.

Why one can believe one way and another the opposite, is that the road they took – the view looks different from their perspective and experience.

Your life choices/situations/circumstances/results of choices and other people’s choices has taken you this way. And from that maintain the experience is different from the one who took different choices.

If you want to improve your experience/view, you have free-will choices that allow you to create a different path / exploration, that will lead to different perceptions and outcomes.

You can explore the dark, or reach for the light. If some dark path you explored is preventing you from making choices that lead to a preferred perception/outcome, then you need to make choices to resolve that particular experience, to ‘deal with it’, to cut it out or release the negative experiences, or somehow ‘resolve’ it, so that you are course-correcting and able to make better choices with more preferred outcomes and experiences.

Anything that is resisting your way, that is ‘in the way’ of your preferred perspective needs you to shine a light in whatever way you can, from the nowness of the world you have thus far created.

Is something in the way of achieving a better/preferred perspective? In the nowness of your situation, you have many little choices, directions, ideas, decisions, thoughts, possibilities, and opportunities. In the nowness of you, you are constantly on the fork in the road. And every choice you make deals out a different perspective.

If you consciously choose roads that are not in alignment to your preferred reality (perspective), then your experience leads you to a non-preferred reality.

If you want to explore a preferred outcome, you take what you have created and consciously choose the direction.

If you stop, take a snapshot of your life and the part of creation you are experiencing and realize that your lifetime of choices has created what you are now experiencing, as a free-will being, you can decide what to think, be and do, to change your experience.

The darkness may of been an aspect of creation you wanted to explore, perhaps just to see how powerful the consequences of your choices are.

When you’ve created a dark-world for yourself, it’s only as hard as you make it to get out. It can seem impossible, until you know its possible. Sometimes just knowing that its possible to change your reality is the momentum needed to change your perception in an instant.

Often though, you start from where you’re at, look at what you don’t like and the choices you made that created that, and use wisdom and discernment to change direction.

Taking responsibility for ‘your part in the play’, in your direct role in how reality looks for you is empowerment.

It puts you back in the drivers’ seat.

If your choices have placed you in a dark, mouldy hole in hell, build a ladder or just change your perspective about the hole.  Remove the resistance to being in the hole. Accept the hole. Find gratitude for realizing you were the one who made the choices that put you in the hole and already you have changed your perspective of your reality.

Anxiety is just a word to describe ‘not feeling in alignment to how I want to feel’. It’s a feeling that you get as a message within yourself, that you are experiencing that which you don’t want to feel.

What choices/what cross-road/what potentials and opportunities, ideas and delusions are surrounding you at this time that you are experiencing anxiety?

Inflammation is another internal clue that you are ‘not in alignment to what your body wants to feel’. It’s an outcome, a direct to cell outcome of choices you’ve made. Toxins you’re consuming, parasites, food/non-food consumption. To overcome inflammation and heal your human vessel, you need to make choices that are in alignment to the body’s needs.

To overcome anxiety, you need to perceive where you are ‘off’ and what choices you can make in the now-ness of your creation and then turn towards the choices that will lead to the outcome you prefer.

If your life is in danger, perhaps the anxiety is warranted. Choices were made and now you find yourself in a situation of potentially ending your physical life. Trusting your judgement and seeking the path to safety will remove the anxiety, and if you can’t get to safety, surrendering and accepting your fate will also change the experience.

Basically: If you can do something about it – do it – do it now. If you can’t, then worrying about it isn’t going to change anything. You may die, and that’s ok, or you may live and that’s ok. Sometimes anxiety will produce the right hormones and chemicals to get that extra surge of energy to escape your fate. Sometimes surrendering will help you see an exit that you couldn’t see when you were perceiving hopelessness.

To overcome the fear of death, you need to perceive a reality that is fearless of it, that either knows you will be born again, or experience a new fresh life as another being in another dimension, or that you will create heaven, or see loves ones lost, or you wake from the matrix, or you accept that this was your once-only physical life, or whatever you choose. The fear of death is there so you take advantage of opportunities in your life and don’t harm others.

Whether this is the only life you have, or whether this the infinite journey, its an experience to be engaged-in, appreciated, enjoyed, and created.

Experiencing as much or as little as you want to experience. To experience consequences of the infinite choices available.

To experience love, beauty, hate, betrayal, trust, harmony, inventing and creating, surrendering, positive & negative emotions, and outcomes and perspectives.

Each life is valid as a record of the consequences and alternative experiences. Each life, its beliefs, customs, choices, perceptions, is the unique gift to creation. Whether you’re an astronaut exploring plants or a child stuck in a hole, you’re unique perspective is a part of creation itself. You – your tiny molecule in comparison to all that is, is a part that explored ‘your part’ and different choices lead to different/infinite possibilites, outcomes, and perspectives.

The dark is only dark to the perceiver into labels it dark based on their experiences and perceptions that don’t resonate with their ‘preferred reality’.

Use the wisdom of those lives that have gone before you to not have to start from scratch. The more knowledge and experiences you explore, the more expansive your choices, the more opportunities, and possibilities, and potential outcomes you have.

Tap into the greater consciousness when at a crossroads. Feel which path will lead to the preferred reality you want to explore. Listen to others share their experience and outcomes and share your experiences and outcomes, and know that what is right for them, may not be right for you and vice versa.

Get in tune with your body and soul / higher mind, and consciously create your life instead of living by default… or live by default if that’s what resonates with you.

You have a  choice. If nothing else is true, the choices you made in your life, all resulted in the perspective you’re currently viewing/experiencing.

Wherever you’re at you can change the lens you look through. You can dwell in the darkness or you can empower yourself to make conscious choices from thoughts and perspectives to actions and decisions.

The perception I have is up to me. I can choose to live in fear of death, or choose to enjoy life.

You are constantly choosing the pathway and potential outcomes for it. Whether you are creating your reality, every choice-point changes the direction and perception and possibilities and opportunities. The point also is to be aware of the choices you make. The outcome you want and what is “in the way’ of the preferred reality that you wish to experience while you are here.

Do you want a reality where everyone gets their preferred reality? Where they get to experience what they wish to experience, and explore what they came to explore? Do you want the same for yourself?

Then start making choices that leads to that end.

Stop judging where another is and work on your own sit, your own perceptions, your own choices.

Be that which you wish to experience. Consciously choose pathways which are more likely to lead you there – based on your own personal journey thus far and the expansion of your own knowledge from the wisdom of others who have taken the path which you wish to explore.

Be open to new idaes, perspectives, opportunities, choices. Listen to your own guidance system (anxiety) and body’s wisdom (inflammation/illness/lethargy/vibrancy).

Take a conscious look at the world around you and your personal unique part of it.

If there is something you don’t like, start being the change, start with your own personal choices, that which you can make in the nowness of your life that is in the direction of the better reality you wish to perceive.

Start with ou and then you can be the beacon of light for others who wish to improve their world.

You can’t help anyone if you are down that dark, mouldy hole by screaming at the choices, decisions or other circumstances that put you there.

You must get out of that hole to show others how.

We can spend lifetimes or generations stuck down that hole in despair.



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