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The Power of your Subconscious Mind
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Notes from the book The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind by Joseph Murphy PhD in relation to Conflicts, Destructive Habits, and Tough Decisions

Getting rid of a destructive habit

Assume a comfortable posture, relax your body, get into a sleepy state, and say quietly, over and over again:

“I am completely free from this habit; harmony and peace of mind reign supreme.”

Repeat the above slowly, quietly, and lovingly for 5-10 minutes every night and morning. Each time you repeat the words the emotional value becomes greater. When the urge comes to repeat the negative habit, repeat the above formula out loud by yourself.

By this means you induce the subconscious to accept the idea, and a healing follows.

You avoid conflict between your conscious and subconscious in the sleepy state. Imagine the fulfillment of your desire over and over again prior to sleep. Sleep in peace and wake in joy.

Overcome Failure

The only thing you have to do in order to overcome failure is to get your subconscious to accept your idea or request by feeling its reality now, and the law of your mind will do the rest.

You will always fail to get results by trying to use mental coercion— your subconscious mind does not respond to coercion, it responds to your faith or conscious mind acceptance.

Think and plan independently of traditional methods. Know that there is always an answer and a solution to every problem.

Seeking Guidance in making Difficult Decisions, Crossroads, Multiple Choices

  • Sit quietly.
  • Remember that there is a universal law of action and reaction.
  • The action is your thought.
  • The reaction is the response from your subconscious mind.
  • As you contemplate ‘right’ action, you will automatically experience a reaction or response in yourself, which represents the guidance or answer of your subconscious mind.

In seeking guidance, you simply think quietly about right action, which means that you are using the infinite intelligence resident in the subconscious mind to the point where it begins to use you. From there on, your course of action is directed and controlled by the subjective wisdom within you, which is all wise and omnipotent.

Your decision will be right. There will only be right action because you are under a subjective compulsion to do the right thing.

You delay the answer only by thinking it will take a long time or that it is a major problem. Your subconscious has no problem it knows only the answer. Believe that you have the answer now. Feel the joy of the answer and the way you would feel if you had the perfect answer.

Turn over your request for a solution to your subconscious prior to sleep. Trust it and believe in it, and the answer will come. It knows all and sees all, but you must not doubt or question its powers.

Sleep brings counsel. Prior to sleep, claim that the infinite intelligence of your subconscious mind is guiding and directing you. Then, watch for the lead, which comes, perhaps on awakening.

The kinetic action of the subconscious mind continues throughout your sleep. Give the subconscious mind something good to work on as you drop off into slumber.


To those who suffer from insomnia, you will find the following prayer/affirmation/meditation/self-talk very effective. Repeat it slowly, quietly, and lovingly prior to sleep:

“My toes are relaxed, my ankles are relaxed, my abdominal muscles are relaxed, my heart and lungs are relaxed, my hands and arms are relaxed, my neck is relaxed, my brain is relaxed, my face is relaxed, my eyes are relaxed, my whole mind and body are relaxed. I fully and freely forgive everyone, and I sincerely wish for them harmony, health, peace, and all the blessings of me. I am at peace; I am poised, serene, and calm. I rest in security and in peace. A great stillness steals over me, and a great calm quiets my whole being as I realize the Divine Presence within me. I know that the realization of life and love heals me. I wrap myself in the mantle of love and fall asleep filled with good will for all. Throughout the night peace remains with me, and in the morning I shall be filled with life and love. A circle of love is drawn around me. I sleep in peace, I wake in joy.”

If you are worried that you will not wake up on time, suggest to your subconscious mind prior to sleep the exact time you wish to arise, and it will awaken you. It needs no clock. Do the same thing with all problems.

You must desire to be happy

There is one very important point about being happy. You must sincerely desire to be happy. There seems to be a peculiar, mental, morbid streak in many people, whereby they seem to enjoy being miserable and sad.

Your future will be wonderful. Believe it and accept it. Expect the best, and invariably the best will come to you.

Imagine the happy ending or solution to your problem, feel the thrill of accomplishment, and what you imagine and feel will be accepted by your subconscious mind and bring it to pass.

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