Recipe for Depression: How to train your mind to seek solutions & be your own saviour

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Recipe for Depression
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Recipe for Depression

Want to be depressed? Just follow this awesome recipe:

Recipe for Depression

  1. Think about how the world has done you wrong
  2. Concentrate on why he/she did that over and over and over again.
  3. Listen to sad music.
  4. Live in the past.
  5. Kick an innocent animal.
  6. Scream at an innocent child.
  7. Eat only junk food.
  8. Don’t exercise.
  9. Live in your 4 walls, don’t leave the house.
  10. Don’t talk to friends, don’t answer the phone.
  11. Get drunk or stoned. Escape reality. Don’t face up to your fears/problems. Give up.
  12. Smoke excessively.
  13. Don’t drink water. Only drink coffee, soda, or alcohol.
  14. Don’t shower or clean your teeth.
  15. Talk about how bad you have it, how awful your life is.
  16. Think defeated thoughts .. no you “can’t” do it. There’s absolutely NOTHING you can do. It’s over.
  17. Wake up each day knowing that today is going to be worse than every other day.
  18. Don’t look for the good in your life.
  19. Don’t be grateful to be alive, the world has kicked you in the guts and EVERYONE is out to get you. There is nothing to be grateful for. Don’t be grateful that you can read this, don’t be grateful for your eyes, your legs, your arms, your roof over your head, the people in your life, don’t be grateful for anything… Fuck em.
  20. Be fearful of everything, don’t give anything new a go, it’s pointless.
  21. Make sure that everything is too hard – you are not going to get through the day so you might as well give up. It’s way too hard, it’s too much, you’ve tried everything, it’s useless.
  22. Sit like a zombie and let the world feel sorry for you.
  23. Don’t try to change.
  24. Watch TV, especially tuning into the latest daily news and reality tv shows.
  25. Get into politics and economics and start “giving your wisdom” to everyone else who “REALLY” wants to hear your opinion on the state of the world as you see it.
  26. Put down and complain about everyone you meet, especially take the time to criticize anyone who dares to try and help you – they are obviously brainwashed and don’t know what they are talking about. Make sure that you now see anyone who tries to help you as your new “enemy”.
  27. Think only Negative thoughts.
  28. etc. etc.

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We can easily make a recipe for depression and if anyone follows this recipe, they are guaranteed to be depressed – absolutely guaranteed. If you are depressed, it’s because you are following an automatic recipe; your mindset is on autopilot to find the ‘worst’ in your life, when you think bad/defeated thoughts, your mind goes to work finding ways to support your outlook; your subconscious believes you and will search it’s memory banks of all it’s prior knowledge finding anything to support your belief.

Don’t want to be depressed? Create a “Happiness” Recipe for your life. If you train your mind to look for the good, your subconscious believes you and will search for everything in your memory bank to find anything to support your belief. It also starts trying to find things in your daily life that is good – it looks for solutions, it looks for optimism, happiness, things that will make you feel good. It all starts with wanting to be happy instead of wanting to stay in depression.

It’s hard to believe this when you are in the ‘thick of it’, but believe it you must if you ever want to get out of it. There is no knight in shining armour coming to save you – that knight is YOU. You are your own saviour.

Know – believe that good is coming and start adding happy-joyful ingredients into your life. Choose to re-wire your brain to find the good in the world. Follow the opposite recipe of what got you to where you are. Choose happiness ingredients to add daily to your life. You will gradually get to your “happy place” again, baby-step your way out of the black hole of depression and realize that the change is within you, that you can do it, that you can find a way to the light.

To re-wire your brain for happiness, you need to gradually choose things to add-in to your life that make you happy, to retrain your subconscious to find the good instead of the black. Take baby-steps. You cannot click your fingers and undo past negativity when you are waking up each day feeling bleak – it’s on auto-pilot, take it step-by-step, adding in new things each day, replacing the negative with the positive, finding the good in the world.

If you are depressed, your subconscious is doing all it can to prove that you are right, it will keep finding things for you to be depressed about; it will keep doing what it’s supposed to and seeking ways to support your beliefs. But you have the power to change your subconscious, you have the power to choose happiness. You can re-train/re-wire your brain and your subconscious to start working for you in a good way rather than in a negative way.  

Recipe for Happiness

Recipe for Happiness

  1. Realize that you get what you think about, start finding reasons how the world has done you right.
  2. You have the power to decide whether another person affects you negatively or not, counteract the negative with positive, find reasons/lessons/wisdom in the event. [Read more about counteracting negative thoughts].
  3. Listen to music that makes you happy, that makes you sing, that makes you feel like dancing – or better yet, jump up and dance! Feel silly if you need to, silly is a joyful feeling!
  4. Live in the now.
  5. Pat/show love to an innocent animal.
  6. Hug/show love to an innocent child.
  7. Eat healthy, nutritious food. Eat food that boosts your mood. Take care of your body & mind.
  8. Exercise daily, even if you just go for a daily walk, do something – move. Your body needs it. Your organs need it. Your brain needs it.
  9. Socialize with others, get out of those 4 walls, leave the house and start living.
  10. Talk to friends, and pick up the phone.
  11. Don’t drink alcohol or do drugs, drink water and fresh juices.
  12. Be free of the nicotine trap and any other bad habits/addictions you have.
  13. Give up coffee, soda, and alcohol.
  14. Take your time to enjoy Showering and look after your teeth.
  15. Feel how great you have it, how wonderful your life is.
  16. Think optimistic and positive thoughts .. you “can” do it. When you start thinking “you can”, your subconscious goes to work finding ways to prove you right, it will start looking for things to prove you right.
  17. [tweetable alt=””]Wake up each day knowing that today is going to be the greatest day of your life.[/tweetable]
  18. Look for the good in your life.
  19. Be grateful to be alive, show gratitude to the world. You have everything to be grateful for.
  20. Be courageous and give new things a go, be willing to change.
  21. It’s never too hard, you have Not tried everything. Start looking for solutions instead of focusing on the problems. Look for solutions and your mind will help you seek solutions for you. You need to know there IS a solution, there is a solution – you will find it. It’s not too hard and it’s not too late.
  22. Get out there and enjoy life, let the world be inspired by you.
  23. [tweetable alt=””]Be willing to change.[/tweetable]
  24. Turn the TV off. Do something towards your future. Help someone else, be of service to the world. Create your own purpose, create your own news.
  25. Don’t be the person that everyone avoids getting in discussion with because you only ever have something negative to say, be the person that people want to converse with because you make them feel better about themselves and the world.
  26. Don’t complain or criticize. See the good in others. Appreciate those who are trying to support you.
  27. Think only Optimistic thoughts.
  28. etc. etc.
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