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Comment on Making this video more popular

My comment to YouTuber: Not doing this for viewers at this time, just trying to figure out what to make of my inner thoughts.. get em out.. empty thy cup, make room for more truths hehe. & the hope that those who find me whilst I’m exploring these ideas, get something out of it along the way – but I’m not doing it for them. I think about awakening others – but this channel is to explore who I am – to help me live authentically because it is difficult to do in day-to-day life with everyone around you running on auto-pilot and not having any “real” conversations. Who wants to be normal ? Normal is living in the rat-race with a 30yr mortgage, a job you cant stand, friends that bring you drama, thinking that material possessions make you a better person, etc.. Normal sounds like a sucky place to me :)

Youtuber Response: You have really got a handle on this life and the ‘bubble’ of deception, slavery, and ignorance that most people live in. Being ‘abnormal’ (which is much closer to being alive and awakened than ‘normal’ people are) is a very lonely place, at least in my experience. I’ve lost count with how many times I’ve attempted to talk the truth with someone who is asleep, or worse – totally in love with the bubble of modern society and their role within it – only to watch them shut down mentally, or even just walk away. I don’t bother having or attempting I should say, a real conversation unless the other person initiates it. I’ve been let down too much and find it drains me energetically. It is sad that so many people have no purpose in life other than to accumulate things, and worse, when they have everything, to then accumulate bigger or flashier versions of the things they already have – houses, cars, phones, immediately come to mind. What a waste.I cant remember if I wrote it here or somewhere else, but I asked the open question, ‘Have you noticed how the more enlightened a person becomes, how few positions they have/need?’ I think there is an inverse relationship there between stuff and wisdom. Perhaps it could be termed ‘the more asleep or ignorant a person is the more things they accumulate’. LOL, I perhaps would not go as far as some of the ancient philosophers did in this matter by throwing away everything including their clothes (wearing only a sackcloth or simple cotton cloak). Besides sackcloth and white cotton is not really my colour and makes my bum look big. LOL.

My response: I would love to wear all white all of the time :) I see that in my future.. maybe when my health is even better hehe.. I love all white for some reason.. maybe a symbol of peace & serenity & pureness & honest & love and all of that. Anyway .. not really interested in wearing a sackcloth either :)

Yeah I think you’re onto something with the whole possessions and enlightenment.. although I’m not really on the search for enlightenment in the way that I have seen portrayed on videos that I’ve watched.. I’m a truth-seeker.. very logical brain but also have a dreamers brain.. and the 2 drive each other crazy lol..

I come to a truth – it serves me.. I make it my reality, and then my logical brain wants to figure out why I decided to have that truth and then tries to delve deeper into other possible reasons that I might be taking on that truth lol.. and whether its truth or just something I have made my reality in order to serve me at this time (which I am starting to think is the case.. at least today.. who knows what I might think tomorrow).. and there’s nothing wrong with that if we know that’s what we can do.. create a reality that serves us rather than living in a world of darkness and fear and being a “victim”.. turning each experience into a learning experience.. is not a bad truth to believe in, even if it’s not “the truth”.. argh, I hope that makes sense lol.. this is something that goes in and out of my mind – always contradicting myself with my beliefs because I believe we are a placebo effect and yet, my logical brain says.. yes – perhaps… but is that only just an illusion you give yourself to make it through a certain event.. and my gut says – shutup logic – who cares, as long as it works! :)

Comment about helping people wake up, religion, universe:

I think the way you are helping people wake up.. is perfect.. in that, you are not telling people what to think – you are getting them to think. To see for themselves, to wake themselves up.
I wish we could talk freely about these topics without having to be so “careful” and without having to ease-our way into the conversation… to be mindful that most will think these kinds of conversations are crazy. Because unless we (all of us) can have free-flowing conversations like this – share our research/insights/thoughts freely – we’re stuck in-between… not knowing what the truth is because you have those who believe any kind of conspiracy flying (I’m friends with a lot of them – and I love them for it) and there are those who are extremely the other way (head in the sand – and I’m friends with them too – they help me to be more empathetic to where they are at in their journeys).. and then there’s us – in between.. trying to sort truth from fantasy – trying not to go crazy in the process – trying not to be a conspiracy theorist – yet trying to learn the truth. Ugh.. oops. too much writing.. sorry.. :) ?

Another reason I should be doing videos instead of typing long blog posts.. there’s a lot I want to ramble about lol.. to get the conversation going.. like you are doing.. I want to be able to chat like you do – but I must keep holding back – trying to think of a way where “everyone” will get it.. instead of just speaking my truth (whatever it is at this time) and knowing that tomorrow my truth may be different because I now have new information / a new insight / a different perspective, etc. And yep – you are totally a realist.. I love your videos because you are able to bring up these conversations without getting caught up on the rest of the B.S… that’s (another reason) why I admire you – you are able to dig into the topics, without being sold on them.. see it from different angles.. investigate and think about and do what you can with the information you have.. but not let it control your life :)


Comment on Asch Conformity:

Youtuber comment: Penny you should check out the Asch conformity experiments on youtube. You may be surprised!!!!!!

My Response: Yes, Asch Conformity – that’s yet another experiment that describes it well, good one… we need to be critical thinkers.. we need to help people feel ok for thinking for themselves.. give them freedom to be “wrong”.. to speak their truth.. because when we speak our truth – the truth is revealed.. people are so fearful of being wrong that they will say whatever they think the group is thinking – it’s madness!

… and we have to turn off the tv – people think the world is thinking what the media is portraying… and “it was on tv, so it must be true”.. arrgh – they don’t even trust their own intuition – they just want to be accepted by the masses.

I healed myself and anyone that knew me when I was sick – knew there was no hope, but even when they see it with their own eyes how I healed myself – most won’t listen to how I did it.. cos “if what I was saying was true.. it would be on tv”… does my head in lol .. (… but I do know that being the example – has had more power in empowering them to think outside the box..and to be open to the idea of changing.. it has more power than when I was trying to just “tell” people what to do … when they could physically see with their own eyes the transformation.. but maybe I just have a bit more transforming to do before they will shake their lifelong beliefs of sheep mentality)


Comment on “Mob Mentality” and “Bad Vibes”

Youtuber comment: Penny, you are way ahead of the game already. You have insight and intuition that many people on this planet do not have; for whatever reason or another be it life kicking them in the ass or not getting their heads out of their asses. To be a little personal about myself. I was law enforcement officer in FL for many years. I’ve seen how people treat and communicate with one another. There is so much mental illness: depression, anxieties, drug abuse, alcoholism, physical and mental abuse, and down right just perverse and bad people in all walks of life. People will just suck the life right out of ya. Most people believe in self importance ie: its all about me me me. What about Meee. I have seen good people too helping their neighbors in need. Few and far between though. Throw in different kinds of prejudices people have against each other and there that goes to. People don’t have the mind skill set to look beyond their own ambitions, wants and desires to think about the, “big picture of life”. Yeah lots of us are tuned in at different levels of understanding of what’s going on around us. But what can we do? We all don’t agree with each other either. We have to live our own individual lives the way we want on the terms we set for ourselves. Yes there are roadblocks to get to what makes us truly happy. We have to take it one day at a time. I think its great you have taken steps in your life to achieve your own goals. One day I hope to give up the stick and brick home and go on a, “walkabout”. To actually find some peace and to quite my mind of all the bad I have witnessed experienced myself in my own life. Oops looks I just did a me thing. Well I can say that with my experiences I believe it made me a better law enforcement officer. I follow this as best I can anyway: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. With all this said now. Watch out for yourself out there with people. Don’t be too accepting and trusting. There are many people who take advantage of others just because they can. Many sociopaths and psychopaths out there roaming. Don’t mean to scare the crap out of you. You probably figured out all this by now anyway. 

My response: One of the things I’ve noticed…and I haven’t yet been able to explain it and I won’t try and explain it properly here.. is that the combined energy of groups affect what is going on.. even if you walk near one person with bad vibes.. you can feel it.. it can even change your behaviour and make you instantly uncomfortable or defensive or aggressive and so on… so if you have a group of people who are angry and “fighting against” and negative … you can feel it .. there’s even studies done where they can weaken people just by getting a group of people to “think” negative/angry thoughts towards that person. and you can make people lose a game, or get stronger with the opposite thoughts… and the docco’s done on how riot’s get out of hand.. they all get caught up in this energy.. even people who would never do this in their normal lives get caught up and aggressive… this is the weird stuff that I want to bring up one day.. all these interesting studies that to me, show the answer to the problem.. not the solution on how to actually get it to happen, but that there is an energy that is infecting us .. poisoning us.. and can also cure us.. stuff that you don’t see on tv, that we don’t get in our education system.. but is as real as feeling the angry man who doesn’t say a word – you can always feel the “elephant in the room”.. ah yeah.. I need way more time to figure out how to explain it.. and I will do what I can as I try and get my head around it too… but if this is a possibility… then there is a way to undo the really bad stuff that is happening in the world.. with our intentions and mindfulness.. and probably a lot more that is way over my head and understanding at this time.. but it gives me hope. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.. is how I live too, although I go even further and try and project out different healing and positive and loving intentions towards people – complete strangers – the world, an old lady in pain… .the cat.. lol.. just wherever I can trying to not just do the right thing but do more… because we don’t know everything about how this world works… but I’m starting to see and be drawn to the power of this unseen force of intentional energy.. love.. whatever people want to call it..

Youtuber response: Mob mentality or herd mentality is part of what your describing. People getting caught up in the so called heat of the moment scenario. Yeah I agree there is a lot we don’t know about this world. It is however a beautiful thing to be positive and wanting to extend your life energy to help others in need. I don’t know if there are any real scientific answers to the questions you pose here. They are interesting. I have actually experienced some things in my life where i went, wow ok, there just had to be some form of unconscious energy connection with these people, whom we have never met one another prior to meeting. I was just there at the right time for them. No it wasn’t a love at first sight thing. I came up with my own questions after these encounters and had long conversations with a sibling about these them. So I hope you find answers to your life questions. :-D

My response: I have been doing a daily self-experiment since Nov 2013.. and since doing it, I have noticed amazing things that blow my mind. I’ve been able to calm groups by not even being in the same room as them, I’ve been able to turn angry/haters into good friendly people. Basically I’ve seen how I can turn “bad vibes” into “good vibes”, by first working on myself and then working on the energy that surrounds me. And I know how nutty that sounds, but the evidence is in the actual seeing-for-yourself. If police knew how to do this, they would be able to walk into dangerous situations and calm it right down (probably another reason they teach police how to talk respectfully and calmly to those they are arresting – and that’s effective most of the time…) but if they also knew how to intentionally change the vibe. I’ve found a lot of scientific answers to what I have witnessed – but you just don’t see it on mainstream media.. but they are everywhere when you start looking for it.. it’s like anything, you always find things you are looking for, but some things are just not on our radar. Dr Bruce Lipton explains the biology of how it works, and every time I look for answers on what is happening, I find more and more evidence to support it. But I’m actually less umm… interested in scientific explanations these days – just because I am finding more truth by doing my own experiments & seeing it with my own eyes, and it’s way more enjoyable to be part of the experiment… but I do get interested in how science explain it – only in order to try and explain how it works to others who need an educational institute to tell them about it because that’s how they have been brought up. But I might just explain what I do and let those who want to test it out – try it for themselves, and see if it works for them… but first, gotta get people being ok with thinking for themselves… to be critical thinkers, not just automatically-critical-of-anything-that-they-have-never-heard-of lol.. which is how it is now.. we are on auto-pilot, we are so conditioned to conform, we don’t even realize that our beliefs are not even our own beliefs.. until people open their minds and start questioning everything they believe, everyone is in autopilot – and we know where it’s heading because there is a program running.. and we can see where it’s heading. We need to start thinking and questioning and speaking our truths, and being ok with saying something different to the masses.. we need to wake up, and I know how overused that term is, but there is amazing things we can do and people think they are powerless. They are programmed into thinking they are powerless.

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