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This is kind of amazing to me as I just came across this in my facebook newsfeed and didn’t know about this and thought I’d look to see if it was true because I actually thought that it was fake news lol.. but after watching a couple of her videos in her own words, I think she had a kind of “Carla” experience of Jesus, in that .. Doreen has had a vision of Jesus and has now changed her whole “new age” business to be focused on Jesus (not to be confused with the ‘organized religion’ version).

These new earth changes perhaps? As in, not focused on the judgemental side of the christian faith.. she still is inclusive of gay people, sees Jesus as “love and a non-judgemental being”, and is now using the oracle cards (her life’s work) for more “contemplation” (just like the LoO suggests) instead of “divination” and so on.

Here are the videos I watched:

It’s fascinating to me. I’ve always considered myself the “bridge” between the logical/mainstream world and the spiritual side (until I lost my way) and now looking at Doreen, I see someone who is now I guess the “bridge” between the new-age world and “Jesus”, and how she will navigate this journey. It’s a big deal when someone has a million-dollar new age empire to become born-again, but I wonder if it is some part of these new earth changes… like things are definitely seemingly changing – bigtime in the world of spirituality in general – especially noticeable for me since 2012. And I do think people are becoming more open to Jesus rather than ‘offended’? (wrong word but I’m not a wordsmith.).

I remember the first videos I did when I was replying to questions about religion, I was quite anti/dismissive/logical but curious/open if that makes sense. I believed that Jesus existed, but I saw him as more of a “Tony Robbins” public speaker of the times – a motivational/inspiration at that time. Then I did several other videos as time passed (approx every 6 months) and could see that my attitude and beliefs about him had changed as I had “released or expressed” my “programmed/conditioning” and allowed “newness” in, it sort of opened me up to being more of a believer or maybe I had gotten more “downloads” by releasing my “programmed script” from my ego, who knows. But I didn’t get that “knee-jerk” reaction/annoyance that I used to get when people would comment on any of my videos with “find Jesus” and that kind of thing – I just accepted that was their truth and that some part of me kind of admired? I don’t know if that is the right word but respected or accepted or “some word that I can’t find” that they had found some place of peace within them – some way of navigating life that made them feel that love in their heart, a soul-healing, and a “mission/purpose” I guess – instead of seeing them as “trying to ram religion down my throat or judging me or separating people; “saying this way – not that way”. I still have the aversion against that kind of thing (People saying “you are with Satan or demons if you don’t follow Jesus” etc.

I still understand that we have this.. aversion to it, but I think it’s because of the religious-dogma side of it that we really have the aversion to.. that “damning and judging” and “control/anti-free-will” side of things, rather than being “anti-Jesus” (who seems to have a benevolent history no matter where you read about him or what you hear)… and I do get that we have really lumped them all together as being the same thing. The bible has truths – all religious texts have some truth to it, wisdom that stands the test of time. And then there are those manipulations and edits and personal biases/filters and agenda’s that have “distorted” them somewhat – even now I’m looking at the world / this reality through my own personal overlays of every belief/thought/experience/perception that I have taken on so far. But I’m fascinated and interested in watching her journey as she navigates this particular bridge-between-two-worlds that she is on.

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