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It’s interesting to see people’s comments on this on other pages, different perspectives, different viewpoints.. the way I read this quote is:

Once you are happy within yourself.. you do not “need” to “depend, rely, control, possess, be unhealthily addicted-to, suffocate, and suck-the-life-out-of another person”.. you do not need to be “needy” .. you don’t steal the life-force/energy out of another.. you come to the party being whole & complete and you are able to share yourself – your love – your deepest soul/spirit/energy… you give/share, rather than take/withdraw.. and if both are complete & whole, then you can both vibrate at the same frequency.. where neither is feeling like a caretaker or manipulator or child of the relationship – you evolve/grow love together.

It’s very similar to my “Energy Vampires” video that I did – it was rough, but I meant the same thing.. if people learn that there are unlimited ways to receive energy/life-force without taking it from “other people”, they wouldn’t need to “suck it out of others”.. they wouldn’t need people’s sympathy, and wouldn’t feel depression that relies on “other people” to heal them (that they do unconsciously too.. they don’t know why but they “need” your energy to feel better).. and they would attract more energy from others who are giving it “willingly” instead of them trying to avoid you because for some reason unbeknown to them – they feel “worse” in your presence, because you are “taking” from them instead of sharing/giving.

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you who you are.. know who you are.
Don’t wait for someone else to validate your experience… know your worth.
Don’t wait for someone to educate you on the ways of the world – your answers are within.

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